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election as members of the applicants whose names had been reported. The motion was adopted.

He reported 15 new applications for membership, and, under the suspension of the rules, the candidates were elected.


on the subject of the proposed new seal for the Institute, was offered by Dr. Henry M. Smith, of New York, N. Y. The Seniors recommended that of the two designs referred to them by the Institute the circular one should be chosen.

The recommendation was adopted.

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THE REPORT OF THE INTER-COLLEGIATE COMMITTEE was presented by the chairman, Dr. I. T. Talbot, of Boston, Mass., and was accepted and referred to the Committee of Publication.

Chairman Talbot also reported the following resolution, referred to his committee, with a recommendation that it be adopted as the sense of the Institute:

Resolved, That the American Institute of Homeopathy favors the inclusion of Psychiatry in the Curriculum of all Medical Col leges of the United States. It favors examination in Psychiatry, as in other specialties, and recommends that clinical teaching should be added to the didactic wherever possible.

The resolution was adopted.

Dr. Thomas Franklin Smith, Assistant Treasurer, tendered the resignations of Drs. Wm. R. Elder, F. H. Berrick and Eugene Hubbell with a recommendation that they be accepted.

Agreed to.

A motion was offered by Dr. Henry M. Smith, that the President be authorized and instructed to appoint



one from each State in the Union, each to assist in the raising of funds in his own State and to co-operate with his State organization in the work.

The motion was amended by Dr. H. C. Allen to include also “a member from each of the Colleges," and in that form it was adopted.

The Committee on Resolutions, through its chairman, Dr. J. P. Dake, reported adversely on the resolution censuring the manufacture and sale of proprietary medicines, etc., by homeopathic pharmacists; the ground of the Committee's report being that it was a matter over which the Institute had no jurisdiction. The report of the committee was adopted.

On behalf of the same committee, Dr. Dake presented the following, which were adopted :

Resolved, That the thanks of the American Institute of Homeopathy, be extended to the Local Committee of the World's Homeopathic Congress for the careful and excellent preparations made for the accommodation and entertainment of the Institute at this its third meeting in Chicago ; also to the physicians of Chicago for their kind attentions. Adopted.

Resolved, That the thanks of the American Institute of Homeopathy be returned to the daily press of Chicago for excellent reports of our proceedings. Adopted.

Resolved, That our thanks are due to the editor and publishers of the Daily Medical Century for their enterprise in the publication of our proceedings and roster from day to day. Adopted.

The President then read the following committees :

Memorial Service.--Drs. J. C. Burgher, Chairman ; B. W. James, H. M. Smith, M. A. Canfield, A. R. Wright.

Transportation.-C. E. Fisher, Chairman; James M. Walker, Wm. W. VanBaun, L. H. Willard, George H. Martin.

Institute Jubilee. -Drs. I. T. Talbot, Chairman; J. P. Dake, W. T. Helmuth, R. Ludlam, B. F. Bailey, E. M. Kellogg, N. Schneider, H. W. Westover, J. E. James, M. D. Youngman.

Local Arrangements.—Dr. James M. Walker, Chairman, with power to complete the committee.

Delegate to the British Homoeopathic Congre88.—Dr. Hugh Pitcairn.

Dr. H. C. Allen asked to be informed as to the publication of the TRANSACTIONS of the World's Homeopathic Congress. He wished to know if the Reports, Papers, Addresses and Discussions are to be published by the Institute in connection with its own Proceedings; or, if not, then by whom would they be published and on what terms could Institute members obtain the work?

The President stated that the Institute TRANSACTIONS will not require two volumes. One volume will be published which will comprise, of course, the Proceedings of the Institute meeting, with various items, historical and otherwise, that have been ordered by the Institute at this time, and which make quite a bulky volume. The Proceedings of the Congress we understand, are to be published under the auspices of the World's Congress Auxiliary.

