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a majority of all the votes cast, had been selected as the place for holding the next Annual Session.

On motion of Dr. Alonzo Boothby, of Boston, the choice was made unanimous.

On motion the Institute ordered that the precise date for the next session be referred to the Executive Committee in conference with the Committee of Locai Arrangements.

Dr. C. E. Fisher, of Chicago, offered a resolution referring to the Semi-Centennial of the Institute, which was adopted, as follows:

WHEREAS, In view of the fact that the session of 1894 will celebrate the semi-centennial of the existence of the American Institute of Homceopathy, it is hereby

Resolved, That said Annual Session be made to partake of the character of a Semi-Centennial Jubilee, and

Resolved; That the President is instructed to appoint a Jubilee Committee of ten members from the general membership of the Institute to act in conjunction with the local committee of arrangements to be hereafter appointed, to arrange fully for said Jubilee meeting.

Resolved, That the sum of Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars, or as much thereof as may be necessary, is hereby appropriated toward the expenses of printing, etc., in connection therewith.

Dr. J. S. Mitchell, of Chicago, then nominated the following distinguished foreign physicians to be Corresponding Members of the American Institute of Homeopathy: Dr. Alfred E. Hawkes, Liverpool, Eng.; Dr. J. Cavendish Molson, London, Eng. ; Dr. Oscar Hansen, Copenhagen, Denmark, Dr. P. C. Majumdar, Calcutta, India; Dr. Charles F. Fischer, Sydney, N. S. W.; Dr. Vernon Hamilton, Ontario; Dr. Logan, Dr. Henderson, Dr. Robinson, Dr. Edwin Adams.

These nominations were referred to the Board of Censors.


INERS was presented by Dr. A. C. Cowperth waite, of Chicago, Ill., Chairman of Committee. It was accepted and referred to the Committee of Publication, as follows:

To the Officers and Members of the American Institute of Homcopathy:

Your Committee on Life Insurance Examiners would respectfully report that we have done no systematic work the past year, the same not seeming to have been called for. Some correspondence has been had, and some alleged discriminations have been inquired into. On the whole, we think the action of this Institute has had a wholesome effect, and that there is much less discrimination against Homeopathic physicians than formerly.

While we do not wish to enter into a correspondence on every little point, yet the chairman would be glad to be informed in regard to all cases where discriminations are known to have been made.

The death of Dr. George A. Hall leaves a vacancy in this committee.

THE AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION proposed by Dr. T. M. Strong, at the session of 1892, to strike out of Article III. the words “and a Treasurer," and insert "A Treasurer and an Assistant Treasurer” was then adopted.

The Institute then adjourned till 2.30 P.M.

AFTERNOON SESSION. The Institute re-assembled at 2.30 o'clock, President McClelland being in the chair, and resumed the consideration of the report of the Committee on the Revision of the By-Laws.

Section 3 of Article V. of the old By-Laws was amended by inserting after the word “meeting” the words “on recommendation of the Board of Censors,” and by numbering it Section 7.

Section 2 was re-numbered Section 10, and its last line was stricken out.

Article VI. of the old By-Laws was changed to Section 3 of Article V., and was amended by changing “ Proceedings” to “Transactions," and substituting “shall” for “will."

The following was adopted :

That wherever in these By-Laws the word “Bureau ” occurs it shall be changed to “Section.”

Also, that Article VII. of the old By-Laws be divided into two Articles, to be numbered VI. and VII., the former to relate to Sections, the latter to Committees.

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UNDER ARTICLE VI. - SECTIONS. Section 1 was changed as follows:

“The Section in Clinical Medicine" to read “ Clinical Medicine and Pathology." “Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology" to be striken out.

Nervous and Mental Diseases” to be changed to “ Neurology." “The Section on Organization," etc., to be changed to “a Committee."

Section 2. Strike out “nor more than fifteen.” Adopted.

Section 3. Change to read as follows: “The Chairman of each Section in his address shall include a résumé of progress and discovery in the special field to which said Section pertains.” Adopted.

Section 6 was numbered Section 4, and amended by striking out “not later than the Thursday morning session,” and inserting “as early in the progress of the session as practicable,” and adding the words“ but no member of a Bureau who has failed to perform active service thereon shall be appointed to its chairmanship for the ensuing year.” Adopted.

