As If Learning Mattered: Reforming Higher Education

Sampul Depan
Cornell University Press, 1998 - 249 halaman
Although the culture wars have preoccupied the nation for the past two decades, these impassioned debates about the function of education have produced few lasting institutional changes. The author of this volume shows why the system of higher education has been particularly resistant to reform. Unravelling stereotypes about conservative, liberal and radical reform efforts, Miller looks at what has actually happened when theories about education have been put into practice. What did Matthew Arnold do as a school inspector to promote the study of the best that has been thought and said in our time? Why did the Great Books programme fail at the University of Chicago and succeed at a small liberal arts college in Annapolis, Maryland? How did Tony Bennett and others involved in the radical work of British Cultural Studies test their students' knowledge of popular culture? How did ethnographers of schooling respond when they encountered students with apparently racist attitudes?

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Educational Reform
Distance Education and
Ethnography and the Allure of Expertise
The Stories That Teach Us
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