Gambar halaman

Walton, Barzillai, Boaz, and Jesse, value of
horses of, to be ascertained, iv. 57.
Walton, Jonathan, and another, accounts of, to
be settled and paid, vi. 586.
Josiah, pension to, vi. 24.

Walworth, Hiram, rifle to be delivered to, iv.

Wamsly, Captain Jonathan, claims of militia
under, to be settled, vi. 164.
War Department,


establishment and regulation of, i. 49,


provision respecting absence of head of, i. |
281, 415.

officers in. See their respective titles.
reports from. See Reports, p. 147.
care of navy transferred from, to navy
department, i. 554.

purchases in. See Purchases, p. 144.
warrants from, how paid, i. 610; ii. 535;
iii. 367, 689.

additional accountant in, iii. 322, 366.

clerks of, iii. 322.

transfer of appropriations in, ii. 535; iii.

unexpended appropriations for, iii. 567,

clerks in. See Clerks, p. 31.

plan for building for, v. 758.

oath of persons employed in, i. 24, 50.

with Great Britain, 1812, ii. 755.
letters of marque, ii. 755, 759, 792.
bounty on destruction of enemy ships, ii.
53, 816.

retaliation of acts of enemy, ii. 829.

property destroyed in, payment for. See
Property, p. 142.

ransom of captives in, iii. 788.

Warburg, Frederick S., patent right granted to,

vi. 277.

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[merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors]
[ocr errors]

Uriah, pension to, vi. 189.

William, pension to, vi. 24.

[ocr errors]

increase of pension to, vi. 114.
-, pension to, vi. 577.

Warrington, Captain Lewis, gold medal to, iii.

Warson, James, pension to, vi. 91.
Wartsbough, John, bounty, arrearages, &c., of,
to be paid, vi. 357.

Washington, Alexandria, and Georgetown Steam
Packet Company, incorporated, vi. 398.
Washington, City of,

removal of seat of government to, ii. 55.
incorporation of, in 1802, ii. 195.

limitation of, ii. 197, 255; iii. 543.
council of, ii. 196, 197, 254.
taxes in, ii. 197, 255.

charter amended in 1812, ii. 721.

name of city, ii. 727.

taxes, iii. 485, 486.

limitation of, ii. 727 ; iii. 543.

repeal of former acts of incorporation, iii.

incorporation in 1820, iii. 583.

corporate name, iii. 584.

mayor of, iii. 584, 585.

aldermen, iii. 585, 586, 591.

council, iii. 585, 586.

powers of corporation, iii. 586, 587, 588.
jail in, iii. 588.

sale of land for taxes, iii. 589, 590; iv
75, 76, 77.

levy court not to tax, iii. 590.
commissioner of public buildings to re-
imburse part of expense of streets
in, iii. 591; iv. 186.

wards, iii. 591.

streets, iii. 591.

assessment of taxes in, iv. 77.

subscription of, to stock in Chesapeake and
Ohio Canal Company, iv. 294.

tax to pay loan for, iv. 294, 518.
commissioners, i. 130; ii. 175; iii. 324.
superintendent, ii. 175, 235, 298, 607; iii.

surveyor, ii. 235, 298, 512.

taxes, ii. 725, 727; iii. 589.

division of squares and lots in, ii. 511.
lotteries, ii. 726, 728; iii. 588; iv. 205
removal of nuisances, iv. 77.

peace regulations of, extended to the Capi.
tol and square, iv. 266.

Washington, City of, (continued.)

subscription to Chesapeake and Ohio Canal
Company, iv. 294; v. 31, 32.
congressional burial-ground, iv. 520.
purchase of Washington Canal Company,
iv. 521, 651.

grant of the mall to, iv. 524, 651.

appropriation to help pay debt, iv. 651, 701.
bills issued by, iv. 742.

watch established, v. 511.
longitude of, iii. 648, 673.

seat of government to be removed to, i.
130; removal, ii. 55.

purchase on acceptance of lands in, for
public use, i. 130.

loan for use of, i. 461, 551.

land charged with, i. 461, 551.

sale of land to repay, ii. 176.
streets and footways in, ii. 55.
public lands,

squares may be divided into lots for
sale, ii. 513.

improvement and use of open squares,
ii. 725.

lease of, ii. 775.

sale of lots in reservation No. 10, iii.

draining of low grounds, iii. 691.
enclosure of public walks between
Maryland and Pennsylvania Ave-
nues, iv. 651.

alley at west end of square B, adopted,
vi. 794.