Dr. T. F. Smith: In regard to the publication of the Proceedings, in order to have the Proceedings of the Congress published the same as the TRANSACTIONS of the Institute and Congress at Atlantic City, I move that the Institute publish at its own expense, in connection with the Proceedings of the Institute, one volume of the Proceedings of the World's Congress.

DR. MITCHELL. The situation in regard to the publication of the Proceedings of the World's Congress by the Congress Auxiliary, is as follows: The Proceedings of all the Congresses will undoubtedly be published at the same time; how soon we cannot tell, at Government expense. The Proceedings of this Congress will be published undoubtedly, in a volume bound with the Proceedings of other Congresses. It would be such an expense to publish the Transactions of all these Congresses-of which there are altogether nearly 200 —that the Government probably will not do it. It is the intention to publish them at the Government printing-house and in volumes of such size as will comprise three or four Congresses together-or a series of Congresses.

DR. KINNE: When the Government publishes the proceedings of the various Congresses, whenever that may be, will the Government publish all the papers submitted, or will they select such as they think best?

DR. MITCHELL: I am not able to answer that question.

DR. KINNE: If they should select what suited them best, we might be in an unpleasant predicament as to the value of what is omitted and of what retained, not having any supervision over the matter nor any jurisdiction. If we could be assured that the Government would publish the entire proceedings, papers and discussions, then it would be unnecessary to think of any expenditure for publication by the Institute. But we are not assured of that.

Dr. B. W. JAMES: Our By-laws say that our TRANSACTIONS must be got out in five months. I do not suppose the Government will permit any dictation as to the time it will take in preparing its own records. And the remarks of Dr. Kinne are peculiarly appropriate, seeing that the Secretary of the Congress is not Secretary of the Institute, and therefore neither body has an officer to whom the whole matter could be delegated. Will the Congress allow us the right to publish the proceedings ?

DR. MITCHELL: The Congress Auxiliary would be favorable to the publication, by any distinct organization like the American Institute, of the TRANSACTIONS of the Congress.

DR. TALBOT: If they are published outside of the Institute TRANSACTIONS, it will be very difficult for the members to get them; and I think it is due to the 1500 members of the Institute that they should have a copy of it, as they have paid their dues.

Dr. C. E. Fisher then moved that the Executive and Publication Committee be empowered to confer with the authorities and officials of the Congress, and to act as circumstances shall permit and their own judgment shall dictate. This motion was adopted.

Dr. R. B. Rush, Chairman of the Board of Censors, reported that the Board recommends the election of the following distinguished foreign physicians as corresponding members of the Institute, viz. :

Dr. Alfred E. Hawkes, of Liverpool, England; Dr. J. Cavendish Molson, of London, England; Dr. Oscar Hansen, of Copenhagen, Denmark; Dr. P. C. Majumdar, of Calcutta, India; Dr. Charles F. Fisher, of Sydney, N. S. W., Australia. .

The above recommendations of the Board of Censors was adopted unanimously.

Dr. Pemberton Dudley stated that for years past Madame Bojanus has, unknown to this Institute, translated into our language numerous valuable reports and papers which have afterwards appeared in our TRANSACTIONS and in various medical journals in the United States and Europe; and has, moreover, shown her interest in the cause of Homoeopathy, and in the welfare of this Institute, by her presence at this session. He therefore moved, that Madame Olga Bojanus, of Samara, Russia, be elected an Honorary Associate Member of the American Institute of Homeopathy. The motion was unanimously adopted.

Dr. Rush, of the Board of Censors, reported that during the session there had been one hundred and fifty-five regular members, six corresponding members, and one honorary associate member added to the Roll of the Institute.

Dr. I. T. TALBOT : Mr. President, I now move that this Institute do now adjourn, each of its 1550 members to bring one new member to Denver, Colorado, next June.

The motion was adopted with a round of applause, and President McClelland then declared the Forty-ninth Anniversary Session of the American Institute of Homeopathy adjourned sine die.


General Secretary.

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