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arches, resting on massive stone piers, span the whole breadth of the river. The centre arch includes a space of two hundred and forty feet, being nearly forty feet more than the height of the Monument. The amount of metal required for the construction of this bridge was above five thousand tons.

Waterloo-bridge, a beautiful structure, which has the credit of being considered the longest stone bridge in Europe, is perfectly level. Half a million of money was expended in its erection, and a still larger amount in the approaches to it. It was named after the famous battle of Waterloo, and was first opened on the anniversary of that memorable conflict.

The bridge of Blackfriars is named from a convent of black friars, which once stood in its neighborhood. To say nothing of coaches, carriages, omnibusses, wag. ons, vans, carts, gigs, and horses, not less than sixty thousand passengers are said to cross the bridge during

the day

Besides the suspension bridge at Hammersmith, there are Westminster, Vauxhall, Battersea, Fulham, Kew, Kingston, Hampton Court, Richmond, and Waltonbridges. But I have now written enough on this subject. The sun is breaking out over the Tower, and the day promises fair. I have swallowed fog enough this morning for a month. Who would have thought that such a watery looking sky would so soon have cleared up?

Yet, oft amid the murky shroud

The sunbeam wins its way,
And breaking from the thunder cloud,

Proclaims a goodly day!
And often, too, with waving wings,

When judgments seem to roll,
Mercy flies kindly forth, and flings
A sunbeam on the soul !

A few hours are passed, and the king of day is midway on his journey to the south. I am now standing in the Thames Tunnel, more than seventy feet below high water mark. The deep descent, the lengthened arches, the retiredness of the place, the line of lamps, and the knowledge that the river is rolling over-head, altogether impart a novelty of feeling. There is a little of romance in the whole that gives an interest to every thing I gaze on.

Years ago I was cooped up in this place with a princess; yes, Old Humphrey was standing on the same plank with the grand duchess Helene, sister to the emperor of all the Russias, who happened to visit the Tunnel when he was here. Had she been a peasant instead of a princess, this record of the event had never been made. What trifling circumstances puff up the heart!

While standing here, three or four timorous visitors have hurried past me, in evident apprehension, lest the vaulted roof above them should give way, and let the Thames into the tunnel. There they go, as though they were escaping for their lives.

This excavation is a wondrous enterprise. Bold in its design, and difficult in its execution. Accidents have occurred, lives have been lost, and seemingly insurmountable impediments have presented themselves, but untiring perseverance has won its


through every difficulty. The Thames Tunnel, when completed, will not only be an important channel of communication between the two sides of the river, over which a bridge could not have been built at this point, without great difficulty, but, also, a triumphal arch commemorating the success of enterprise, resolution.

skill, and perseverence, and commanding the admira tion of the world.

I will now make the best of my way up the shaft, or spiral staircase, by which I descended, for my walks for the present must be brought to a close. London, the goodliest city beneath the stars, has yielded me much of pleasure. Peace to her walls and prosperity to her palaces! May her people, and the stranger within her gates, while here, be defended evermore from evil by the arm of the Eternal, and afterwards become inhabitants of the golden city, to behold and to share the glory of the Redeemer.

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