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W. H. Byford, M.D.
A. H. Foster, M.D.

F. C. Hotz, M.D.
G. C. Paoli, M.D.

Physicians to Dispensary. Monday and Thursday—Mary H. Thompson, M.D.

Wednesday and Friday—Charlotte M. Wedgewood, M.D.

Cook County Hospital.

Corner Eighteenth and Arnold Streets. Organized in 1865, by the Board of Supervisors of Cook County.

It is under the control of the Board of County Commissioners, through a committee known as the Hospital Committee.

The capacity of this hospital is about 250 patients, in the general wards.

Free patients are admitted by making application to the County Agent, Mr. John Dieden, 29 Canal street, who causes them to be seen by one of the Dispensary physicians, and if found worthy, the latter gives the patient a certificate to that effect, which is presented to the agent, who issues the order to the Warden for admission.

Cases of emergency, arising from accidents or otherwise, are admitted by making application directly to the Warden at the hospital. Urgent cases under the care of any member of the Medical Board, may be admitted on the order of said member.

Board and treatment are gratuitous to the sick poor of Cook county only. Price of board and treatment for pay patients and non-residents, seven dollars per week, in general wards, and ten dollars per week in private wards.

No contagious diseases are admitted.

Clinics are given from October ist to July ist of each year, as follows:

Tuesdays, 2 to 4 P. M., Medical and Surgical.

Wednesdays, 2 to 4 P. M., Gynæcological and Ophthalmological.

Fridays, 2 to 4 P. M., Medical and Surgical.
Dispensary daily, except Sunday, at 1.30 P. M.

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President-Wm. H. Byford, M.D.
SecretaryWm. E. Quine, M.D.

Consulting Surgeons.
W. G. Dyas, M.D. J. R. Gore, M.D.

Consulting Physicians.
Wm. H. Byford, M.D. R. C. Hamill, M.D.

Attending Physicians. Joseph P. Ross, M.D., for November, December and January

Thomas Bevan, M.D., for February, March and April.

Henry M. Lyman, M.D., for May, June and July.

H. A. Johnson, M.D., for August, September and October.

Attending Surgeons. Edwin Powell, M.D., September, October, November and December.

R. G. Bogue, M.D., January, February, May, and June.

Joseph W. Freer, M.D., March, April, July and August.

Obstetricians and Gynecologists. T. D. Fitch, M.D., from October ist to April ist.

Wm. E. Quine, M.D., from April ist to October Ist.

Oculist and Aurist.

Ferd. C. Hotz, M.D.

House Staff.

D. A. K. Steele, M.D. E. B. Shumway, M.D.

F. C. Winslow, M.D.

Thomas B. Waldron.



Hugh McLaughlin.

Mary McLaughlin.

Mercy Hospital.
Cor. Calumet Ave. and Twenty-sixth Street.

Founded Sept., 1850. This institution is under the charge of the Sisters of Mercy. The hospital building is a handsome brick structure; was erected about five years ago, at a cost of $100,000, and will accommodate about 500 patients. It is a general hospital, admitting almost all diseases except small-pox. Although the entire pecuniary and domestic management of the institution is under the control of the Sisters of Mercy, in the admission and treatment of patients there is no distinction made on account of religious faith, and every patient is permitted to receive visits from clergymen of any religious denomination.

Terms of admission vary with the accommodations. In the larger, or what are called the public wards, the price is $7.00 per week; and in the private rooms, of which there are a large number, the price is $15.00 per week. There are constantly in the hospital a considerable number of patients who pay nothing, they being kept as charity patients. The institution has also an arrangement with the Chicago Relief and Aid Society, by which forty beds are kept at the disposal of that society for the accommodation of such sick poor as its officers may desire to send there.

The managing head of the hospital is Rev. Mother Genevieve.

The appointment of the Staff is under the control of the Faculty of the Chicago Medical College. The hospital has an average of about 250 patients constantly, and furnishes complete clinical facilities to students.


Attending Physicians.

H. A. Johnson.

N. S. Davis.

D. T. Nelson.

Attending Surgeon.
Edmund Andrews.

Gynæcologists and Obstetricians.
Wm. H. Byford. E. O. F. Roler.

Ophthalmologist and Otologist.

Samuel J. Jones.

Peoria City Hospital,

Under the control of the City Council, is a small brick building, accommodating 10 to 15 patients.

In order to meet the requirements of epidemics, additional apartments have been provided in a

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