British and Foreign State Papers, Volume 10

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H.M. Stationery Office, 1828
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Halaman 570 - Commissioners of his Majesty's Treasury, or any three or more of them...
Halaman 257 - ... by the laws of either of the states or territories of the United States, with intent to make such negro or mulatto a slave, or shall...
Halaman 646 - Misdemeanor ; and shall, upon conviction thereof, upon any information or indictment, be punished by fine and imprisonment, or either of them, at the discretion of the Court in which such Offender shall be convicted...
Halaman 777 - ... the Lord High Treasurer or the Commissioners of his Majesty's Treasury of the united kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, or any three of...
Halaman 634 - Satisfied, I am, whatever may be the abstract doctrine in favor of unrestricted commerce, provided all nations would concur in it, and it was not liable to be interrupted by war, which has never occurred, and cannot be expected, that there are other strong reasons applicable to our situation, and relations with other countries, which impose on us the obligation to cherish and sustain our manufactures.
Halaman 645 - Command, upon information on oath given before them respectively, which oath they are hereby respectively authorised and empowered to administer, that such Person or Persons as aforesaid is or are on board such Ship or Vessel, to detain and prevent any such Ship or Vessel, or to cause such Ship or Vessel to be detained and prevented from proceeding to sea on her voyage with such Persons as aforesaid on board...
Halaman 582 - Xo discriminating duty shall be levied upon the productions of the soil or industry of France, imported in French bottoms into the ports of the United States for transit or re-exportation ; nor shall any such duties be levied upon the productions of the soil or industry of the United States, imported in vessels of the United States into the ports of France for transit or re-exportation.
Halaman xv - ... to interfere by force or by menace in the present struggle in Spain, so convinced are his majesty's government of the uselessness and danger of any such interference — so objectionable does it appear to them in principle, as well as utterly impracticable in execution, that when the necessity arises, or (I would rather say) when the opportunity offers, I am to instruct your grace at once frankly and peremptorily to declare, that to any such interference, come what may, his majesty will not be...
Halaman 82 - ... on which the vessel shall be captured, then, and on that account, according to the true intent and meaning of the stipulations of the Treaty, such vessel shall be detained by the cmizers, and finally condemned by the Commissioners.
Halaman 775 - An Act to regulate the Trade between His Majesty's Possessions in America and the West Indies, and other Places in America and the West Indies ; — and also, 3 G.4.

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