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Skinner, J. T., 30 N. Adams, r. Madison.
Snelling, J. R., Hamilton and Monroe.
Steele, Harry, Post Office Building.
Stewart, J. T., 10 S. Adams, r. Main and Hall.
Studer, J., Adams and Maple.
Van Patten, M., Adams.

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Quincy, Baker, D. B., 516 Maine. Bassett, M. F., 627 Hampshire, r. 1001 Vermont. Bonney, J. W., 204 Hampshire, r. 318 N. 5th. Byrd, Wm. A., 302 Hampshire. Castle, E. G., 17 S. 5th. Chapel, A. J., 505 Hampshire, r. Locust

and 5th. Cohen, L. H., 57 N. 5th, r. 837 Vermont.


Curtis, C. R. S., 706 Maine.
Drude, Francis, 25 S. 7th.
Edson, G. W., 5 S. 7th, r. 636 Jersey.
Ehman, E., 825 and 827 Maine.
Hess, S. H., 417 Hampshire, r. 102 N. 4th.
Kendall, H. W., 96 S. 3rd.
Marks, P. A., 4 N. 4th, r. cor. Chestnut and 22nd.
Morris, Geo., r. Fall Creek, P. O. Quincy.
McMahan, R. W., 800 Hampshire.
Niles, Addison, 1004 Maine.
Oehlmann, H., 1008 Hampshire,
Ralston, J. N., 316 Maine, r. N. E. cor. 3rd and

Rittler, F. W. J., 804 Maine.
Robbins, Joseph, 526 Maine, r. Tremont House.
Roeschlaub, M. J., 601 Jersey.
Rooney, M., S. E. cor. Hampshire and 7th.
Wagner, M., 23 S. 5th.
Wilson, I. T., 526 Maine, r. 149 N. 7th.
Zimmerman, C. A. W., 812 State.
Zimmerman, C. A. W., Jr., 626 Maine, r. 805 Pay-

son Avenue. Zimmerman, Wm., 626 Maine, r. 102 S. 8th.

Analytical and Consulting Chemist. L. H. Cohen, 57 N. 5th.

Optician and Mathematical Instrument Maker. Gustave Meyer, 610 Maine.

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Vandalia, and Vicinity. Clark, Sumner.

Ramsey. Collins, H. P.

- Vandalia. Frazer, Joseph T.

-St. Elmo. Haller, F. B.

Vandalia. Higgins, R. T.

Vandalia. McCurdy, N. M.



American Medical Association.

Organized in New York City, May 5, 1846, as the

National Medical Convention. Reorganized, and name changed, May 5, 1847. First Annual Meeting held at Baltimore, May 2, 1848.

Composed of permanent members and delegates. Each local medical society in good standing may send one delegate for every ten of its resident members, and one for every additional fraction of more than half this number. The faculty of every regularly constituted medical college, or chartered school of medicine, and the professional staff of every chartered or municipal hospital, containing one hundred inmates or more, are privileged to send two delegates; but every other permanently organized medical institution in good standing is limited in its representation to one delegate. The medical departments of the United States army and navy, are each entitled to four delegates, appointed by the chiefs of their respective bureaus. Each delegate holds his appointment for one year.

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