Section 7 was changed to Section 5, and amended by striking out the words “shall call his associates together and organize," and insert "shall select his associates and complete the organization of.” Also, by striking out all after the first sentence and inserting “ He shall, within one month after his appointment, send to the General Secretary a list of the officers and members of his Section."

Add the following:

Section 6. No member shall serve on inore than one bureau in any one year.

Section 7. Vacancies occurring in any bureau may be filled by its Chairman, who shall give immediate notice thereof to the General Secretary. Adopted.

ARTICLE VII. - COMMITTEES. In Section 1, “The list of committees” was changed to read as follows:

a. Organization, Registration and Statistics.
b. Legislation.
c. Medical Literature.
d. Foreign Correspondence.
e. Inter-collegiate.

f. Medical Education.
g. Drug Provings.
The Committee on Pharmacy was stricken out of the list.
Section 2 was amended to read as follows:

SEC. 2. “The Committee on Legislation shall consist of five members, and the Committee on Drug Provings of seven members. The term of service of one member in each of these committees shall expire each year. The Inter-collegiate Committee shall consist of two delegates to be appointed by each college represented in the Institute, and shall appoint its own chairman. 'l he remaining Standing Committees shall consist of at least five members each, who shall serve for one year.”

The following were added :

Sec. 3. There shall also be appointed each year Special Committees on Local Arrangements, on Transportation and on the Memorial Service, of not less than three members each. The duties of said committees sball be such as are indicated by their respective titles.

SEC. 4. The President, so far as these By-Laws require, shall appoint each of the committees provided for in this article immediately upon the presentation and disposition of its report.

ARTICLE VIII.-COMMITTEE OF PUBLICATION. The Committee recommended that Article VII., Section 15, and Resolutions 20, 25 and 12 be embodied in Sections 1 and 2, as follows:

SECTION 1. The elective officers of the Institute shall constitute a Committee of Publication. Said Committee shall have charge of the publication of all papers, discussions, etc., referred to it by the Institute.

Sec. 2. No report or paper referred to the Committee of Publication shall be rejected, except with the formal concurrence of a majority of said Committee. All papers so rejected shall be returned to their authors by the General Secretary. Adopted.

Also, that Section 11 of Article VII. be transferred to this Article as follows:

SEC. 3. The TRANSACTIONS of the Institute shall be issued by the General Secretary, under the direction of the Committee of Publication, within five months after the close of the session, and copies shall be delivered to those entitled to them, without individual expense. Adopted.

Also, that Resolutions 37 and 14 and Rules 1, 5 and 2 be embodied in Sections 4, 5 and 6 as follows:

SEC. 4. There shall be published in each annual volume of the TRANSACTIONS: 1. A list of senior members arranged according to their years of membership. 2. An alphabetical list of members, including the names of senior members in CAPITALS. 3. A list of members classified by States. The list of deceased members shall be revised and republished annually.

SEC. 5. The General Secretary shall furnish editorial copies of the TRANSACTIONS to the Homeopathic journals in exchange for their papers and publications.

SEC. 6. The Secretary shall send copies of the Statistical Reports to all societies, hospitals and dispensaries that make reports to the Bureau of Organization, Registration and Statistics.

Section 4 was amended by adding “ The List of Members of the Institute since its organization and the Code of Ethics shall be republished every fifth year.”

Section 5 was amended by striking out “the Homeopathic journals in exchange for their papers and publications,” and inserting “such Homæopathic journals as are sent to the Institute in exchange.” Also, by adding "and to other selected journals.”

As thus amended the three sections were adopted.


The Committee recommended that Resolutions 19, 15, 43, 13 and 32 and Section 12 of Article VII. be embodied in the following:

SECTION 1. The names and residences of all applicants for membership shall be announced by the chairman of the Board of Censors in open session at least six hours before their election is voted upon.

Sec. 2. The General Report of the Bureau of Organization, Registration and Statistics shall be presented in general session, and shall follow the Report of the Necrologist.

SEC. 3. Reports from Sectional and State Societies shall be called for in alphabetical order. They shall be made by duly accredited delegates in actual attendance, in accordance with a plan to be prepared by the General Secretary for the purpose of securing uni

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