Maryland Avenue, v. 134.
naval monument in, iv. 580.
Pennsylvania Avenue, iv. 518, 612.

See also District of Columbia, p. 51.

Washington, County of,

established, ii. 105.

levy court in, ii. 771.

county rates, ii. 773; iv. 183, 518.

road to lower bridge accepted as a public
highway, ii. 569.

fees of notaries in, iii. 417.

Washington and Alexandria Turnpike Company,
acts respecting, ii. 485, 577; iv. 17.
Washington Bridge Company,

acts respecting, ii. 457; iv. 402, 582, 727,

payment to, for injury to bridge, vi. 168.
Washington Canal Company, acts respecting, ii.
176, 517, 728; iii. 691; iv. 180, 521, 651.
Washington City Benevolent Society, incorporat-
ed, vi. 823.

vi. 381.

to, vi. 512.

Orphan Asylum, incorporated,

grant of land

County, Arkansas. See Fayette-

ville, vi. 567.

Mississippi, reservation of
land for schools in, vi. 685.

Fire Insurance Company, incorpo-

rated, vi. 203.

Washington, George,

franking privilege of, i. 512, 738.
resolutions on the death of, ii. 86, 87.

duties on a statue of, remitted, iii. 543; iv.

purchase of books and papers of, iv. 712.
Greenough's statue of, v. 409, 460.
acceptance of sword and camp chest of, v.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


prize money to officers and crew of, ii. 818;
iii. 295.

distribution of wages, on the loss of, iii.

resolutions respecting capture of Reindeer
by, iii. 246.

Wasson, Joseph, pension to, vi. 33.
Watchmen, for public buildings, appointment of,
legalized, v. 524.

Waterman, William, pension to, vi. 26.
Waters, Mary, and another, seven years' half-
pay allowed to, vi. 663.

Watkinson, David, and Company, duties to be
refunded to, vi. 902.

Watrous, Richard, pension to, vi. 25.

Watson, John, allowance to, for a horse, vi. 405.
Watt, Archibald, value of certificates to be paid
to, vi. 537.

Samuel, drawbacks to, vi. 37.
Watterston, George, payment of services of, v.


and Van Zandt, purchase of statis-
tical tables of, iv. 260, 613.

Watts, Alexander, pension to, vi. 364.

John H., authorized to exchange lands,
vi. 433.

Waugh, Thaddeus, pension to, vi. 81.
Wayland, James, pension to, vi. 90.
Wayne, Major-General Anthony, accounts of, to
be settled, vi. 96.

for, ii. 648.

Wea Indians,

[blocks in formation]

treaty of August 3, 1795, with, vii. 49.
June 7, 1803, with, vii. 74.
August 21, 1805, with, vii. 91.
October 26, 1809, with, vii. 116.
June 4, 1816, with, vii. 145.
October 2, 1818, with, vii. 186.
August 11, 1820, with, vii. 209.
October 29, 1832, with, vii. 410.
Weatherford, John, release of land to, vi. 323.
Weaver, David, pension to, vi. 3.

increase of pension to, vi. 92.
Jacob, pension to, vi. 633.

Thomas. See Norristown and Valley
Railroad, p. 124.

Webb, Constant, increase of pension to, vi. 83.
Joseph, Jr., pension to, vi. 566.

Josiah H., pension to, vi. 103.

Webb, Josiah H., appropriations for, ii. 409, 410; |
v. 484, 595, 640.

Webber, John, to be paid for extra services, vi.

Seth, duties to be refunded to, vi. 234.
William, land patent to issue to, vi.

Webster, Hiram B., allowed to enter certain
land, v. 715.


Humphrey, pension to, vi. 176.
Isaac, pension to, vi. 32.

John, account of, to be settled, vi. 147.
$264 to be paid to, vi. 261.

A., allowance to, for a horse, vi.

pension to, vi. 592.

West Florida, claim of persons in, to be settled,
vi. 139.

