Annals of Trinity Church, Newport, Rhode Island: 1698-1821

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Halaman 337 - ... the Governor and Company of the English Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, in New England, in America; and that, by the same name, they and their successors shall and may have perpetual succession, and shall and may be persons able and capable, in the law, to sue and be sued...
Halaman 343 - Hand to given by i,roxy. appoint any Person to vote as his Proxy in respect of any Property not in the actual Occupation of such Rate-payer ; and every such Appointment shall remain in force until revoked ; but no Rate-payer shall be entitled to vote, either in Person or by Proxy, in respect of any Property not in his actual Occupation, or to give any Vote in addition to the Vote or Votes to which he would be entitled as an Occupier paying Rent equal to the net annual Value of the Property in his...
Halaman 90 - An apology for the true Christian divinity as the same is held forth and preached by the people called in scorn Quakers...
Halaman 258 - Plantations,' be, and the same is hereby repealed. " And be it further enacted by this General Assembly, and by the authority thereof it is enacted, That...
Halaman 49 - Ruth, let us break away from this unreasonable bondage. I will give up my religion, and thou shalt give up thine ; and we will go to the Church of England, and
Halaman 43 - I can by this time say something to you, from my own experience, of this place and its people. The inhabitants are of a mixed kind, consisting of many sects and subdivisions of sects. Here are four sorts of Anabaptists, besides Presbyterians, Quakers, Independents, and many of no profession at all. Notwithstanding so many differences, here are fewer quarrels about religion than elsewhere...
Halaman 86 - DD, long a faithful minister of the Gospel in the Episcopal Church; well instructed, especially in his holy office; unremitting in his labours; charitably patient and of primitive meekness. His public dis courses forcibly inculcated the faith illustrated by his practice. Respected, revered, and beloved in life, and lamented in death, he departed hence, September 15, 1804, Mt. 87.
Halaman 38 - We humbly conceive nothing can more effectually redress these grievances, and protect us from the insults of our adversaries, than an orthodox and loyal Bishop residing with us ; and at this time are awakened to such a thought by the coming over of Dr.
Halaman 54 - George the Third, By the Grace of God of Great Britain France & Ireland King, Defender of the faith and so forth, and in the Year of our Lord one Thousand Seven hundred and Sixty five.
Halaman 169 - ... recognize you to be OUR BISHOP, supreme in the government of the Church, and in the administration of all ecclesiastical offices. And we do solemnly engage to render you all that respect, duty, and submission, which we believe do belong, and are due to your high office, and which we understand were given by the presbyters to their bishops in the primitive church, while, in her native purity, she was unconnected with, and uncontrouled by, any secular power.

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