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Bluthardt, T. J., 247 W. Madison.
Borcherdt, J. C., 735 W. Madison.
Borland, M. W., 378 W. Van Buren.
Brabrook, Joseph F., 160 W. Harrison.
Braun, Thomas, 351 Clark.
Bronold, Henry, 208 N. Clark.
Bronson, E. C., 24 Market.
Bryan, A. B., 80 West Madison.
Buck, George, (B. & Rayner), Madison and State, and 117 S.

Buchman, H. W.
Buechner, H. C., 319 Milwaukee ave.
Byrne, J. H., 233 W. Randolph.
Clacius, C. E. (Clacius & Co.,) 322 W. Madison.
Class, C. F., 280 Division.
Dreier, Emil, 137 Milwaukee ave.
Dyche, D. R. (Dyche & Co.,) cor. State and Randolph,

183 W. Randolph.
Ebert, Albert E., State and Twelfth.
Ehrman, John W., 387 State.
Erich, Victor, 157Cottage Grove ave.
Fernow, Ludwig, 393 N. Wells.
Fiske, C. J., 14 Rhodes ave.
Forsythe, W. K., Halsted and Van Buren.
Foss, Lauriz, 61 Chicago ave.
Frank, August, 361 Blue Island ave.
Fredigke, Charles C., 472 State.
French, J. B.
Freyer, F.
Fry, I. H., State and Twenty-second.
Fuhring, F., 156 W. Randolph.
Fuller, Henry W., 24 Market.

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Gale, E. O. (G. & Blocki), 85 Clark, 57 W. Madison, 44 and 46

Monroe. Garrison, H. D., 461 S. Clark, Goll, Bruno, Canal and Twelfth. Goodman, F. M., 133 S. Halsted. Grassley, Charles M., S. Halsted and O'Brien. Haanshuus, Sigvart K., Milwaukee ave. and Green. Hanning, J. T., Twenty-second and Michigan ave. Hercher, Chas. F., 392 Larrabee. Heurmann, Henry W., 1204 Clybourne ave. Heylmann, Charles, 298 W. Lake. Hoffmann, A. Benno, 77 Chicago ave. Hogan, L. C., Twenty-second and State. Hooper, John H., 171 N. Clark. Hottinger, Anton, 316 Sedgwick. Hunton, K. A. (H. & Hall), 189 Randolph and 858 W. Lake. Huyck, M. E. (Huyck Bros.,) 722 W. Lake. Jacobus, J. S., 222 Thirty-first. Jamieson, Thomas N.,612 Cottage Grove ave. Jauncy, Wm. (Sweet & J.,) 112 Milwaukee ave. Kadish, Charles J., 212 Milwaukee ave. Kirk, James, Englewood, Ill. Knoelke, Albert, 190 N. Clark. Kroell, C. L., 414 Twenty-second. Kussmann, August, 153 Canalport ave. Lewis, J. G., 94 Lake. Liese, Fredrick, 453 Larrabee. Mahla, F., Twenty-first and Stewart ave. Mansfelde, A. Matthei, Ernst, 13 Blue Island ave. Matthei, Louis, 136 Canalport ave. McPherson, Geo., 785 W. Madison.

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Mead, N., Indiana ave., near Twenty-second. Merz, Frank J. Mill, James W., 133 S. Halsted. Milleman, Philip L., 209 Blue Island ave., cor. Eleventh. Mueller, Ernst George, State and Polk. Mueller, Henry, 907 Clybourne ave. Nickell, J. M., Van Buren and Halsted. Palmer, H. W., 785 Wabash ave. Parson, John, 684 Wabash ave. Patterson, Theodore H., Twenty-second and Michigan ave. Peuser, Otto, Milwaukee ave. and Cornell. Pfannstiel, Charles F., 653 Archer ave. Pierpont, N., Englewood, Ill. Plautz, C. H., 519 Milwaukee ave. Postl, Raymond, 212 Milwaukee ave. Reinhold, Wm., 146 N. Clark. Reuter, Henry, 92 W. Van Buren. Richardson, J. H., 46 River. Rodman, P. V., 240 Wabash ave. Roemheld, Julius, Canal and Van Buren. Rohur, Joseph Rosenmerkel, A., 725 S. Halsted. Sargent, E. H., Wabash ave. and Sixteenth. Schloetzer, Edward T., Clark and Ohio. Schulz, O. W., 184 Cottage Grove ave. Sharp, J. P., 154 Twenty-second. Siddall, J. J., 77 Dearborn. Smith, Albert A., 638 W. Madison. Spannagel, N., 1260 State. Stahl, E. L., Jr., 1402 State. Stamm, Andrew, 192 Blue Island ave. Stammler, August, Clark and Archer Ave.

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Story, Robert (Dyche & Co.,) Madison and Halsted.
Strehl, Louis, Tremont House.
Sweet, Henry, Kinzie and Desplaines.
Vanderburg, A. C., Tribune Building.
Wanzer, Hiram.
Wheeler, C. G.
Whitfield, Thomas, 240 Wabash ave.
Willard, Joseph, 800 Cottage Grove ave.
Wilson, John H., 528 S. Jefferson.
Woltersdorf, Louis, Blue Island ave, and Taylor,

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American Dental Association,

Organized at Niagara Falls in 1859. Meets annually, on the first Tuesday in August.

It is made up of three classes of members, viz: delegates, permanent, and honorary members; the two former classes having equal rights and privileges, except eligibility to office-none being eligible to hold office except permanent members; the latter class to consist of prominent, worthy members of the dental profession, residing in foreign countries, who shall be elected by ballot.

Local dental societies have the right to send one delegate for every five of its active members. Any person, on serving one year as delegate, may become a permanent member.

The annual dues are $5.00. If this remains unpaid two years, the name of the delinquent is dropped from the roll.

The details of business are in the hands of an Executive Committee of nine members, divided into three sub-committees on Arrangements, Credentials and Auditing, and Nominations and Volunteer Essays, respectively. Besides these there


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