Modern Prison Systems: Their Organization and Regulation in Various Countries of Europe and America

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1903 - 319 halaman

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Halaman 168 - Prisons, which shall visit and inspect all institutions* used for the detention of sane adults charged with or convicted of crime, or detained as witnesses or debtors.
Halaman 169 - The Legislature shall provide for a state board of charities, which shall visit and inspect all institutions, whether state, county, municipal, incorporated or not incorporated, which are of a charitable, eleemosynary, correctional or reformatory character...
Halaman 168 - ... subject, to such laws as now exist or may hereafter be enacted; he shall appoint the agents, wardens, physicians and chaplains of the prisons. " The agent and warden of each prison shall appoint all other officers of such prison, except the clerk, subject to the approval of the same by the superintendent. The comptroller shall appoint the clerks of the prisons. The...
Halaman 185 - State recorded against him, and who performs in a faithful, orderly, and peaceable manner the duties assigned to him, shall be allowed from his term, instead and in lieu of the credits heretofore allowed by law, a deduction of two months in each of the first two years, four months in each of the next two years, and five months in each of the remaining years of said term...
Halaman 158 - The governor, in his discretion, may, at any time, order an investigation by the board, or by a committee of its members, of the management of any penal, reformatory, or charitable institution of the state; and said board or committee in making any such investigation, shall have power to send for persons and papers, and to administer oaths and affirmations; and the report of such investigation, with the testimony, shall be made to the governor, and shall be submitted by him, with his suggestions,...
Halaman xix - The public has a right to know what is going on in prisons, but individual citizens have no right to interfere with the retributive and reformatory measures of penal establishments.
Halaman 116 - Quarters 97. — (1) Every officer shall occupy such quarters as may be assigned to him and shall at any time vacate them if required to do so. (2) On the termination of an officer's service he shall give up the quarters he has occupied as soon as he is required to do so; and on the death of an officer his family shall give up the quarters when required to do so.
Halaman 162 - ... expended by them in rent, food, and clothing, and In what proportion such amounts are expended for foreign and home productions, respectively; to what extent their employment comes in competition with the white industrial classes of the State.
Halaman 183 - Instruction shall also be given in the useful branches of an English education to such prisoners as in the judgment of the agent and warden or chaplain may require the same and be benefited thereby. The time devoted to such instruction shall not be less than an average of one hour and a half daily, Sunday excepted, between the hours of six and nine in the evening, in such room or rooms as may be provided for that purpose.
Halaman 169 - ... the proper officials of the State and the political divisions thereof, and of all public institutions of the State, and political divisions thereof, supported wholly or in part by the State or any political division thereof, to furnish to said commission, annually, estimates for each ensuing year of the amount of labor to be required by...

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