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REPORT of M. de Jouffroy to the Vicomte de Montmorency,
relative to the Proceedings of the Congress of Verona.

Vienna, 23d September, 1822.. 953
CORRESPONDENCE with Spain, relative to the Internal Affairs

of that Kingdom....Dec. 1822. Jan. 1823... 930
with Portugal, relative to the Invasion of
Spain..............February, April, 1823..77, 1031
with Great Britain, relative to the Internal
Affairs of Spain and Portugal.

September, 1822, to April, 1823...3, 27, 70
PROCLAMATION of the Duke d'Angoulême to the Spanish Nation,
on the entrance of the French Army into
Spain.................. Bayonne, 2d April, 1823... 958

ORDINANCE, recalling French Subjects serving in the Spanish

Army against France and its Allies in Spain.

1822, 1823...89, 113

with Great Britain, relating to the Slave Trade.

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November, 1822.. 89

NOTIFICATIONS relative to the French Blockades of Spanish Ports.
Foreign Office, July, August, 1823..645
ORDER IN COUNCIL, exempting certain Netherland Vessels from
taking Pilots in British Ports.....


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