Rural Electrification Loans: Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Agriculture and Forestry, United States Senate, Eighty-sixth Congress, First Session, on S. Res. 21, ... March 5 and 6, 1959

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Halaman 129 - Territories, and subdivisions and agencies thereof, municipalities, peoples' utility districts and cooperative, nonprofit, or limit-dividend associations organized under the laws of any State or Territory of the United States, for the purpose of financing the construction and operation of generating plants, electric transmission and distribution lines or systems for the furnishing of electric energy to persons in rural areas who are not receiving central station service, ..." Section 5 of the Act...
Halaman 126 - It is not allowable to interpret what has no need of interpretation, and when the words have a definite and precise meaning, to go elsewhere in search of conjecture in order to restrict or extend the meaning.
Halaman 59 - All claims and demands whatever by the Government of the United States or against it, and all accounts whatever in which the Govern- • ment of the United States is concerned, either as debtor or creditor, shall be settled and adjusted in the General Accounting Office.
Halaman 24 - We are not in this bill intending to go out and compete with anybody. By this bill, we hope to bring electricity to people who do not now have it. This bill was not written on the theory that we are going to punish anybody or parallel their lines or enter into competition with them.
Halaman 59 - The balances certified by the Comptroller General shall be final and conclusive upon the executive branch of the Government.
Halaman 137 - ... such comments and information as may be deemed necessary to keep Congress informed of the operations and financial condition of the several corporations, together with such recommendations...
Halaman 59 - The comptroller general shall investigate, at the seat of government or elsewhere, all matters relating to the receipt, disbursement, and application of public funds...
Halaman 138 - But where the duty to act turns on matters of doubtful or highly debatable inference from large or loose statutory terms, the very construction of the statute is a distinct and profound exercise of discretion.
Halaman 59 - Treasury, may, within a year, obtain a revision of the said account by the Comptroller of the Treasury, whose decision upon such revision shall be final and conclusive upon the Executive Branch of the Government...
Halaman 157 - The particular inquiry is not what is the abstract force of the words or what they may comprehend, but in what sense they were intended to be used as they are found in the act.

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