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Horses, description of those chiefly used in travelling, i. 29;

their harness, &c., 30; afraid of the bears, even when dead,

245 ; one destroyed by wolves, 177
Houses, extremely warm, ii. 240 ; – of the Swedish Gentry

described, i. 72; built at small expense, 73; — of the

Peasantry described, 48, 49, 50
Hunting, in the English style not practised in Sweden, i. 16.

Ice, dangerous, ii. 226
Inns, in Sweden, resemble those of Scotland or Ireland, i. 32;

what provisions they afford, 33 ; beds, ibid. ; charges very
moderate, 34; a table of charges as fixed by authority, 35 ;

imposition not frequent, 36
Introductory Remarks, i. 1
Ireland, climate unfavourable to timber, ii. 304
Iron, inexhaustible in Sweden, i. 12.

Jarlsberg, Count Wedel, ii. 309

General Baron Wedel, letter from to the Author on
the subject of the chase in Norway, ii. 310
Jemptland, no crime committed in this province during one

year, i. 61

Jews, tolerated in Sweden, but subject to disabilities: excluded

in Norway, i. 5; ii. 299
Jonsson, Per, superstitious peasant, ii. 24
Journey from Stjern into Dalecarlia, i. 110; upwards of twenty
miles of forest without inhabitants, 111.

King of Sweden, ii. 206

his Ordinance against drunkenness, i. 69
Kinne Kulle, a celebrated mountain near the Lake Wenern,

i. 424 ; prospect from it, ibid.
Klar River, i. 39. 240, 241; fishing not good in it, ibid. ; salmon

fisheries at Deje, 326 ; and Forshaga, 328; bold and pic-

turesque scenery, ii. 8; accidents on, 20
Klar Valley, description of, ii. 19
Knighthood, orders of, ii. 207; Military, 210
Knon Lake, ii. 77.

Lakes, very numerous in Sweden, i. 13; Wenern, 38, 39 ;

Răda 40, 240

Landed property in Sweden, i. 59
Langref, a fishing line many miles in length, i. 234
Lapland, method of managing boats on the rapids of rivers,

i. 244
Lapp-torf or Cottage, residence of the Author on the Klar, in

Dalecarlia, ii. 7
Largard, the cattle shed, ij. 82
Larsson, Soned, a wealthy peasant, four generations of his

family living, ii. 23
Lawsuits, tedious in Sweden, i. 265
Lemming, not usually met with in Wermeland, but sometimes

migrates from the distant mountains, i. 84
Liddell, Mr. Henry Thomas, British Consul at Gothenburg,

i. 416
Lidköping, a small town, i. 423
Linen, evil of wearing it in cold climates, ii. 385
Lion, one presented to Frederick, King of Sweden, i. 174
Lobsters, abundant on the western coast of Sweden, i. 366
Lure, the Swedish shepherd's pipe, i. 255
Lynx, not uncommon in Sweden, ii. 150; confined to the re-

cesses of the Forest, 152; young fed with living animals,
ibid. ; will slaughter a whole flock, ibid. ; dares not attack

man, 153.

Malarn Lake, size, scenery, ii. 193
Malung, Journey to, i. 110; parish of, 120; its people join a

skall, 128 ; plan of the grand skall at, 125; country around

very desolate, ii. 259
Manufactories, pernicious effects of, ii. 128
Maps, the best route-maps recommended, i. 36
Mariestad, town of, i. 425
Marriage, frequently celebrated among the peasantry at Christ-

mas, ii. 66; description of the ceremony, 67; dress of the
Bride, ibid. ; Laws relating to, 68; open house kept after, 69;

presents made to the bride, ibid.
Mattsson, Henrick, called Elg, ii. 90 ; anecdote of himn and his

brothers, 92. 97, 98. 117
Mattsson, Oloff, a great sportsman, ii. 323
Mattsson, Mathias, account of, ii, 239
Mead, a common beverage in the South of Sweden, i. 51