West, Thomas, pension to, vi. 724.
Westcott, Joseph, increase of pension to, vi.

Western Railroad, permission to pass through
public lands given to, v. 17.
Western Reserve of Connecticut,
cession of, ii. 56.

schools in, iv. 679.

Westfall, Charles W., and another, claim of, to
be settled, vi. 334.

- Nicholas Ferdinand, land granted to,
vi. 7.

Westner, George, authorized to withdraw entries
for land, vi. 157.

Noah, deduction of duty on books to, Weston, (town of,) allowed to enter certain
vi. 330.

Weed, Seth, pension to, vi. 73.

Weedon, William, authorized to enter land, vi.


Weeks, Joseph P., penalty remitted to, vi. 95.
Weems, Henry, pension to, vi. 112.

Weighers and Gaugers,

pay, i. 45, 707; iii. 306.

appointment and duties of, i. 642, 678.
Weights and Measures, distribution of, v. 133.
Welch, David, pension to, vi. 26, 895.

-, Nicholas, increase of pension to, vi. 191.
Oliver, purchase money to be refunded,
vi. 806.

Weld, Edward, to be paid for a lost certificate,
vi. 71.

Moses, pension to, vi. 417.

Wellborn, Isaac, Jr., and William, release of
land to, vi. 710.

Weller, Samuel, to be paid for materials, vi. 898.
Welles, Benjamin and John, debentures allowed
to, vi. 522.

Wellman, Jacob, Jr., pension to, vi. 24.
Wells, Asa, to be paid for costs, vi. 194.

-, Bezaleel, moneys to be repaid to, vi. 302.
Benjamin, accounts of, to be settled and
paid, vi. 147, 447.

[ocr errors]

Dorothy, land claim confirmed to, vi. 497.
George R., claim of, to be settled, and ex-
penses paid, vi. 210.

[ocr errors]

Henry, pension to, vi. 839.

John, account of, to be settled and paid,
vi. 147, 155.

Mary, claim of, to be settled, vi. 195.

[ocr errors]
[ocr errors]

Samuel, pension to, vi. 101.

[ocr errors]

Stephen, pension to, vi. 25.

William, right of preemption allowed to,
vi. 72.

See Mary Wells, vi. 195.

Wayne, to be paid for land, vi.

Welty, Abraham, authorized to withdraw entries
for land, vi. 157.

Wendal, John H., pension to, vi. 431.

Wendell, John H., benefit of Stat. 1828, c. 53,
extended to, vi. 504.

Werner, William, land warrant to be issued to,
vi. 66.

Wesbrook, Andrew, land patents to issue to, vi.

Wescott, Joseph, pension to, vi. 176.
West, Anna, pension to, vi. 723.

Baton Rouge, grant of land to inhabitants |
of, vi. 319.
Westchester, Ship, new register to issue for, vi.

land, v. 657.

West Point,

purchase of, i. 129.

engineers at, ii. 137.

boundaries settled, ii. 615, 790.
military academy at,

appropriations for, iii. 223, 330; iv.
641, 704; v. 72, 151, 264, 361, 397,
415, 510, 604, 655, 742.

cadets from, to serve eight years, v. 260
instructors in, ii. 720; v. 259, 398.
appointment of cadets, v. 606.

pay of cadets, ii. 137, 721; v. 742.
formation and establishment of, ii. 137

chaplain at, iii. 426.

to teach geography, history, and
ethics, iii. 426.

rations of superintendent, v. 513.
board of visitors at, v. 606.

forage for officers' horses, v. 66.
Wetherall, Horace, allowance to, vi. 891.
Wever, Casper W., payment to, vi. 883.
Weymouth, Dean, allowance to, for service, vi.

[merged small][merged small][ocr errors]

increase of pension to, vi.

William W., penalty for importing
slaves remitted to, vi. 95.

Whale Fisheries, acts respecting, i. 60; iv. 492;
v. 370.

[ocr errors]

Whaley, Jonathan, pension allowed to, vi. 25.
Caleb J., pension to, vi. 233.
Wharry, John, judgment against, discharged,
vi. 889.

Wharton, Samuel, to be paid for taking census,
vi. 292.

