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Talking to Elite Athletes and to Americans we noticed Americans do not have knowledge of what their own NBA stars, Olympic teams, and Pro Football teams eat to be elite athletes.  Most of us would delight to eat what these stars eat.  If only we knew.

What Elite Athletes Eat is Scepter Nutrition.   The program is completely different from the average American diet.  We should all be so lucky to eat the same delicious food.

Don’t worry that these athletes are more active than us; the average American burns as many calories on thinking, studying, or stress as the elite athlete burns in training. 

Athletes are not into hunger, deprivation programs, or feeling weak.  They demand performance from their nutrition programs. 

Jenny Thompson (12 Olympic Medals – 8 Gold), James Donaldson, NBA Star, and Pablo Morales (2 Olympic Gold Medals) are some of the athletes that first bought into nutrition rich in fats with controlled servings of protein and carbs.  By doing this they not only rose to the top of their sport, they extended their athletic careers far beyond others in their sports.   Elite athletes have further refined these principles, resulting in the Scepter Nutrition Plan.

WHAT ELITE ATHLETES EAT also known as Scepter Nutrition flies in the face of what most of us have heard from our sports coaches, doctors AMA (American Medical Association), public schools, MY PLATE, School Lunch Program, the US Surgeon General, the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture, ADA (American Diabetes Association) and the popular published fad diets. 

WHAT ELITE ATHLETES EAT in their Scepter Nutrition Plan is the exact opposite of these programs.

Some things are immutable, they do not mutate, they do not change, and they are truth. The human body was created to be optimally sustained by a certain fuel mix (nutrient mix). This fuel mix will not change and has not changed for centuries. No amount of fad diets, advertising, government MY PLATE programs, or USDA Food Pyramid recommendations is going to change the way our bodies are designed to operate.

Two of those immutable truths are: first that the human body is designed to use select fat, protein and carbohydrate in a ratio of 60%-17%-23% (in calories) and secondly the body is also designed to operate best within tightly controlled carb and protein servings based on your body size which can be easily determined visually based on the size of your hands to achieve peak performance. Experience with elite athletes over the past 20 years has demonstrated that they perform best when they apply these principles. This has also been demonstrated in select nutrition research trials over the same 20 years, where we precisely control everything given to patients.

When an athlete wants to be best at a sport, they go find the best mentors and coaches they can. They find someone who can beat them and compete and train with them. They don’t find someone they can already beat and ask them to train them. Athletes are turning to other elite athletes to train them in nutrition as well as their sport.

Athletes are ahead of us and we can learn from them and enjoy their same delicious food.

Elite Athletes are breaking world records more and more frequently. Much of the credit goes to nutrition breakthroughs that have been documented to dramatically improve performance of the finest athletes trained by the world’s best coaches at their documented peak performance levels to move beyond what even they and their coaches thought possible.


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Through elite athletes and my experience in working with nutrition research physicians over a 20 year period I became familiar with a truly unique approach to nutrition that I call “What Elite Athletes Eat”—The Scepter Nutrition Plan. 

Both surgeons who have taken an interest in nutrition to improve outcomes and athletes who are very performance outcome conscious; these two groups have simultaneously forged a new and different path in nutrition.

The Scepter Nutrition Plan benefits people of all activity levels, not just athletes. 

Debbie Westphal, BCNSP, RPh
Board Certified Nutrition Support Pharmacist
Registered Pharmacist

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