The Old National Road: A Chapter of American Expansion

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F.J. Heer, 1901 - 151 halaman
A history of the creation of the Old National Road connecting Ohio, Indiana and Illinois and its importance in the expansion and enrichment of America.

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Halaman 41 - ... regulations respecting the territory and other property of the United States.
Halaman 40 - A right to impose duties to be paid by all persons passing a certain road, and on horses and carriages, as is done by this bill, involves the right to take the land from the proprietor, on a valuation...
Halaman 124 - An act to regulate the laying out and making a road from Cumberland, in the State of Maryland, to the State of Ohio...
Halaman 26 - June next, after deducting all expenses incident to the same, shall be applied to the laying out and making public roads, leading from the navigable waters emptying into the Atlantic, to the Ohio, to the said State, and through the same, such roads to be laid out under the authority of Congress, with the consent of the several States through which the road shall pass...
Halaman 116 - But this one was of a sterner sort, and even in its shedding off of bank and hedgerow as it marched straight and full for the open downs, it seemed to declare its contempt for adventitious trappings to catch the shallow-pated.
Halaman 40 - This power can be granted only by an amendment to the constitution, and in the mode prescribed by it. If the power exist, it must be either because it has been specifically granted to the United States, or that it is incidental to some power which has been specifically granted. If we examine the specific grants of power, we do not find it among them ; nor is it incidental to any power which has been specifically granted.
Halaman 31 - And be it further enacted, That the sum of thirty thousand dollars be, and the same is hereby appropriated, to defray the expenses of laying out and making said road.
Halaman 40 - A right to legislate for one of these purposes is a right to legislate for the others. It is a complete right of jurisdiction and sovereignty for all the purposes of internal improvement, and not merely the right of applying money under the power vested in Congress to make appropriations, under which power, with the consent of the States through which this road passes, the work was originally commenced, and has been so far executed.
Halaman 32 - SEC. 7. And be it further enacted, That the President be, and he is hereby requested, to cause to be laid before Congress, as soon as convenience will permit, after the commencement of each session, a statement of the proceedings under this act, that Congress may be enabled to adopt such further measures as may from time to time be proper under existing circumstances. Approved March 29, 1806.
Halaman 9 - It is a monument of a past age; but like all other monuments, it is interesting, as well as venerable. It carried thousands of population and millions of wealth into the West; and more than any other material structure in the land, served to harmonize and strengthen, if not to save, the Union.

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