Wheat, Eli, released from a judgment, vi. 856.⚫
Wheatley, Thomas, allowance to, for a horse lost,
vi. 428.

Wheaton, Joseph, interest to be paid to, vi. 166.
account of, to be settled, vi.

[blocks in formation]

Whitaker, Ephraim, commutation of half-pay | Wickham, William, empowered to improve a
to, vi. 587.

William W., and others, credit al-
lowed to, vi. 484.

Whitcomb, Francis, pension to, vi. 24.
White, Colonel Anthony Walton, Representatives
of, to be paid for advances, vi. 729.
Fielding L., reward to, vi. 437.
George, pension to, vi. 658.

Jabez L. and Asa, released from claims,
vi. 838.

Jacob, pension to, vi. 885.

James, increase of pension to, vi. 180.
franking privilege to, i. 403.

John, continued in office, vi. 1.

Dr. John Campbell, record of naturaliza-
tion of, to be corrected, vi. 750.

Jonathan, land warrant to be renewed to,
vi. 157.

Joseph, pension to, vi. 82.

[merged small][ocr errors]

certain fishery, vi. 799.

Wier, Robert, appropriations for, v. 173.
Wight, A. G. S., released from part of a judg.
ment on payment of balance, vi. 801.
Wilcox, Joseph, allowance to heirs of, vi. 288.
-, Stephen, pension to, vi. 417.
Wilde, Lieutenant Richard, allowance to daugh-
ter of, vi. 636.

Wilderman, Jacob, to be paid for services as a
mounted ranger, vi. 435.

Wiley, David, compensation of, to be paid his
wife, vi. 119.

–,`John, authorized to enter land, vi. 752.
F., pension to, vi. 897.

Susannah, to be paid for services of her
husband, vi. 119.

Wilges, William, pension to, vi. 609.

Wilhoet, Enoch, authorized to relinquish lands,

vi. 535.

M., account of, to be settled, vi. Wilkes, Charles, Jr., to be paid for mathematical

Lemuel, pension to, vi. 822.

Moses, claim of, to be settled, vi. 50.
Robert, increase of pension to, vi. 158.
Samuel, pension to, vi. 123.

[ocr errors]

increase of pension to, vi. 154.
allowance to, vi. 318.

B., increase of pension to, vi. 84.
Stanley, payment to, vi. 939.

-, Stephen, released from a judgment, vi.

Vassal, pension to, vi. 364.
William, pension to, vi. 3.

claims of widow or orphans of,

[blocks in formation]

Whitman, George, exempted from certain duties,
vi. 739.

accounts of, to be examined,

vi. 876.
Whitney, Daniel, payment to, vi. 623.

--, Henry, allowance to, for services as
secretary, vi. 579.

John, penalties remitted to, vi. 143.
--, Seth, pension to, vi. 724.

Whitsitt, James, pension to, vi. 649.

--, John, authorized to enter land, vi. 753.
Whittemore, Amos, and William, Jr., patent right
extended to, vi. 80.

---, Joseph, increase of pension to, vi.

Whitten, George, pension to, vi. 935.

Whittier, Simeon C., moneys to be refunded to,

[blocks in formation]
[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]

Wilkinson, Asel, to be paid for extra services,
as a pilot, vi. 575.

James, to be allowed the compensa-
tion of other brigadier-generals, vi. 110.
General James, judgment against,
to be discharged, vi. 248.

Jesse, to be paid for costs and ex-
penses, vi. 393.

Joseph, Jr., to be discharged from
prison, vi. 86.
pension to, vi. 189.
Willard, Alexander, land warrant to be issued
to, vi. 66.

John, and another, balance due, to be
endorsed on a judgment, vi. 390.
Jonathan, pension to, vi. 24, 69, 140.
Willcox, Ezra, pension allowed to, vi. 25.


Richard, patent right to issue to, vi.

Willett, Edward, interest allowed to, vi. 554.
William, Brig, register to be issued to, vi.

Williams, Beverly, pension to, vi. 178.

[blocks in formation]


vi. 428.

released from part of a cer-
tain judgment, vi. 770.

Isaac, authorized to reënter land, vi


Williams, Jacob, increase of pension to, vi. | Wilson, Henry, land entries confirmed to, vi


[blocks in formation]


land warrant to issue to, vi.

increase of pension to, vi.

