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the Phipsburody politic and Sus, be, and the

May hold estate


associates, successors and assigns, be, and they here

are created a body politic and corporate, by the name Corporate name. the Phipsburg Coal Company, for the purpose of op

ing and working coal mines in the Town of Phipsbu

in the County of Lincoln with power to bave and to ha to ihe amount of estate real and personal not exceeding in value one ha

dred thousand dollars and the same at pleasure to sell a

dispose of as they may see fit. And said Company sky Rights and privi be entitled to the rights and privileges and be subject

the duties and requirements of “an Act concerning Ca porations" passed February 16, 1836, and shall also 1 subject to the laws regulating manufacturing Corporation

Sect. 2. Be it further enacted, That, the Legislatu Legislature may may, at any time, enlarge, restrain, or annul the power

grarted by this Act.


enlarge, &c.

Names of rators.

Chapter 69.
AN ACT to incorporate the a. Croix Navigation Company,

Approved March 3, 1836. Sect. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives, in Legislature assembled, That Anson G. Chandler spot Reuel Williams, John A. Chandler, Daniel Williams, Sar

uel Veazie, Niel D. Shaw, George M. Chase, Shelomith & Whipple, Luther C. White, George W. Stanley, Josia Pierce and Joseph Whitney with their associates, succe

sors and assigns, be and they hereby are incorporated int Corporate name: a body politic by the name of the St. Croix Navigation

Company, with the power and for the purpose of floati lumber and other articles with greater facility and of use and navigating rafts, boats and other water craft upon | waters of the St. Croix River, between the tide wate thereof and the outlet or foot of the Chepetnecook Lab with all the powers and privileges and subject to all Il duties and liabilities, provided and required by an Ac passed on the sixteenth of February, 1836, entitled “

Powers, &c.

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May hold estate

how divided, &c.

May construct

dams, &c.

og het concerning Corporations.” Provided, that the rights Proviso. pose others, public and private and of every description, in of le use of the waters of said River shall not be infringedi 10 2 impaired. ilue Sect. 2. Be it further enacted, That for the purposes May hold estate re to this Act, the Corporation is hereby authorized to pur. 000 dollars. ompilase and hold any estate, real and personal to an amount e spt exceeding two hundred thousand dollars, and the Capserial Stock shall be divided into shares of fifty dollars each, Capital stockball and the stockholders shall be allowed one vote for the grorist share, and one vote for every two succeeding sharesirovided, no member shall be entitled to more than twenty Proviso. hotes; and any member may vote by proxy authorized in iriting:

Sect. 3. Be it further enacted, That said Corporation may construct and maintain such dams, locks, piers, and maintain sooms, inclined planes, and other structures and excavaions as may be necessary for said purposes.

Sect. 4. Be it further enacted, That if any person shall wilfully or maliciously destroy, injure, impair or obstruct any of the rights, privileges or property of the Corporation as herein granted, such person shall forfeit and pay to the party injured, treble damages, to be recovered in an baction of trespass, or be punished by fine to the use of ishe State, not exceeding five hundred dollars, or imprismoment, not exceeding six months, by indictment in any Court of competent jurisdiction. U Sect. 5. Be it further enacted, That if any person shall Liability of perby boat, raft or otherwise wilfully delay or obstruct the any lock, &c. approaching, entering, passing or repassing any lock, inclined plane, sluice or other avenue, or do any other act whereby the operations of said Corporation in the transportation on said river shall, under the improvements authorized by this Act, be obstructed, such person shall for every such offence, forfeit and pay all damages therefor to be recovered in an action of the case.

Sect. 6. Be it further enacted, That said Corporation Maytake lands by may take and occupy such lands adjacent to said River as paying just com

Persons wilfully injuring, &c. liable to treble damages, fine or imprisonment,

sons obstructing for.

Compensation for


Persons injured by flowage, to have remedy.

Rates of toll established.

pensation there. may be necessary for the purposes of this Act, on pay

a just coinpensation to the owners to be determined in how determin- same manner and subject to the same rules and regulati

as are provided in the several Acts for the laying out highways.

Sect. 7. Be it further enacted, That is by reason of 1 Persons injured powers, herein granted, any person shall be injured by

waters flowing on such person's lands, he shall have i same remedy, in the same manner and to the same effe as is, or shall be provided by the several Acts for the s port and regulation of Mills.

