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any withholding of the same, in any jury verdict, or any other evidence on which patients are admitted, shall justify the Superintendent in declining to admit the patient.

The Morgue of Cook County.
County Hospital Grounds, cor. 18th and Arnold Sts., Chicago.

Opened June, 1872. The Morgue is under the supervision of the Superintendent of Public Charities, the building being in charge of the Warden of the hospital. It is established for the reception of the bodies of unknown persons drowned, or found dead in the streets, and is open for the inspection of the public, daily, from 7 A. M. to sunset.

A book is kept in the office of the Morgue, in which citizens may record the names of missing friends, and their description, with addresses to which information may be sent.

No corpse is received unless in charge of a policeman, or on the order of the Coroner, or Superintendent of Police, except when the Warden is sure the body was found dead in the street, or drowned.

An accurate record of the details of the recovery of any corpse is kept in the Morgue, with full description of the body and clothing, and other things


found thereon. Bodies remain on exhibition seventy-two hours, when, if unclaimed, they are buried; but the clothing and effects remain on exhibition twenty-one days longer.

Photographs of all unrecognized bodies are taken and kept, for inspection of parties hunting for missing friends.

No body taken to the Morgue is taken away, or interred, except on the written order of the Coroner.

The clothing of unrecognized bodies, after the period of public exhibition has expired, is washed, and tied up in a package, and kept for six months.

The nuniber of bodies received during the two years ending June 1st, 1874, was 223. Of this number there were recognized 164; unrecognised, 59.

Board of Examining Surgeons for Pensions.

President-Wm. C. Lyman.
Secretary—Francis A. Emmons.

Treasurer-E. O. F. Roler. This Board meets at. No. 125 Twenty-second St., at 10 A. M., on the first Wednesday of each month, to examine such applicants for pension, and increase of pension, as present themselves under orders from the Commissioner of Pensions at Washington.

The further duties of the Board are, to examine such artificial limbs as are furnished by the Government to pensioners, on application; and to make measurements for, and apply trusses that are furnished by the War Department to pensioners suffering from hernia.

The fee for each examination is one dollar for each member of the Board who participates in the examination.

U. S. Army. Medical Officers,


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W. C. Spencer Surgeon U. S. A., Attending

Surgeon on the Staff of Lieut. Gen. Sheridan.
Office--Room 25, Union Building. Residence
-No. 288 Calumet ave.

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Mineral Springs of Illinois.
Perry Springs.- These are three in number;
they are six and a half miles from Griggsville in
Pike county.

The following analyses were made by Dr. Englemann :

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Versailles Springs.- These are in Brown county, near the town of Versailles.



Magn'sia Curry Monitor ! Spring. Spring. Spring. GAMariner JVZBlaney JVZBlaney




SOLIDS. Carbonate of Potassium and Sodium 0.165 Trace. Trace. Carbonate of Sodium

0.953 0.953 Carbonate of Magnesium.

Ι.ΙΙΟ 0.933 0.873 Carbonate of Iron


0.267 Carbonate of Calcium..

1.825 1.514 2.017 Chloride of Sodium.

Trace. Trace. Trace. Sulphate of Calcium

Trace. 0.261 Alumina and trace of Iron

0.091 Silica

0.175 0.102 0.213 Organic Matter

Trace. Trace.






Cubic In.

Carbonic Acid


Artificial Eyes.

Gale & Blocki, 85 Clark.
Henry Olin, 127 Clark.

Artificial Limbs.
D. W. Bartlett, 171 and 173 Randolph.
W. C. Daniels & Co., 119 S. Clark.
Hiatt & Le Roy, 125 S. Clark.


Justin Hayes, (electrical), 123 Calumet ave. (See

adv.) A. P. Peck, (electrical), 242 Wabash ave. (See

adv.) G. C. Somers, (Turkish, electrical and sulphur),

Grand Pacific Hotel. Mrs. E. L. Howard, (electro-Turkish), 1042 Indi

ana ave.

Joel Prescott, (electric, sulphur, vapor and medi

cated), 101 S. Desplaines. Mrs. A. J. Johnson, (magnetic), 126 State.

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