Gambar halaman

Boone, John, pension to, vi. 653.
John, authorized to locate and enter Booth, Daniel, land to be released to, vi. 235.
-, Joseph, pension to, vi. 417.
Borell, Eugene, land claim confirmed to, vi. 528
Borey, John, patent certificate to be surrendered
to, vi. 780.

Borum, Edward, pension to, vi. 179.
Boss, Joseph, pension to, vi. 417.
Boston, Frigate, to be rebuilt, ii. 699.
Solomon, judgment against, discharged,
vi. 42.
Bostwick, Elijah, allowance to, for costs and
expenditures, vi. 12.

Melancton W., bond of, to be can-
celled, vi. 806.

Boardman, Elijah, pension to, vi. 24.

land, vi. 362.
-, Seth, pension allowed to, vi.
Boden, James, pension to, vi. 75.
Bogart, Martha, grant of land to, ii. 101; vi. 43.
Boggs and Thompson, drawbacks allowed to, vi.

Bogy, Joseph, to be paid for rations, vi. 487.
'' land patent to issue to, vi. 498.
claim of, for Indian depredations,
to be settled, vi. 581, 571.


authorized to locate land, vi.


Bohannan, Stephen, pension to, vi. 638.


of steamboats to be tested, v. 252, 261, 304.
improvements in, v. 627.
Boisgervais, James H., claim of, to be settled
and paid, vi. 195.

Boles, Absalom, authorized to surrender land
and receive certificate, vi. 548.
Bolton, Elizabeth, change of name, vi. 528.
William Compton, change of name, vi.

Bond, Lucy, allowance to representatives of, vi.

Mary Ann, authorized to enter land, vi.

Robert, preemption right granted to, vi.

William, pension to, vi. 154.
Bonds, Penal,


judgment in equity on, i. 87.

for duties, how suable, &c., i. 676.

of public officers, regulated, iii. 582.

of secretary of senate, iii. 212.

of clerk of house of representatives, iii. 212.

of consuls, i. 256.

of clerks of courts, i. 76.

of marshals, i. 87; ii. 372.

of officers of mint, i. 341.

of pursers in navy, ii. 536; iii. 350.

of surveyor-general, iii. 697.

of postmasters, iv. 103; v. 82.

of public officers increased, iii. 582.

of officers not impaired by removal from
office, iii. 723, 724.

of custom-house officers, i. 44, 171, 704,
705; v. 661.

for duties, i. 42, 168, 171, 174, 372; ii. 72,
315, 471, 513; iii. 737; v. 205, 242.
See also the titles of the respective officers
giving bonds.

Bones, John, allowed to withdraw a land entry,
vi. 200.

Bon Homme Richard, prize money to be dis-
tributed among crew of, v. 158.
Bonnel, Paul, pension to, vi. 179.
Bonnell, Joseph, pension to, vi. 919.
Booker, Richard, and his Company, claim of,
for clothing, to be settled, vi. 799.


[blocks in formation]

on exportation of fish, i. 27; ii. 436; iii.
50. See Fisheries, p. 63.
Bourg, John Baptiste, land claim confirmed to,
vi. 499.

copyright of. See Copyright, p. 41.

of suitors, when to be produced in court, i. Bourgoud, Antoine, to be paid for damage to

property, vi. 323.

duty on, v. 557, 560.

Boon, Robert H., payment for services of, vi.

Bourguin, Edward, allowed to enter certain
land, v. 715.

Squire, pension to, vi. 90.

Bourne, Silvanus, repayment for advances by,
authorized, vi. 27.


Bouton, Daniel, increase of pension to, vi.

Boone, Daniel, title to land confirmed to, vi. 127.
Hampton L., allowance to, for services,
vi. 371.


Boutwell, Abraham E., pension to, vi. 608.

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Bowen, George, to be paid for carrying the , Branch Mints, (ci ntinued.)
mail, vi. 583.

further provision as to the officers in, v.
Bowers, Bulaam, pension to, vi. 636.

