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This compilation, it is hoped, will prove to the Navy a convenient hand-book; and the fact that it was prepared under many difficulties and during unofficial hours, may excuse any omissions.

The arrangement of the work is not so complete as it would be by fur. ther dissection of the subject-matter, with more numerous headings; but by its division into parts and an alphabetical grouping of subjects, with a full index at the end, it is believed little difficulty will be expe. "ed, especially after some familiarity with its arrangement, in find. !"; any portion of its contents sought.

Many of the sections are repeated in the compilation, with the view " *ing matter under appropriate heads. The citation of the acts, hom the Statutes at Large, on which the sections are based, which was oted in the compilation of 1875, and some references to opinions and oisons, have been introduced—the latter not, however, as authority " action or decision on any case, but rather as information.

The Words in italies, in certain sections, are intended to make such * “onform to existing law; legislation subsequent to the revision o * rendering it necessary. Headings are in some instances Suppoiled.

Much that was in the compilation of 1875, although possessing value """ seeking information, has been omitted from this, as not esseno for those for whom the work is designed. Portions of retain o seldom referred to, but it was thought advisable to

- atter, as it may be brought into use occasionally.
Chief Clerk, Nary Department.


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