Sect. 8. Be it further enacted, That there shall | allowed to said Corporation, a toll upon all articles.' follows, viz: All square and round timber to be run der at the expense of the Corporation, if the same will do without the assistance of boats, and to be delivered t their works, seventy five cents per thousand feet, to do scaled by board measure, if the same shall pass the who distance embraced in the Corporation; all planks, joist: and other lumber that may be floated without boats, a any place on the river where the same may be delivered shall be transported to any place designated on the rive within the limits of the corporation, at the rate of sevents five cents per thousand, board measure; for every bi passing either way the whole of said distance besides the toll required for the articles on board, that is to say, for each boat not exceeding two tons burden, one dollar; ora two and not exceeding five tons, one dollar and fifty cent over five and not exceeding twenty tons, two dollars; on twenty and not exceeding forty tons, two dollars and fi

cents; over forty tons three dollars. Upon articles trai ted by boats, toll ported by boats, the whole of said distance, as follow

each cord of bark or wood, seventy five cents; hard wo lumber, unmanufactured, thirty seven and a half cents : ton; staves or clapboards, seventy five cents per thousar shingles and laths, fifteen cents per thousand; hoop pol and cedar posts, seventy five cents per cord; agricultu - products, one dollar and twenty five cents per ton; oth merchandize, two dollars per ton, the tolls for any pa

Articles transpor


5 Act the


have a lien upon all boats, &c. for the payment of

у rеаѕо E injure shall be

the distance shall bear the same proportion to the rates
resaid, as that part of the distance bears to the whole.
d said Corporation shall have a lien upon said boats and Corporation to
icles, and may detain the same for the tolls, until the all boats, &c. for
ne shall be paid, and at the expiration of thirty days toll.
m the time said toll shall have become payable, may,
er reasonable notice, raise the same by public sale of

much of said boats or articles, as will pay the same with the expenses of collecting—or said Company may sue is tofir and recover said tolls by action of debt in any Court

competent jurisdiction-Provided, That when boats or Proviso. fle ticles shall be entered for transportation at either end or

allerminus embraced within the limits of the corporation Defund intended for the whole distance, the same toll may be

. "xacted whether the same be transported the whole diswance or not --Provided also, That no toll shall be taken or Proviso. eel:xacted until the river shall become boatable by the falls

for flat bottomed boats of at least ten tons burden at all a seasons when not encumbered by ice, and the tolls shall be Tolls subject to Il subject at all times to revision and modification by the Legislature.

Legislature. DI. Sect. 9. Be it further enacted, That it shall be the Corporation to ( duty of said Corporation to make and keep in good repair such parts as may eli at all times, good and sufficient bridges over any part that where roads Des may be canaled where any County road or town road now to crosses, or wherever the same may hereafter be found oil necessary to pass upon any land that may be taken by said

Corporation, and the the same to be kept in good repair. 12 Sect. 10. Be it further enacted, That this Act shall not I be so construed as to prejudice the rights of any mill No powers grante owner or owners, or any owner or owners of booms, piers, the prejudice or

or mill privilege or privileges, or dam or dams that may booms, & c. or e belong to them, nor shall their interest be prejudiced by tions.

reason of the water being retained by any dam, bulkhead or lock to be erected by said Corporation; nor shall this Act be so construed as to prejudice any Corporation heretofore granted, nor to prevent or restrain any person or persons from the use of the water of the river as it had

the revision of the

keep bridges over



ed in this Act to

prior Corpora

constructed with

This Act to have

similar Act is

been or might have been used in a state of nature nor subject them to toll for the use as aforesaid.

Sect. 11. Be it further enacted, That if said Corporal Works, &c. to be shall not construct the works, and make the improveme: in five years. by this Act provided, within five years from the enactm

thereof, it shall be null and void; and it shall hare no effect until effect until an Act of incorporation for like purposes sa granted by New have been granted by the authority of New Brunswi

from some point on the St. Johns to Cheputnecook Lan -and whatever toll shall be received under the author: of New Brunswick for the transportation herein prors and within the limits of this Corporation, shall be deduc:. from that herein granted.

Sect. 12. Be it further enacted, That this Act ska.

continue and be in force twenty years, subject howere: turl. to be annulled or modified by the Legislature.


Limitation of act.

Subject to the modification of the Legislature,


Chapter 70.
AN ACT to incorporate the New Meadows Granite Company.

Approved March.4, 1836. ?
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives is

Legislature assembled, That Peter H. Greene, Ebenezer Names of corpo

Clapp Francis Adams with their associates successors and

assigns, be and they hereby are created a Corporation by Corporate name. the name of the New Meadows Granite Company for the

purpose of quarrying working and dealing in Granite and other stone in the Town of Brunswick and of transporting the same to market, and for these purposes shall have a the powers and privileges, and be subject to all the duties

and requirements incident by law, to similar corporations, May hold estate and may take, hold and manage real and personal estate,

not exceeding at any one time, two hundred thousand dol. lars.

Powers and duties.

to amount of 200,000 dollars.

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