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persons not members of the medical profession, who have in any way been of special service to science and humanity, and particularly those who have been special patrons of Homeopathy; and said Honorary Associate Members shall have all the privileges of Honorary Members.

SEC. 10. Any physician properly accredited as a Delegate shall be admitted during the session of the Institute to all the privileges of members, except voting and eligibility to office, on the following basis:

First. From every association composed of more than fifty members from different States, two delegates, with an additional delegate for every twenty members.

Second. From every State Society, two delegates, with an additional delegate for every twenty members.

Third. From every county or local society, one delegate.

Fourth. From every hospital, asylum for the insane, or dispensary actually established, one delegate.

Fifth. From every medical journal published, one delegate.

Sixth. From every college associated with the Institute, two delegates; said delegates to constitute the Inter-collegiate Committee of the Institute.

Article VI.-Sections.

SECTION 1. The following SECTIONS shall be appointed as hereinafter provided for.

a. Materia Medica and General Therapeutics.
b. Clinical Medicine and Pathology.
c. Obstetrics.
d. Gynæcology.
e. Pædology.
f. Sanitary Science.
g. Surgery.
h. Neurology.
i. Ophthalmology, Otology, and Laryngology.

SEC. 2. Each of these sections shall consist of not less than five members.

Sec. 3. The chairman of each section in his address, shall include a résumé of progress in discovery in the special field to which said section pertains.

SEC. 4. The President shall appoint the chairmen of all sections for the ensuing year; and shall announce all such appointments as early in the progress of the session as practicable. But no member of a section who has failed to perform active service thereon, shall be appointed to its Chairmanship for the ensuing year.

Sec. 5. The chairman of each section, as soon as possible after appointment, shall select his associates and complete the organziation of his section by the appointment of a secretary. He shall within one month after his appointment send to the General Secretary a list of the officers and members of his section.

Sec. 6. No member, shall serve on more than one section in any one year.

Sec. 7. Vacancies occurring in any section may be filled by its Chairman, who shall give immediate notice thereof to the General Secretary.

Article VII.--Committees. SECTION 1. The following STANDING COMMITTEES shall be appointed, as hereinafter provided for:

a. Organization, Registration, and Statistics.
b. Legislation.
c. Medical Literature.
d. Foreign Correspondence.
e. Inter-collegiate.
f. Medical Education.
g. Drug Provings.

Sec. 2. “The Committee on Legislation shall consist of five members and the Committee on Drug Provings of seven members. The term of service of one member in each of these Committees shall expire each year. The Inter-collegiate Committee shall consist of two delegates to be appointed by each college represented in the Institute, and shall appoint its own chairman. The remaining Standing Committees shall consist of at least five members each, who shall serve for one year.”

Sec. 3. There shall also be appointed each year, Committees on Local Arrangements, on Transportation, on Resolutions and Business and on the Memorial Service, of not less than three members each. The duties of said Committees shall be such as are indicated by their respective titles. All resolutions presented to the Institute shall be referred without debate to the Committee on Resolutions.

Sec. 4. The President, so far as these By-Laws require, shall appoint each of the Committees provided for in this article, immediately upon the presentation and disposition of its report.

Sec. 5. All Committees or members appointed to perform any special work under the authority of this Institute shall serve without compensation, unless otherwise specifically ordered.

Article VIII.-Committee of Publication. SECTION 1. The elective officers of the Institute shall constitute a Committee of Publication. Said Committee shall have charge of the publication of all papers, discussions, etc., referred to it by the Institute.

SEC. 2. No report or paper referred to the Committee of Publication shall be rejected except with the formal concurrence of a majority of said Committee. All papers so rejected shall be returned to their authors by the General Secretary.

SEC. 3. The TRANSACTIONS of the Institute shall be issued by the General Secretary, under the direction of the Committee of Publication, within five months after the close of the session, and copies shall be delivered to those entitled to them, without individual expense.