Polska, the Swedish national dance, ii. 69; resembles the waltz,

Population of Sweden in 1825, i. 4
Poor, manner of making Christmas collections for, ii. 64
Post-carriage of letters not expensive, i. 77
Postage in Sweden, i. 77
Posting in Sweden, cheap, i. 22; under the control of Govern-

ment, 23 ; horses furnished by the proprietors of land, 23, 24;
a förebud, or draught of route necessary to secure a regular
supply of horses, 25; post-carriages very bad, 27 ; convenient

carriages cheaply purchased, 28; travelling not rapid, ibid.
Potatoes carefully cultivated, i. 322
Poultry, little reared in the northern provinces of Sweden, i. 51
Pulpit, singular notification from, i. 130; such notice deemed a
legal service, 131.

Quails, said to be common in Scandinavia, i. 415 ; method of

shooting them, 416
Qvin, Lake, ii. 156.

Rabbits, none tame in Scandinavia, i. 84
Racklehanen, described, i. 285
Rada, i. 41; church at, ij. 64
Rada Lake, i. 40, 240; accidents upon, ii. 65
Rapids in the Klar, i. 243; boats guided in them, 244;

different practice in Lapland, ibid.
Rat, the black, ii. 320; the brown, 321; shocking stories of, 322
Red-deer (Hjort) found in parts of Sweden, not in Wermeland,

i. 83
Reed-beds, in the river near Gothenburg harbour, numbers of

wild-duck, widgeons, teal, &c. i. 409
Religion of Sweden, i. 5; ii. 56
Ringing the bear, (holma,) forming a circle in the snow, round

his track, to trace him to his den, i. 162
Ripa, species of grouse, abundant in the north of Scandinavia,

i. 83; two kinds of the Ripa, 249; plumage and habits of
the fjäll-ripa, 250 ; those of the dal-ripa, 252 ; snares for
those birds, 256 ; killed at the period of incubation, 257;
chiefly met with in the vicinity of lakes and rivers, ibid. ; sixty
thousand killed in one winter in Lapland, 258

Gorzonen. Is i Sveten, muid and liberal, i S
Franzess. Smised 10 pooride against the effects of s

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Measures, table of Swedish, i. 17
Medical advice, deficiency of, in Scandinavia, i. 252
Mile, length of the Swedish, i. 17
Mines in Bergslagen, ii. 190
Mosquitoes, i. 143. 248
Moss, a picturesque lake, ii. 33
Moss-sjon, lake of, ii. 116
Motala River, the communication between Lake Wetter and

the Baltic, i. 426
Mother, horrible anecdote of a, ii. 186
Murder, description of a, and its punishment, i. 261.
Music, the gentry of Sweden passionately fond of, i. 76.

Nas, hamlet of, ii. 115
Navy of Sweden, ii. 213
Nets, sometiines used in bear-skalls, i. 229; those used in fish-

ing described, 235
Nilsson, Mr. Professor, alluded to, i. 91
Nobility, nnmber of, in Sweden, disproportionate to the popu-

lation, i. 4
Nordenalder, Captain, anecdote of, ii. 178
Norrie, Mr. i. 414
Northern forests described, i. 111

-, conflagrations in, i. 113
Norway, government, population, religion, epidemic, finances,

ii. 298; bank, trade, 299; scale of duties, ibid. ; army, 304;
skielöbere, 305 ; deficiency of corn, 307; weights and mea-
sures, 308 ; posting, horses, hospitality, ibid. ; passion for
music, 309; only two noble families, ibid. ; peasantry, 310;

game, ibid. ; game-laws, ibid.
Norwegian scenery, ii. 293. 295
Nya-lördal, picturesque glen, ii. 354 ; fire in, ibid.

Oldenburg, Lieut., joins a bear-skall, i. 199; kills the great bear,

200 ; anecdote related by, ii. 184
Otters (otter abound in Wermeland, i. 84
Owl, a great horned owl (berg uf, or strix bubo) abounds in the

Scandinavian forests, very ferocious, i. 257; fights the cagle,

Oysters abundant on the western coast of Sweden, i. 366.

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