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& defend the sa granted Lands Buildings Living Stock & all other the aforebargained Premisses with the Appurces unto him the ga Offen Boardman his Heirs Execrs Adminrs & Assigns for ever against the lawful Claims & Demands of all & every other Person & Persons whomsoever In Witness whereof I the sd William Thomas & Anne my Wife (in Token of her free Consent to these Presents & full Relinquishment of all her Right of Dower or Thirds of in or to the sd granted Lands & Premisses) have hereunto put our Hands & Seals the Eighth Day of September Anno Domini One Thousand Seven Hundred & Thirty

Willim Thomas (Seal) Ann Thomas (Seal) Signed Sealed & Delivered in Presence of us Bartho Greene Paul Revere Nath' Halsey

Received the Day & Year abovewritten of Mr Offen Boardman the Sum of Six Hundred Pounds in full for the aforegranted Lands & Premisses

Willi Thomas Suffolk ss/Boston Sept" 10th 1730 William Thomas & Anne his Wife acknowledged the aforegoing Instrument to be their free Act & Deed

Before me Joseph Wadsworth Just Pacs A true Copy of the Original Reca Novem' 16. 1730

Attest Jos: Moody Reg"

p me

Granted by Order of the Proprietors to John Malcom

the Lot Number Twenty Two Bounded Southerly Malcom on Ammoscoggin River Northerly on undivided

Land being Twenty Five Rod wide Two Mile Long & containing One Hundred Acres within the Town of Topsham to consist of One Hundred Acres of Land on the Conditions following viz That the su John Malcom his Heirs or Assigns pay to the Proprietors or their Order Five Pounds in Money on demand & build a Dwelling Ilouse thereon within Two Years from the Date hereof & by himself or some meet Person in his Stead inhabit the yo llouse & improve the Land for the Space of Three Years—Which Conditions being fulfilled the Proprietors oblige themselves & their Heirs that the sd Lot of Land shall be to him the od John Malcom To have and to hold to him his lleirs & Assigns for ever in Fee simple But in Default of Performing y Conditions the Land to return to the Proprietors

Topsham Sept 23. 1719 A true Copy as entered in the Book of Records of sa Town Page (4)

Per Joseph Heath Town Clerk

A true Copy of an Attested Copy Reca Novemb 25. 1730

Attest Jos : Moody Regi


To all People unto whom this present Deed of Sale shall

come John Gyles of Boston in the County of SufGyles

folk & Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New

England Esq' sendeth Greeting Know ye that I the Malcom sa John Gyles for & in Consideration of the Sum of

Twenty Pounds in Money to me in Hand at & before the Ensealing & Delivery hereof well & truly paid by John Malcom of Brunswick in the County of York & Prorince aforesa Yeoman the Receipt whereof I hereby acknowledge & thereof do acquit & discharge the su John Malcom His Heirs Execrs & Admin" & every of them for ever by these Presents have given granted bargained sold released enfeoffed conveyed & confirmed & by these Presents do fully & absolutely give grant bargain sell release enfeoff convey & confirm unto the sd John Malcom the Fifth Lot in the First Division of Allotments in the Town of Brunswick aforesd being Twenty Rods wide containing Ninety Seven Acres & likewise Three Acres of Salt Marsh or Meadow lying in the sa Township in a large Marsh coñonly called & known by the Name of Merriconeege Marsh as the ya Lots of Land & Meadow are marked out by Meets & Bounds & described in the Plat & Records of the su Town Together with the Rights Members Profits Priviledges & Appurces thereof Also all the Estate Right Title Interest Inheritance Use Property Possession Claim & Demand whatsoever of me the sui John Gyles of in & to the sd granted Premisses with the Reversions & Remainders of the same To have and to hold the sd Land & Meadow with the Rights Members & Appurces thereof unto the said John Malcom his Heirs & Assigns To his & their only proper Use Benefit & Behoof for ever And I the sd John Gyles do avouch my self at the Time of the Ensealing & until the Delivery hereof to be the true sole & lawful Owner of all ye ga granted Land & Premisses And that I have in my self full Power good Right & lawful Authority to grant sell & convey the same in Manner as aforesa free & clear & fully & clearly acquitted & discharged of & from all & all Manner of former & other Gifts Grants Bargains Sales Leases Mortgages Wills Entails [280] Dowers Titles Troubles Charges & Encumbrances whatsoever And I the sd John Gyles for my self my Heirs Execrs & Adminrs do hereby covenant promise & agree from Time to Time & at all Times for ever hereafter to

warrant & defend the gd granted Land & Premisses with the Appurces unto the ga John Malcom his Heirs & Assigns for ever against the lawful Claims & Demands of all & every Person & Persons whomsoever In Witness whereof I the sd John Gyles & my Wife In Testimony of her free Consent to this Bargain & Sale & full Relinquishment & Quit Claim of all her Right of Dower & Thirds of & in the sa granted Land have hereunto set our Hands & Seals the Eighth Day of July Anno Domini 1729 Annoq R' Ris Georgii Secundi Magna Britannia &c Tertio. John Gyles (Seal)

Hannah Gyles (seal) Signed Sealed & Delive in the Presence of us Jere Green Katharine Andrews

Received on the Day of the Date above of Mr John Malcom ye Sum of Twenty Pounds being the full Consideration within expressed

p John Gyles Suffolk ss/Boston July 9th 1729 Cap' John Gyles psonally appearing acknowledged the aforewritten Instrument to be his free Act & Deed

Before me

Nathi Green J: Pace A true Copy of the Original Reca Novembr 25. 1730.

Attest Jos: Moody Regr


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