Sec. 4. There shall be published in each annual volume of the TRANSACTIONS: 1. A list of senior members arranged according to their years of membership. 2. An alphabetical list of members, including the names of senior members, in CAPITALS. 3. A list of members classified by States. The list of deceased members shall be revised and republished annually. The complete list of Members of the Institute from its Organization, and its Code of Ethics, shall be published every five years.

Sec. 5. The General Secretary shall furnish editorial copies of the TRANSACTIONS to such homeopathic journals as are sent to the Institute in exchange, and to other selected journals.

Sec. 6. The Secretary shall send copies of the Statistical Reports to all societies, hospitals and dispensaries that make reports to the Committee on Organization, Registration and Statistics.

Article IX.-Rules of Order. SECTION 1. The names and residences of all applicants for membership shall be announced in alphabetical order by the Board of Censors in open session, at least six hours before their election is

voted upon.

Sec. 2. The Report of the Necrologist shall be presented in connection with the Report of the Committee on Memorial Service.

Sec. 3. The time allotted to any Committee for the presentation of its report shall not exceed fifteen minutes. No report shall be received from any Committee except in writing.

SEC. 4. No report or paper shall be received by the Institute in an incomplete or unfinished condition, and no paper shall be published in the TRANSACTIONS which has been published previous to its presentation to the Institute, or which is not handed to the General Secretary before the close of the session.

Sec, 5. Meetings of any section may be held at the call of its Chairman, provided such meetings be not held during the sittings of the Institute, nor during the meetings of the other sections, except as provided in the adopted Order of Business,

Sec. 6. In all discussions no speaker shall be allowed more than five minutes, nor to speak more than once upon the same subject, except by a vote of consent taken in the usual manner.

Sec. 7. The election of officers for the ensuing year, and the determination of the next place for the meeting of the Institute, shall take place on the third day of the session at twelve o'clock noon.

Article X. All complaints relating to violations of the Code of Ethics of the Institute shall be referred to the Senate of Seniors for consideration and adjustment, and its decision shall be final without further action of the Institute; except in such cases as require disciplinary action, when the Senate shall report to the Institute with recommendations.

Questions in dispute, having a bearing upon the general good of Homeopathy, which may be brought before the Institute for review and judgment, shall be referred to the Senate of Seniors for adjustment. In order to appeal from its decision a two-thirds vote of members present and voting shall be necessary, said vote to be had without debate; all appeals thus ordered shall be heard at a special hour set for the purpose, and shall be considered in Executive Session.

Article XI.- Amendments. These By-Laws may be altered or amended by a vote of twothirds of the members present at the annual meeting.


1. Resolved, That the American Institute of Homeopathy does not necessarily indorse the doctrines contained in the reports of committees by accepting and publishing such reports with the Proceedings.Adopted June 4, 1867.

2. Resolved, That hereafter all provings by a single prover, presented through the Section in Materia Medica, Pharmacy and Provings, be referred back to the section, to be retained by it until a sufficient number of provings are obtained to warrant the section in collating the same and presenting them to the Institute for publication; and such collation and presentation shall be a part of the duty of that section.-- Adopted June 9, 1874.

3. Resolved, that this Institute condemns the action of any college which graduates an unsuccessful candidate from another college, unless he attends at least one full course of lectures at the college where he applies for a degree.- Adopted June 30, 1886.

4. Resolved, That in making up the list of existing journals illustrating Homeopathy, by the Committee on Organization, Registration, and Statistics, and the Committee on Medical Literature, all such shall be embraced as avow the principle of similars as the dominating principle for the selection of drugs in the cure of the sick, and which also support the organizations of Homeopathy as a distinctive body in the medical profession; that no journal thus listed shall be stricken off without formal notice through the General Secretary to the Institute of the reason for any proposed omission from the list, and then not without due notice and opportunity for defence on the part of the journal under consideration, final action on the case being deferred until the succeeding annual meeting. But the name of any journal may be dropped from the list before September, 1889, after failure to signify its assent to the preceding conditions of its listing, and, if assenting, after subsequent failure to make report to the Institute for three consecutive years.-Adopted June 27, 1889.

5. Resolved, That the American Institute of Homeopathy cordially endorses and approves the action of the Inter-collegiate Com

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