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note or notes, with costs of suit; and the money thus collected, shall remain in the Treasury of said Company, subject to the payment of such losses and expenses, as have, or may thereafter accrue; and the balance, if any remain, shall be returned to the party, from whom it was collected, on demand, after thirty days from the expiration of the term, for which insurance was made.

SECT. 9. Be it further enacted, That the said company Company may inmay make insurance, for any term not exceeding seven erty for a time not years, on dwelling houses, stores, shops, and other build- years. ings, household furniture and merchandize in this State, against loss or damage by fire, originating in any cause, other than by design in the assured. And that when the property insured shall be alienated by sale, or otherwise, Policy void in the policy shall thereupon be void, and be surrendered to to be surrenderthe Directors of said company to be cancelled; and upon such surrender, the assured shall be entitled to receive his, her, or their deposite note or notes, upon the payment of his, her, or their proportion of all losses, and expenses, that have accrued prior to such surrender.

Sect. 10. Be it further enacted, That any two of the manner of calling persons herein named, are authorized to call the first meeting, by posting up advertisements, in two or more public place in Wells ten days prior to said meeting. And no policy shall be ispued by said Company, until application shall be made for insurance on thirty thousand dollars, at least.

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certain cases and

Manner of calling first meeting,

Chapter 21.

AN Act to establish the Piscataqua Ferry Company.

Approved February 16, 1836.

Sect. 1.. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in Legislature assembled, That, Charles Stimpson, Names of Corpa Joseph Dame, Samuel Badger, Moses Remick, Lyman Parker, John Cloutman, John P. Şimes, Oliver Philbrick,


Place of landing.

Description of boat.

their associates, successors, and assigns, be and they hereby

are created a body politic and corporate, by the name of Corporate name. the Piscataqua Ferry Company, with power by that name, Powers, &c. to sue and be sued, to have and use a common seal, and

to change the same, at pleasure, to ordain, establish, and put in execution, any by laws and regulations for the management of their affairs, not repugnant to the laws of this Staie, and to exercise aud enjoy all the powers and privileges, incident to similar corporate bodies.

Sect. 2. Be it further enacted, That said Corporation be, and hereby is authorized to establish, set up, and maintain a Ferry across the Piscataqua River at Kittery, at or near the United States Navy Yard bridge and landing on the opposite side of said River, at some point between Central and Long wharves, in Portsmouth New Hampshire, with a boat, or boats, propelled by steam, or horse power, sufficient for transporting pazsengers, and travellers with their horses, carriages, carts, teams, and cattle.

Sect. 3. Be it further enacted, That a toll be, and

hereby is granted and established for the use of said CorRates of toll. poration, according to the rates following, to wit, for each

foot passenger, two cents, each person with a wheel-barrow, or hand cart, three cents, for each person and horse ten cents, for each sleigh, chaise, or other carriage o pleasure, drawn by one horse twenty cents, for eac coach, chariot, sleigh, phæton, or other pleasure carriage drawn by two horses, forty cents, for each sleigh phạton or other pleasure carriage drawn by four horses, fift: cents, for each sled sleigh, cart or other carriage drawi by one horse ten cents, for each cart, waggon, sled o sleigh drawn by two horses or oxen twenty cents, and fo each additional beast, five cents, for neat cattle or horses exclusive of those rode upon, or in teams, or carriages eight cents, for sheep and swine two cents each; and to each team one person, and no more shall be allowed free of toll, and the said corporation may commute the rates) of toll, with any person or with any corporation, by taking

keep suitable boats, &c.

lect, &c.

of himbuthem, a.certain sum annually, which may be i mutually feed on, instead of the toll aforesaid.

Sect. 4. Be it further enacted, That said Corporation Corporation to shall keep at all times, at the ferry established as aforesaid, beat a good béaf, or boats, in good repair, suitable and convenient for the accommodation of travellers, their horses, carriages, carts, teams and cattle and cause ready and due attendance on passengers to be given, on all occasions, and for every neglect of such attendance, said Corporation shall forfeit and pay one dollar, and for every neglect of keep- Penaly for neg ing such a boat, twenty dollars; each penalty to be recovered by an action of debt in any court of competent jurisdiction, one moiety thereof to the use of the State, and the other moiety to the use of any person, who shall sue therefor; and said corporation shall be further liable to pay, in an action on the case, all such special damages, as any person shall sustain by such neglect.