William, Senior, Representatives of,
authorized to exchange land, vi. 810.
T., to be paid for advances

to troops, vi. 232.
Williamson, Charles, Heirs of, land to be en-
tered for use of, vi. 763.

—, John P., credits to be allowed on
judgment against, vi. 138.

William, mistake of, in release of
land, to be corrected, vi. 481.
Willington, Samuel, pension to, vi. 24.
Willink, John Abraham, drawback allowed to,
vi. 368.

Willis, George, to be paid for a boat, vi. 798.

-, Henry, Representatives of, allowed to
enter land, vi. 246.

to, vi. 254.

lots exempted from former grant

Lewis B., claim of, allowed, vi. 779.
William, increase of pension to, vi. 868.
Willmott, Lieutenant Robert, commutation. of
half-pay to, vi. 601.

Willoby, John, payment to, vi. 185.

Wills, Registers of, in District of Columbia, ii.

Wilmarth, Ephraim, pension to, vi. 32.
Wilmington, Trustees of Public Grammar School

and Academy, compensation granted for in-
jury to, vi. 8.

Wilmot, John, amount of a decree reversed, to
be repaid to, vi. 303.

Wilson, Alexander, land claim confirmed to, ii.

Amy, to be paid the pension of her
husband, vi. 632.

[ocr errors][merged small]

Andrew, fishing bounty allowed to, vi.

Cornelius, to be paid for service in mi-
litia, vi. 878.

Daniel, payment to, vi. 185.

-, Edward, allowed to withdraw his entry
for land, vi. 162.

George, allowance to, as indemnity for
land claim, vi. 396.

James, pension to, vi. 305.

credit allowed to, vi. 484.
Heirs of, release of land to, v.

John, pension to, vi. 26.

Administratrix of, authorized to

relinquish lands, vi. 433.

to be paid for services, vi. 712.
land claim confirmed to, vi. 603.
Heirs of, half-pay allowed to, vi.
Joseph, authorized to enter a preemp-
tion certificate, vi. 100.


vi. 165.

claim of, to be settled and paid,

-, pension to, vi. 417.

Matthew, accounts of, to be settled, vi.

148, 149.

Nancy, pension to, vi. 899.

Robert, pension to, vi. 33.

Thomas, account of, to be settled, and
expenses paid, vi. 107.

[ocr errors]

account of, to be revised, vi.

131, 229.
William, pension to, vi. 189.


and Wife, lands released to, vi.

Wiltbank, James, account of, to be settled, vi.

Winchester and Potomac Railroad Company,
acts respecting, iv. 744, 792.
Windham, Sarah, pension to, vi. 761.
Windsor, Richard, land warrant to be issued to,
vi. 66.

Wines, Spirits, and Teas,

importation and entry of, i. 658, 659, 660.
deposit of, in warehouses, i. 674 ; iii. 469,

fraudulent removal of, iii. 469.

obsolete acts respecting, i. 261, 378.

Wing, Moses, increase of pension to, vi. 69.

-, Warner, allowance to, for services as
clerk, vi. 356.

Wingard, James C., increase of pension to, vi
Winnebago Indians,

treaty of June 3, 1816, with, vii. 144.
August 19, 1825, with, vii. 272.
August 11, 1827, with, vii. 303.
August 25, 1828, with, vii. 315.
August 1, 1829, with, vii. 323.

September 15, 1832, with, vii. 370.
November 1, 1837, with, vii. 544.
Winner, James, and others, claim of, to be set-
tled, vi. 345.

Winnisimmet Company, authorized to lay out a
certain street, v. 63.

Winsh, Jacob, preemption right allowed to, iv.

Winslett, John, allowance to, for property im-
pressed, vi. 573.

Winslow, George A., payment to, vi. 889.

Isaac and Thomas, allowance to, to
indemnify them, vi. 880.


Jared, pension to, vi. 805.

Winter, Elisha J., compensation for horses al-
lowed to, vi. 121.

[ocr errors][merged small]

Joseph, debentures to be paid to, vi.

Winton, John, to be paid for land ceded to a
Cherokee Indian, vi. 387.

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