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May hold estate to the amount of $20,000.

ates, successors, and assigns, be and they hereby are created a body corporate by the name of the North Corporate name. Yarmouth Paper Manufacturing Company for the manufacturing of paper in the Town of North Yarmouth in the Place of location. County of Cumberland. And for this purpose said Cor- May poration may take and hold any real and personal estate to the amount of not exceeding in the whole at any one time the value of twenty thousand dollars, and at pleasure alienate the same, and shall have the powers and privileges, and be subject Powers and duto the duties and requirements, contained in the several acts defining the general powers and duties of Manufacturing Corporations. And also subject to an act entitled an act concerning corporations passed February sixteenth in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty six.


Chapter 83.

AN ACT to incorporate the Kennebunk-Port Granite and Rail Road


Approved March 9, 1836. Sect. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives, in Legislature assembled, That Benjamin F. Mason, Name o Daniel W. Lord, Jacob Mitchell, Abner Stone, Erastus rators, Hayes, Charles A. Lord, and Joseph Noble, with their associates, successors and assigns, be and are hereby incorporated into a Company by the name and title of the Kennebunk Port Granite and Rail Road Company for the Corporate name. purpose of quarrying Granite and other stone upon lands owned by said Corporation within the town of Kennebunk Port; and for the purpose of hammering, manufacturing or converting said Granite or other Stone to useful purposes and transporting the same by land or water carriage to a market. And said Corporation may prosecute and defend Powers and dusuits at law, and use a common seal, make by-laws for the management of their affairs not repugnant to the Laws or


to the amount of $100,000.

May hold estate Constitution of the State, and take and hold any estate

personal or real, which may be necessary to effectuate the purposes of this Corporation, not exceeding one hundred thousand dollars ; and have all the powers and privileges and be subject to all the liabilities and duties of similar corporations.

Sect. 2. Be it further enacted, That any three of the

above named persons may call the first meeting of said ing first meeting. Corporation by giving seven days notice of the time and

place of said meeting in one of the newspapers printed in Portland, with such other additional notice as they may deem proper.

Manner of call


Chapter 84.
AN ACT to incorporate the Sebec Manufacturing Company.

Approved March 9, 1836.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in

Legislature assembled, That A. W. Walker, John J. Lovejoy, Name of Corpo

Edward Robinson, Seneca Dickey, Joseph W. Cushing,
Joshua Follansbee, their associates, successors, and assigns,

be and they hereby are made a body politic and corporate, Corporate name. by the name of the Sebec Manufacturing Company, for

the purpose of manufacturing cotton, wool, iron, and steel,

in the town of Sebec, County of Penobscot; and said Powers, &c. Corporation may erect such mills, dams, works, machines,

and buildings, and dig such canals on their own lands as may be necessary for carrying on these useful manufac

tures, and branches of trade-to have and to hold real and to the amount of personal estate to an amount, not exceeding one hundred

thousand dollars in value, and to have power to give, grant, sell and dispose of the same; and shall have all the powers and privileges and be subject to all the duties and require ments, expressed in the several Acts of this State, defining the general powers and duties of manufacturing Corporations and also to an Act concerning Corporations, passed February sixteenth one thousand eight hundred and thirty

May hold estate


Duties and requirements.

Chapter 85..! i ACT to incorporate the General Mutual Fire Insurance Company.

. ' Approved March 9, 1836.


Ect. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Repreatives in Legislature assembled, That Andrew Masters, Names of CorpoTus K. Page, Ebenezer Dole, Jesse Aiken, Bartholomew son, Alfred B. Morton, Samuel Wells, Philander Mor1, Williams Emmons, William Stickney, Ebenezer vore, Samuel K. Gilman, Paul Stickney, Robert Good- · ow, John Titcomb, Josiah Prescott, Nathaniel Green, cob Abbot, Samuel Chandler, and Joseph Wingate, with eir associates and successors, be, and hereby are created . body corporate by the name of the “General Mutual Corporate name. ire Insurance Company,” with power by that name, to Powers, &c. rosecute and defend suits at law; to have and use a comon seal; to make by-laws and regulations for the man, gement of their affairs, not repugnant to the laws of the tate, to purchase and hold such real and personal estate, s may be necessary to effect the objects of their associaion; and to enjoy all rights and powers incident to such Corporations.