Sect. 5. Be it further enacted, That is said Corporation shall 'neglect or refuse, for the space of five years from the passing of this Act, to set up said Ferry agreeably to the five years pa provisions of the second section of this Act, then this grant shall be void.

Sect. 6. Be it further enacted, That the first meeting of said Corporation may be called at such time, and place, first meeting. as may be determined upon by a majority of the persons herein named, by publishing notice thereof in the New Hampshire Gazette, ten days at least, prior thereto, also, by posting up one or more notices at some public place or places in Kittery as aforesaid.

Act void if said ferry is not set up for the space of

Manner of calling

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Chapter 22. -
AN ACT 10 incorporate the Proprietors of the Elm Grove Cemetery.

Approved February 18, 1836
Sect. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre.

sentatives in Legislature assembled, That Sullivan Dwight, Names of Corpo- John S. Abbot, Thomas A. Snow, Edward Robinson, Wil.

liam Singer, Hezekiah Prince Junr. David Kellogg, Oliver
Robbins, Thomas McLellan, Jonathan Cilley, Rufus C.
Counce, Oliver Jordan, Rowland Jacobs Jr., Hezekiah
Prince, their associates, successors, and assigns, be and

they hereby are constituted a Corporation by the name of mate name. the Elm Grove Cemetery, and by that name may sue and

defend in any Court of record, or in any other place; have

and use a common seal; ordain, establish, and put in exePowers, &c. cution such by-laws, ordinances, and regulations, as 10

them may appear necessary, and convenient, for the garernment of said Corporation, and the prudent manage ment of their affairs, Provided the same be not re pug.

nant to the laws of this State; take and hold, not exceeding Real and personal estate, amount three acres of land in the town of Thomaston, which shall by Corporators. be used solely, and exclusively, for the purposes of a

Cemetery for the dead; and personal property to an amount not exceeding twelve hundred dollars; with all the powers and privileges, necessary to carry into full effect the ob

.jects contemplated by this Act of incorporation. Manner of divid- Sect. 2. Be it further enacted, That said Corporatio, signing allotment may divide the land held as aforesaid, into suitable and

convenient allotments, pathways and alleys, and assign in writing to each Corporator, and to each person who shall hereafter become an associate, to be held by them respec. tively and by their respective heirs and assigns, subject such rules and regulations, as the Corporation shall from time to time ordain, and prescribe, for the sole purpos aforesaid, a portion of said land, not exceeding in quantity five square rods; Provided however, if any Corporator, or associate, his heirs or assigns shall use, or allow any other person to use the allotment assigned to him as aforesaid

allowed to be held

ing land and as

to each proprietor:


exempt from at


for any other purpose than as aforesaid, the same shall forthwith resort to, and become the property of this corporation and it may be assigned by them to some other Corporator or associate for the purposes aforesaid, in the same manner as if no assignment had been previously made. Land aforesaid

Sect. 3. Be it further enacted, That no part of said land, tachment and either before, or, after such allotment or assignment, shall be liable to be attached, taken, distrained, or sold on mesne process, execution, or warrant of distress, so long as the same shall be kept or used for the purposes of a Cemetery as aforesaid-and the same shall be free from taxation so long as the same shall be used, and dedicated, exclusively to the purposes aforesaid.

Sect. 4. Be it further enacted, That the officers of the Corporation shall be a President, Secretary, and Treasurer, who shall perform the duties usually belonging to such offices, and they shall also be a Board of Managers of the affairs of the Corporation—and the Corporation may elect any other officers the by-laws shall prescribe.

Sect. 5. Be it further enacted, That the first meeting ing first meeting. of this Corporation may be called by any three of the. Corporators aforesaid, by notice of the time, and place, thereof, published in any newspaper printed in the County of Lincoln, ten days at least before the time appointed for holding the same.


Manner of call

Chapter 23.

AN ACT to incorporate the Freedom Academy.

Approved February 18, 1836. Sect. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in Legislature assembled, That there be and hereby is established in Freedom, in the County of Waldo, an Academy by the name of Freedom Academy, for the pur- Corporate name. pose of instruction in such branches of education as are usually taught in Academies; and that Joseph Hockey, Names or CorpoGeorge Rigby, Samuel Flint, Thos. B. Hussey, Nathan rators.

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