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House, E. E.
Howard, G. O..
Huckstep, J. M..
Hunting, N. C.
Hurtt, J. M.
Hutchinson, E. T. .--
Hyer, G. J.--
Kelsey, A. M..
Kennedy, A. E.
Kennicott, J. A.
Kilbourne, E. H.
Kingsley, Geo. P.
Kitchen, C. A.
Koch, C. R. E..
Konantz, C. F..
Lionberger, J. M.
Low, J. E..---
Magill, W. T.
Marriner, J. H.
Marsh, J. S.
Matteson, A. E.-----
Matteson, Charles F.
Matthews, R.
McMannigle, W. R...
Miles, G. S.
Mills, W. H.
Noble, S. B.


- Freeport.

Galva. -- Chicago.

-Quincy. ..Dallas City. Chicago. Rock Island. Ottawa. Chicago. Kewanee. Macomb. Pontiac. Lacon. - Jerseyville.

Freeport. ..Chicago.

Noyes, Edmund. Ormsbee, W. W. Palmer, D. G.. Patten, M. H.--Richards, W. P.-Rising, C. B. Ritchie, W. S. Rohland, C. B. Salter, George Sawyer, C. K... Schadle, A. C. Scofield, R. S. Sherwood, M. W. Shibley, A. H. Smith, C. C. Smith, C. Stoddard Smith, H. J.. Smith, W.T Snell, Issachar Starck, J. W. Stevens, E. Stewart, E. H. Stone, E. C. Stryker, F. Sturgiss, S. M. Swain, E. D.. Thayer, C. H..


Geneva. McLean. - Lexington. Chicago. Rockford. Chicago. -Alton. -Joliet. - Jacksonville. Warren. Prairie City. ..Chicago. -St. Charles. -Champaign. Springfield. Quincy. Peoria. Chicago. Rock Island -Bloomington. -Joliet. Galesburg. Galena. Quincy. Chicago. Chicago.

Thompson, J. F.
Towar, H, S.
Townsend, H. H.
Widenham, J. C.
Wilkie, C. M.
Willson, O.
Wilson, S. C.
Withrow, H.
Woodburn, H. L..

- Aurora.
- Aurora.


The Chicago Dental Society.

Organized January 16, 1864. The objects of the society are to promote harmony and friendly feeling among the dental profession in the city; to stimulate the profession to greater study and improvement, by means of meetings, the reading of essays and reports of cases, and general discussion of these and all subjects of interest to the members, in their capacity as dentists. The society meets on the first Monday of each month, at the dental depot of S. S. White, 14 and 16 Madison street.

It requires a two-thirds vote to admit a candidate to membership in the society, and he must have made application in writing, his application being countersigned by at least two members, before a vote can be taken.

The initiation fee is $5, and the annual dues are determined by the expenses of the organization, which are not great.


President-E. D. Swain.
Ist Vice-President-C. R. E. Koch.
2nd Vice-President-G. W. Nichols.
Rec. Secretary-D. B. Freeman, 16 Aberdeen st.
Corresponding Secretary-J. L. Clapp.
Treasurer-G. H. Cushing.
LibrarianC. R. E. Koch.

Executive CommitteeM. S. Dean, A. W. Harlan, J. N. Crouse.


Albaugh, William.
Barber, S. J.
Bell, J. B.
Brown, A. E.
Clapp, J. L.
Crouse, J. N.
Cushing, Geo. H.
Davis, J. A. W.
Day, B. W.
Dean, M. S.
Deschauer, J.
Devlin, J. R.

Dyer, W. C.
Freeman, A. W.
Freeman, D. B.
Harlan, A. W.
Huxman, Fred.
Kennicott, J. A.
Koch, C. R. E.
Marsh, J. S.
Nichols, G. W.
Noble, S. B.
Noyes, E.
Quinlan, J. D.

Sherwood, M. W.
Smith, Marvin E.
Stevens, W. A.

Swain, E. D.
Thompson, J. F.


Of Chicago, who are Graduates in Medicine or Dentistry, or

Members of some Dental Association.

Albaugh, Wm., 28 S. Halsted.
Allport, W. W., 669 Wabash ave.
Barber, S. J., 675 Wabash ave.
Bell, G. H., Madison and State.
Bell, J. B., 441 Wabash ave.
Brophy, T. W., 110 Loomis.
Brown, A. E., 769 Wabash ave.
Carpenter, G. T., 560 W. Lake.
Crouse, J. N., 652 Wabash ave.
Cushing, Geo. H., 550 Michigan ave.
Day, B. W., 4 Otis Building.
Dean, J.C., 67 Washington.
Dean, M. S., 550 Michigan ave.
Deschauer, J., 8 and 9 Staats Zeitung Building.
Devlin, J. B., 151 Twenty-second.
Dyer, W.C., 1135 Wabash ave.
Freeman, A. W., 675 Wabash ave.
Freeman, D. B., 16 Aberdeen.
Freeman, I. A., 673 and 675 W. Lake, r. Maywood.
Harlan, A. W., cor. Randolph and Dearborn.
Harlan, J.
Harris, A. J., 57 Washington.
Honsinger, E., 280 Park ave.

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