Made Wianta: Universal Balinese Artist

Sampul Depan
Times Editions, 1999 - 165 halaman
Batik, dance, gamelan music, drawing, painting, writing, installation work and Japanese art have all played an important part in Wianta's artistic career. In this handsomely produced book, discover how Wianta contributed greatly to the Asian art renaissance through the important periods in his work: Features: A beautifully designed album examining the paintings and artwork by internationally renowned Balinese artist Made Wianta; Provides a superb overview of over 130 works spanning over twenty years of stunning creativity, sacred in inspiration; The introductory essays discuss his works and their place in the world of contemporary art; Complete with a list of art museums where his prized collections are found in countries like Japan, Australia, and Indonesia; Lists a chronology of international exhibitions featuring his works in Belgium, San Francisco (USA), the Netherlands and the Philippines.

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