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year ending September 1, 1873, 641 patients were prescribed for


John E. Owens.

Charles L. Rutter.

St. Mary's Infirmary, Cairo.

Instituted November, 1867,

By the Sisters of the Order of the Holy Cross. Contracts were soon after made with the county, to take care of the county sick, and with the government, to take care of sick marines; and these sources of support still continue.

The building which is situate in the centre of a block of two-and a-half acres, is capable of accommodating one hundred and twenty patients. It has private rooms, neatly furnished, for those who desire them, at a charge of $2 per day for all expenses. Private patients or citizens, in public wards, are charged $1 per day.

Dr. Horace Wardner.

Attending Physician for Colored Marine Wards.

Dr. J. J. Gordon.
Attending Physician for County Patients.

Dr. William Wood.

Rush Medical College Dispensary.

Open Saturdays from 2 to 4 P. M. for the treatment of surgical cases and diseases of the brain and nervous system.


Moses Gunn.

Walter Hay.

Woman's Dispensary.

229 Thirtieth Street. In connection with the Woman's Hospital of the

State of Illinois.

Treats only diseases peculiar to women; and is entirely gratuitous.

Open from 11 to 1 o'clock every Wednesday and Saturday.


A. Reeves Jackson.
V. L. Hurlbut.
James H. Etheridge.
Plym. S. Hayes.

William C. Lyman.
James N. Hyde.
F. A. Emmons.
Harriet M. Kollock.

Chicago and North-Western Railway

Dispensary. This Dispensary, which is located in the new General Office Building of the Company on the corner of Market and Kinzie Streets, is exclusively for the benefit of the employees of the railroad company. Its work is chiefly surgical, and in all cases gratuitous.

Ralph N. Isham.



Rush Medical College, Chicago.

Temporarily located cor. Eighteenth and Arnold Streets.

The Introductory Lecture to the Thirty-second Annual Course of Lectures will be given on the evening of Wednesday, September 30th, 1874. The Regular Lectures will commence on the following morning, and continue twenty weeks.


Lecture Fees for the Course, including Mat

riculation Fee and admission to Dissecting Room,

$65 00 Hospital Ticket, Graduation Fee,

5 oo 25 00

From Alumni of this and other respectable Medical Colleges, the Matriculation Fee only ($5) will be required.

The Spring and Summer Course, beginning the first Wednesday of March, 1875, and continuing sixteen weeks, is free to all matriculants of the College.

For circulars containing full particulars, address the Secretary, Prof. De Laskie Miller, 926 Wabash avenue; or, Prof. J. H. Etheridge, Assistant Secretary, 603 Michigan avenue.


President-L. C. P. Freer.
Secretary-Hon. Grant Goodrich.

Treasurer-J. W. Freer, M. D.
Hon. William B. Ogden. De Laskie Miller, M.D.
Hon. Mark Skinner. R. L. Rea, M. D.
Hon. Hugh T. Dickey. Moses Gunn, M. D.
Hon. N. B. Judd. Joseph P. Ross, M. D.
J. Adams Allen, M. D. Edward L. Holmes, M. D.
Hon. Geo. M. Rumsey. Henry M. Lyman, M. D.

His Excellency J. L. Beveridge, Governor,
Shelby M. Cullom, Speaker H. R.,
J. W. Freer, President College,



J. V. Z. Blaney, A.M., M, D., Emeritus Prof. of

Chemistry and Pharmacy. Joseph W. Freer, M. D., Prof. of Physiology and

Microscopic Anatomy, 524 Ontario, President. J. Adams Allen, M. D., LL. D., Prof. of Principles

and Practice of Medicine, 503 Michigan ave.

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