History of New Netherlands: Or, New York Under the Dutch, Volume 2

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Halaman 152 - It is also agreed that if any servant run away from his master into any other of these confederated jurisdictions, that in such case, upon certificate of one magistrate in the jurisdiction out of which the said servant fled, or upon other due proof, the said servant shall be delivered either to his master or any other that pursues and brings such certificate or proof.
Halaman 526 - Eden Smith. 3. Wherefore, go ye and preach my gospel, whether to the north or to the south, to the east or to the west, it mattereth not, for ye cannot go amiss.
Halaman 521 - WINTHROP : As to those particulars you spoke to me, I do assure you that if the Manhadoes be delivered up to his Majesty, I shall not hinder, but any people from the Netherlands may freely come and plant there or thereabouts ; and such vessels of their own country...
Halaman 341 - Indies , that, as she did not acknowledge the Spaniards to have any title, by donation of the bishop of Rome, so she knew no right they had to any places other than those they were in actual possession of; for that...
Halaman 341 - that she did not understand why either her subjects, or those of any other European prince, should be debarred from traffic in the Indies ; that as she did not acknowledge the Spaniards to have any title by donation of the Bishop of Rome, so she knew no right they had to any places other than those they were in actual possession of ; for that their having touched only here and there upon a coast, and given names to a few rivers or capes, were such insignificant things as could in no way entitle them...
Halaman 152 - And that upon the escape of any prisoner whatsoever, or fugitive for any criminal cause, whether breaking prison, or getting from the officer, or otherwise escaping, upon the certificate of two magistrates of the Jurisdiction out of which the escape is made, that he was a prisoner, or such an offender at the time of the escape, the magistrates, or some of them of that Jurisdiction where for the present the said prisoner or fugitive abideth, shall forthwith grant such a warrant as the case will bear,...
Halaman 204 - Chamber, which declared that when its population and navigation "should become permanently established, when the ships of New Netherland ride on every part of the ocean, then numbers, now looking to that coast with eager eyes, will be allured to embark for your island.
Halaman 152 - ... of him into the hands of the officer or other person who pursues him. And if there be help required, for the safe returning of any such offender, then it shall be granted to him that craves the same, he paying the charges thereof.
Halaman 577 - ... and countries of Africa, from the Tropic of Cancer to the Cape of Good Hope...
Halaman 225 - Perth. gentleman, a member of his council," and he had " publicly threatened every freeman " who failed to conform to his pleasure. " The above grounds," continued Underhill, " are sufficient for all honest hearts that seek the glory of God and their own peace and prosperity to throw off this tyrannical yoke. Accept and submit ye, then, to the Parliament of England, and beware ye of becoming traitors to one another, for the sake of your own quiet and welfare.

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