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G. Gardner.

Medical Director.

T. D. Fitch, M. D.

Woman's Aid Association.

Meets first Friday of each month, at 51 LaSalle street.


President-Charles E. Culver.
ist Vice-President-Mrs. A. A. Arnold.
2nd Vice-President- Mrs. Moses Smith.
Secretary-Mrs. D. F. Groves.
Treasurer-Geo. Scoville.


Chicago Academy of Sciences.

No. 263 Wabash Ave.

Established in 1857, as the CHICAGO ACADEMY OF

NATURAL SCIENCES. Incorporated February 16th, 1865, under the present name.

The Academy is an association whose object is the increase and diffusion of scientific knowledge, by a museum and library, the reading and publication of original papers, and other suitable means.

It is composed of life, resident and corresponding members.

Any person may become a life member by payment of $500.

Resident members are elected from among residents of Chicago, on recommendation of the committee on membership. The initiation fee is $10, and the annual dues $5.

Corresponding memberships are conferred on scientific men not living in Chicago, by a vote of the Academy.

Meetings are held every month, on the second Tuesday evening, except the months of July, August and September. At the meetings scientific papers are read, discussions entered into, and specimens exhibited. The meeting in January is the annual meeting

The free use of the specimens in the museum and the books in the library is granted to members and students at any time, to be used inside the building; none being taken away.

On Saturday of each week the rooms of the Academy are thrown open to the public, free of charge.


J. Young Scammon. Wm. E. Doggett.
Geo. C. Walker. E. W. Blatchford.
Edwin H. Sheldon. Daniel Thompson.
E. B. McCagg.

Horatio G. Loomis.
Geo. F. Rumsey,


President-H. A. Johnson, M, D.
Ist Vice-President-E. W. Blatchford.
2nd Vice-President-H. H. Babcock.
Secretary (Acting)—E. W. Blatchford.
Recorder-Norman Bridge, M. D.
Librarian-J. W. Velie.

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Committee on Membership.

Dr. E. Andreas.

E. W. Blatchford.
H. H, Babcock.

Communications in reference to the society should be addressed to E. W. Blatchford, acting Secretary, 70 N. Clinton street, Chicago.


Life Members.

Allen, B. F.
Armour, George.
Arthur, William R.
Atwater, S. T.
Baldwin, Seth C.
Beecher, Jerome.
Benedict, Amzi.
Blair, William.
Blatchford, E. W.
Bliss, S. S.
Bowen, Chauncey T.
Bowen, James H.
Boyd, James.
Boyington, W. W.
Bradley, W. H.
Briggs, Clinton.
Bross, William.

Bryan, Thomas B.
Burling, Edward.
Cady, C. M.
Chittenden, George R.
Church, Leroy.
Chapman, E, H.
Clough, John.
Conrad, Jacob G.
Coolbaugh, W. F.
Cowles, Alfred.
Crosby, U. H.
Culver, B. F.
Culver, H. Z.
Doane, George G.
Doggett, William E.
Drake, John B.
Dunham, J. H.

Eames, H. T.

Harris, Wm. D. Ellis, J. Alder.

Hempstead, Edward. Ely, Daniel J.

Hesing, A. C. Ely, Edward.

Hibbard, H. N. Evans, Dr. John. Hibbard, Rev. J. R. Evarts, Rev. W. W. Hinsdale, Henry W. Fairbank, N. K.

Hitchcock, Charles. Fargo, James C.

Hoes, James H. Farnham, Henry. Holt, D. R. Farwell, C. B.

Honore, H. H. Farwell, J. V.

Hough, R. M. Finch, F. B.

Hoyne, Thomas. Flint, Thompson J. S. Hubbard, Gilbert. Freer, Dr. J. W.

Hurlbut, Horace A. Fuller, Henry W. Jones, J. M. W. Fuller, O. F.

Kay, William V. Fullerton, Alexander N. Kean, S. A. Gage, David A.

Keith, Edson. Gage, George W. Kellogg, Charles P. Gates, Caleb F.

Kendall, J. S. Gaylord, Frederick.

Kent, Albert E. Gould, William R. Kerfoot, W. D. Gray, Moses W.

Larrabee, Charles R. Greenebaum, Henry. Lewis, William G. Gurnee, W. S.

Loomis, Horatio G. Hall, E. G.

Lombard, Benjamin. Harding, Geo. F. Lowenthal, B.

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