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Huxman, Fred, 134 Clark.
Johnson, M. B., 89 Madison.
Kennicott, J. A., 360 Wabash ave.
Koch, Chas. R. E., 645 Wabash ave.
Low, J. E., Thompson Block, room 3.
Linslow, F. D. H., 112 Milwaukee ave.
Ludwig, R. F., 628 W. Lake.
Marsh, J. S., 65 Randolph.
Nichols, G. W., 253 W. Madison.
Noble, S. B., 71 Washington.
Noyes, Edmund, 179 W. Washington.
Sherwood, M. W., 126 State.
Smith, M. E., 6 Monroe.
Snell, Issachar, 120 Thirty-ninth.
Stephens, W. A., 121 Eighteenth.
Swain, E. D., 67 E. Washington.
Swartley, J. S., 749 Michigan ave.
Swasey, James A., 944 Wabash ave.
Thayer, C. H., 978 Wabash ave.
Thompson, J. F., 348 W. Washington.
Towar, H. S., Indiana ave., near Twenty-second.
Wilson, E. F., 441 Wabash ave.

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L. P. Haskell, 57 Washington.



The Alexian Brothers' Hospital.

North Market Street, between Schiller and North Avenue.

Founded 1866. Chartered March 29, 1867.

The present hospital building, which was commenced early in the spring of 1872, has been finished at a cost of $75,000. It contains sixty rooms, exclusive of dormitory, chapel and offices, and will comfortably accommodate 200 patients, but in case of necessity a much larger number could find room.

The apartments are arranged in ward form for free patients; and patients who pay can have rooms single or en suite. The scale of prices for the latter class varies from $7 to $15 per week, according to accommodation.

Four rooms are reserved in the basement for delirium tremens cases.

Several other apartments in the basement are reserved for the use of extra or special cases.

The private apartments are situated on the first and second floors, as are the main public wards.

Patients are cared for and waited upon solely by the order of Alexian Brothers-twenty in number —whose dormitory is situated in the upper story of the building

The hospital is under the chief control of Brother Superior Paulus, head of the Alexian order in the United States. Application to him at any hour of the day or night, is the only step necessary for the admission of a patient. No contagious diseases are treated. Religion and nationality are not inquired into. No female patients are taken, unless in extreme cases, such as accident near the institution. They are then removed as soon as possible.

The number of patients treated at this institution since its establishment is about 2,000. The money for the support of the hospital is raised by collection among the Catholic community.

Attending Surgeon.

A. J. Baxter.

Attending Physician.
Rudolph Seiffert.

Chicago Hospital for Women and Children,

N. W. Corner Adams and Paulina Streets,

Established May, 1865. This Institution, which has a capacity of about thirty-five beds, cares for lying-in cases, and takes cases of all diseases of women and children, except such as are contagious.

Its internal management, and its support so far as its current expenses are concerned, are the work of a board of ladies known as the BOARD OF COUNCILLORS.

Patients who are able are required to pay, the amount depending on the accommodations given, but the average is $6 per week. Four-fifths of all the patients treated have been charity cases, and to the extent of its ability, it will continue to receive such cases.

The Chicago Relief and Aid Society has endowed twenty-five beds in this institution.

Patients are admitted by the Physician.

During the Sessions of the Woman's Hospital Medical College there are given two Clinics each week in the wards of the hospital, to which students of the school are admitted.

A Free Dispensary, open every day, except Sunday, from 1 to 2 o'clock, is attached to the hospital.


Board of Councillors. PresidentMrs. J. C. Hilton. ist Vice-PresidentMrs. Dr. W. G. Dyas. 2nd Vice-President-Mrs. H. O. Stone. Secretary-Mrs. E. G. Hall.

Treasurer-Mrs. I. W. Camp. Mrs. F. B. Gardner. Mary H. Thompson, M.D. Mrs. E. J. Colby.

Mrs. A. Campbell. Mrs. George Hall. Mrs. Wirt Dexter. Mrs. T. D. Fitch. Mrs. Dr. Blackall. Mrs. D. A. Gage. Mrs. J. P. Hart. Mrs. E. S. Pike.

Mrs. W. W. Strong. Mrs. Fernando Jones. Mrs. D. F. Groves.


Mrs. L. D. Parkes.


Mary H. Thompson, M.D., Attending Physician.

Charlotte M. Wedgewood, M.D., Resident Physician.

Consulting Physicians.
W. G. Dyas, M.D. Wm. E. Clarke, M.D.
C. G. Smith, M.D. E. Marguerat, M.D.
John Bartlett, M.D. A. Fisher, M.D.
S. C. Blake, M.D. R. G. Bogue, M.D.

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