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The Chicago College of Pharmacy.

No. 77 Dearborn Street,

The course of Lectures of the College commences on the first Wednesday in October and continues over a period of twenty-one weeks. The lectures are given on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons.

A full course of lectures is delivered on Chemistry, organic and inorganic, Pharmacy, Materia Medica and Botany.

The class of 1873–4 numbered over forty students, with nine candidates for graduation.


$4 oo

Matriculation ticket, paid but once,
Lecture tickets (per session), including all

branches taught, Diplomi Fee,

36 oo 5 00

QUALIFICATIONS FOR GRADUATION. Each candidate for the diploma of this College must be of good moral character, must have arrived at the age of twenty-one years, have attended two courses of each of the lectures delivered in the college, or one course in this college and one course in soine other respectable college of pharmacy or medical college in which the same branches are taught; and have had an experience of at least four years in the drug business, of which circumstance he must produce sufficient evidence to the Board of Examiners. He shall also be required to present an original dissertation or thesis upon some subject relating to materia medica, pharmacy or chemistry, which shall be written with neatness and accuracy.

The thesis, with the evidence of requisite experience, and diploma fee, shall be deposited with the Secretary of the College on or before the 20th of February of the session in which the application shall be made. He must also be recommended in writing by the Committee of Examination and the Professors jointly, and if his application be finally approved of by the Board of Trustees, he shall receive the Diploma of the College.”

For information regarding the lectures, application should be made to D. B. Trimble, Dean of the Faculty, cor. Randolph and Dearborn Sts., Chicago.


N. Gray Bartlett, Professor of Chemistry, Indiana

av. and Twenty-second. James W. Mill, Professor of Pharmacy, 133 S. Hal

sted. D. B. Trimble, M. D., Professor of Materia Medica

and Toxicology, Bryant Block.

Henry H. Babcock, Professor of Botany, 11 Eight


(For account of the Chicago College of Pharmacy as an organization, see section devoted to Medical Associations.)


Illinois State Hospital for the Insane, at Jack

sonville, Illinois.

Incorporated March 1, 1847. Opened Nov. 3, 1851.

Capacity, 400 to 450 beds.

In regard to the mode of gaining admission, we would refer the reader to the section entitled, “Abstract of the Laws of the State of Illinois in relation to the Commitment of Patients to the Hospitals for the Insane."

For any information required address the Superintendent.



President-Gen. John Tillson.
Secretary and Treasurer-Hon. E. P. Kirby.

Dr. W. W. Sedgwick.
Hon. H. G. Whitlock.


Superintendent and Physician.
Henry F. Carriel, M. D.

First Assistant Physician.

H. Artemas Gilman, M. D.

Second Assistant Physician.

Elias C. Neal, M. D.


Charles A. Baker.


Mary Johnston.


Rev. E. A. Tanner.

Northern Illinois Hospital for the Insane, Elgin,


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This institution was established by an act of the Legislature, bearing date April 16, 1869, entitled, “ An Act to establish the Northern Illinois Hospital and Asylum for the Insane."

In June, 1870, the location was fixed, about one and a half miles south of the city of Elgin, on the west bank of Fox river.

The farm connected with the asylum contains over 400 acres.

Fox river forms its eastern bound

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