The Beginnings of Public Education in North Carolina: A Documentary History, 1790-1840, Volume 2

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Edwards & Broughton Printing Company, 1908

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Halaman 600 - But Knowledge to their eyes her ample page, Rich with the spoils of time, did ne'er unroll ; Chill Penury repressed their noble rage And froze the genial current of the soul.
Halaman 844 - ... convenient instruction of youth, with such salaries to the masters, paid by the public, as may enable them to instruct...
Halaman 553 - Tunes her nocturnal note: thus with the year Seasons return, but not to me returns Day, or the sweet approach of even or morn, Or sight of vernal bloom, or summer's rose, Or flocks, or herds, or human face divine; But cloud instead, and ever-during dark Surrounds me, from the cheerful ways of men Cut off, and for the book of knowledge fair Presented with a universal blank Of Nature's works to me expunged and rased, And wisdom at one entrance quite shut out.
Halaman 600 - The applause of list'ning senates to command, The threats of pain and ruin to despise, To scatter plenty o'er a smiling land, And read their history in a nation's eyes...
Halaman 607 - Tis education forms the common mind ; Just as the twig is bent the tree's inclined.
Halaman 748 - That the money which shall be in the Treasury of the United States, on the first day of January, eighteen hundred and thirty-seven, reserving the sum of five millions of dollars, shall be deposited with such of the several States, in proportion to their respective representation in the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States...
Halaman 885 - ... shall forfeit and pay the sum of two hundred dollars, to be recovered, with cost of suit, in any court of competent jurisdiction, to the use of the United States.
Halaman 571 - Perhaps one-fourth of our population is annually instructed in our common schools; and ought the minds and morals of the rising, and perhaps the destinies of all future generations, to be entrusted to the guardianship of incompetence? The scale of instruction must be elevated; the standard of education ought to be raised, and a central school on the monitorial plan ought to be established in each...
Halaman 743 - ... by the state in the Bank of the State of North Carolina...
Halaman 603 - And prudent caution needful to avert Impending evil, equally require That the whole people should be taught and trained. So shall licentiousness and black resolve Be rooted out, and virtuous habits take Their place ; and genuine piety descend, Like an inheritance, from age to age.

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