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their pence to God, are devoting their pounds to vanity and self-indulgence. After having witnessed the dreadful effects of intemper

at Raitea, we need not wonder at finding Mr. Williams, on another occasion, saying, “ In attempting to introduce Christianity among a people, I would rather, by far go to an island where they had never seen a European, than go to a place after they have had intercourse with Europeans. I had ten times rather meet them in their savage state, than after they have had intercourse with Europeans.”Rep. on Aborig. Tribes, p. 28.

For much valuable information on this subject, see Amer. Perm. Temp. Doc., pp. 411-420.




That men, in enlightened countries, should ever have doubted the possibility of abstaining from intoxicating drinks, is a striking proof of the power of the most unnatural customs to darken the understanding and pervert the judgment.

I. History, both ancient and modern, is directly opposed to the notion, of their being any more necessary, to persons in health, than opium or arsenic.

II. The strongest men, and the longest livers, have been distinguished, either by their extreme moderation, in the use of such drinks, or by their Total Abstinence.

III. Many very eminent physicians, living in different ages, and in various countries, have declared the superiority of pure water to all other drinks; consequently, man cannot require intoxicating drink as a beverage.Appendix N.

IV. The investigations of science, and the results of long experience go to demonstrate, that that which renders any liquor intoxicating is a poisonous property, and must therefore, injure, rather than promote the health of those who drink it. - Appendix G.

But the truth of the position, at the head of this article, has now been proved, by innumerable instances, of persons n all situations, and of all classes, who have abstained from intoxicating liquors without injury, though, previously, accustomed to them from their childhood.

The following cases are taken from the Ninth Report of the American Temperance Society.

“ About two years ago, I commenced Total Abstinence from all intoxicating drinks ; and I am constrained to be. lieve, that I have experienced a much more sensible improvement in my bodily and mental powers than when the reform was but half accomplished. I am now nearly sixtytwo years old, and find, so far as I am capable of forming a judgment, that my bodily and mental powers are better than they were twelve years ago.Hon. Judge Brewster, of Riga.

“ Till the age of twenty-nine years, I was in the habit of using intoxicating liquor of almost every kind. Since 1824 I have continued to labour, summer and winter, and am satisfied that, in my case, abstinence from all intoxicating drink is beneficial to health. I am less affected by heat and cold—have more uniformity of feeling, and more cheerfulness of mind."-Colonel Guy Bigelow, of Colchester, Conn.

“For eight or ten years past, I have wholly abstained from the use of intoxicating liquors; I find dispensing with them has been decidedly beneficial, and that I was entirely wrong in supposing that they did me good.”Hon. Judge Lomas, of Montpelier.

" I have received much advantage, every way, by a perfect adherence to the principle of total abstinence from all intoxicating liquor."- Rev. Henry White, Pastor of Allen Street Church, New York.

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" I used to suffer much from head-ache, sick stomach, want of appetite, irregularity of the bowels, restless nights, rheumatic pains, melancholy feelings, and a most distressing affection of the heart. Of all these I have got cured, by abandoning stimulants and improper food.”

“ It matters not whether the stimulants be distilled spirit or fermented liquors ; they all, without exception, endanger the health of man, produce diseases of the most fatal kind, and destroy more lives than sword, pestilence, and famine."-Joseph Speed, M.D., of Caroline, Tomkins Co., New York.

“ I have discontinued the use of all intoxicating drinks for about two years and a half. My health has been gradually improving ever since, and is now perfectly good. The effect on the capability of making great, and continued efforts of mind and body, has been decidedly favourable. I can do nearly double the mental labour, which I could formerly do."—William Ladd, Esq., Sec. of the American Peace Society.

“ Since I have adopted the principle of total abstinence, I find I can perform the longest journies by night and day, on land and water, in heat and cold, and yet not suffer any inconvenience from the want of stimulating drinks."Amasa Walker, Esq., Merchant, of Boston, Mass.

I now drink neither ardent spirit, nor any other intoxicating beverage-not wine, cider, or beer. The effect is, I am uniformly well and cheerful. I enjoy more, even in eating and drinking, than formerly ; am apparently younger, and more vigorous, than I was ten years ago ; and now, at the age of fifty-six, am about to go into the West, as a young man, to engage in new toils and labours." -Rev. Ab. Wheeler, of Meredith, New Hamp.

“ For seven or eight years I have used, for beverage, pure cold water, and nothing else.

I have frequently travelled all day, in an open gig, in rain, and snow storms, under burning suns, and in freezing cold. I never made so much mental effort, nor so great. I have written more in the last five years, than in any other portion of my life. I can truly say, that since I have got my system thoroughly into a cold water habit, I know not what fatigue is.-Rev. Henry C. Wright, late Agent of the Amer. Sun. Sc. Union.

I neither use ardent spirits, wine, cider, or any other intoxicating drink. I neither smoke, chew, or snuff tobacco."

“ I have travelled much the past winter, which has been remarkable for intense cold, and have some days journeyed when the thermometer was 8, 12, 14, 18, 20, 22, and once 25 degrees below zero, and drank water only. I am, under the blessing of God, in the enjoyment of perfect health,

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never knowing what it is (since I abstained from the use of every thing of an intoxicating and exciting nature) to be unwell for five minutes at a time.”John Ball, Esq., Merchant, of Boston, Mass.

“ A few years ago I was called to make a geological survey of the state of Massachusetts, which required about five thousand miles of travel, in an open waggon, at a rate not greater than from twenty to thirty miles per day, and very severe bodily exertion, in climbing mountains, and in breaking, trimming, and transporting more than five thousand rocks and minerals. I was usually employed from sunrise till ten o'clock at night, with little interruption. Yet during all my wanderings I drank not one drop of alcohol. And I found myself more capable of exertion and fatigue than in former years, when I was in the occasional use of stimulating drinks.”Rev. E. Hitchcock, Professor of Chemistry, &C., Amherst Coll., Mass.

“ Having before me the example of a beloved father, who abjured the use of every intoxicating beverage, after he was at the age of eighty, and lived with both bodily and mental faculties almost wholly unimpaired, till past the age of ninety-one; and continually hearing that the habitual drinkers of ardent spirits exclaim, “Give us your wine, and we will drink no more rum,' I resolved to abstain from the use of every thing which can intoxicate.”

“ The result is, that my health has been firm and uninterrupted. I have not had even a common cold."

As to corporeal exertions, though in my sixty-third year, I walk ten miles in an afternoon, at the rate of four miles an hour, without fatigue, and what is better, without thirst.Rev. John Pierce, D.D., of Brookline.

During two vears which have elapsed since I discon

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