Sect. 3. Be it further enacted, That every person, who Membership, how shall, at any time, become interested in said Company, by insuring therein, and also their heirs, executors, and administrators continuing to be insured therein as hereinafter provided shall be members thereof, and bound by the provisions of this Act, and the by-laws of said Company during the terms specified in their respective policies, and no longer.

Sect. 3. Be it further enacted, That the office of Location. said Company shall be kept in the town of Hallowell in the County of Kennebec, and the annual meeting shall be Time of holding held in said Hallowell on the first Monday of January annually or on such day as the said Company may hereafter determine ; at which meeting shall be chosen by a major Directors to be vote of the members present, a Board of Directors to consist of such number as the said Company may deter


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annual meeting.



Directors to su perintend the concerns of said company.

Secretary and Treasurer, how appointed.

mine at said meeting. And the said Company may at each annual meeting determine the number of Directors who

shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. Vacancies, how All vacancies happening in said Board may be filled by the

members of said Board until the next annual meeting; special meeting of the Company may be called by order of the Directors or in such manner as the by-laws may prescribe.

Sect. 4. Be it further enacted, That the Board of Di u rectors shall superintend the concerns of said Company, id and shall have the management of the funds and property

thereof; and of all matters and things thereunto relating, not otherwise provided for by said Company. They shall have power annually to appoint a Secretary and Treasurer, and to fill any vacancy which may occur in either of those offices, and to appoint from time to time such other officers and agents, as they may deem necessary, prescribe the duties, fix the compensation of all the offices of said Company, and take such security from them as they may

think proper, for the faithful discharge of their respective Directors to dez duties. They shall determine the rates of insurance,

of and may fix the sum to be insured on any building or

property, not exceeding three fourths of its value and the amount of the note to be deposited for the insurance

thereof. They shall provide all necessary books, blanks books, stationery, and stationery, and all other things needful for the conduct

ing the business of said Company. They shall elect one of their own number to act as President, and may hold their meetings monthly, and oftener if necessary.

Sect. 5. Be it further enacted, That every person who

shall become a member of said Company, by effecting ited before receiv- insurance therein, shall, before he receives his policy, which to be im- deposite his promissory note for such sum of money as

the Directors shall determine; a part of which note, not exceeding ten per cent, shall immediately be paid for the

purpose of defraying the incidental expenses of the ComSubsequent pay- pany, and endorsed thereon; and the remainder of said

note shall be paid, wholly or in part, at such time as the

termine rates of insurance, &c.

--to provide

Note to be depos


ments to be made


Property insured

deposit money.

Policy to be void in certain cases.

Directors shall require, for the payment of losses or other as Directors shall xpenses; and in thirty days after the expiration of the erm of insurance said note, or such part thereof as may emain unpaid, after deducting all losses and expenses ccurring, during said term, shall be relinquished and given ip to the signer thereof. '

SECT. 6. Be it further enacted, That whenever said Company sball make insurance on any building, such to he Kolden for building, the land under the same and appurtenances thereto, shall be holden as security for such deposite money and assessments, as the person tbus insured, shall be liable to pay; and the policy of insurance shall, from the time it issues, create a lien on the said buildings and land therefor, which shall continue notwithstanding any transfer of the property. That when any property insured by said Company shall be alienated by sale or otherwise, the policy shall thereupon be void, and be surrendered to the Secretary of said Company to be cancelled; and upon such surrender the insured shall be entitled to receive his deposite note upon the payment of his proportion of all losses and expenses that have accrued prior to such surrender; Provided however, that the grantee, having the proviso. policy assigned to him, may have the same ratified and may be ratified on confirmed to him for his own proper use and benefit, upon rectors, application to the Directors, within thirty days next after such alienation, on giving proper security to the satisfaction of the Directors for such portion of the deposite or premium note, as shall remain unpaid; and by such ratification and confirmation, the party causing the same shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges, and subject to all the liabilities to which the original party insured was entitled and subjected under this Act.

Sect. 7. Be it further enacted, That whenever any persons sustainmember shall sustain any loss by fire, of property, so in- notice in writing. sured, such member shall, within thirty days next after such loss, give notice thereof, in writing to the Secretary of said Company, and the Directors, upon a view of the same, or in such other way as they may judge proper,

Policy assigned,

application to Di

ing loss to give

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