147, 602.
Jonathan, pension to, vi. 24.

oath of officers in, by whom to be taken,
increase of pension to, vi. iv. 774; v. 652.

Branch Pilots, of Louisiana, allowed to enter
Bouman, Dorothy, allowance to, vi. 867.

certain lands, v. 715.
John, allowance to, for property lost, Brandy,
vi. 408.

in what casks to be imported, i. 701 ; iv.
L., and others, fishing bounty 235, 373.
allowed to, vi. 808.

drawback on brandy, iv. 373.
William, authorized to relinquish and Brandywine, Frigate, appropriation for repair-
enter land, vi. 646.

ing and fitting out, iv. 370.
; pension to, vi. 804.

Brunson, Nathan, duties to be repaid to, vi. 287.
Bowne, Robert and Robert H., debentures to be Brashears, Ann, land patent to be issued to, vi.
paid to, vi. 187.

Boyer, William, pension to, vi. 177.

Brashiers, Samuel, release of land to, vi. 342.
Boyd, Alexander, land claim confirmed to, vi. Bratlon, William, land warrant to be issued to,

vi. 65.
James, pension to, vi. 732.

Braron, Daniel, pension allowed to, vi. 23.
Heirs of, grant of land to, ii. 712. Brazil,
John P., appropriation for, iii. 359.

Treaty with Brazil, December 12, 1828,
Joseph C., claim of, allowed to his repre- viii. 390.
sentatives, vi. 295.

Article 1. Peace to be established, vüi.
Boyle, Captain, and Company, Act of 1822, c. 390.
48, extended to, vi. 328.

Art. 2. Parties on the footing of the most
Thomas H., right to enter land, and pay favored nations; the relations between
of captain allowed to, vi. 169.

Brazil and Portugal excepted, viii. 390.
Boyles, Thomas H., Representatives of, author- Art. 3. Free intercourse, coasting trade ex-
ized to locate land, vi. 597.

cepted, vii. 390.
seven years' half-pay to be Art. 4. Vessels of both countries on the
paid to, vi. 738.

same footing as to the importation of for-
Brace, Stephen, account of, to be settled, vi. eign goods into either country. Same as

to exportation. What vessels to be con-
Bracket, Heard, pension to, vi. 543.

sidered Brazilian, viii. 391.
Braden, Elizabeth, land warrant to issue to, vi. Art. 5. Duties on imports and exports, viii.

Bradford, Charles, pension of, to be paid to his Art. 6. All merchants, and the business of
representatives, vi. 306.

merchants, placed on the most favored
Dunscomb, salary of consul allowed

footing, viii. 391.
to, vi. 793.

Art. 7. Citizens and subjects to be secured
; George, increase of pension to, vi. from detention, and to be indemnified if

detained, viii. 391.
James, claim of, to land, confirmed, Art. 8. Vessels in distress, vii. 392.
vi. 681.

Art. 9. Property captured by pirates to be
-H., pension to, vi. 732.

restored, viii. 392.
Lieutenant-Colonel, grant of land to, Art. 10. Assistance in case of shipwreck,
ii. 101 ; vi. 43.

viii. 392.
Bradley, Aner, pension to, vi. 25.

Art. 11. Provision as to personal property.
Nathaniel, increase of pension to, vi. Real property, viii. 392.

Art. 12. Special protection to persons and
Peter, pension to, vi. 527.

their property, viii. 392.
Brady, Freeman, to be paid for labor, vi. 712. Art. 13. Liberty of conscience. Burial,

Guards, claims of, to be settled and paid, viii. 393.
vi. 885.

Art. 14. Free ships make free goods ; con-
James, duplicate land warrant to be is. traband goods excepted. Free ships to
sued to, vi. 258.

make free persons, unless officers and
Bragdon, Samuel, and others, fishing bounty soldiers of the enemy, viii. 393.
allowed to,.vi. 606.

Art. 15. Qualification as to the principle
Bruhan, John, allowance to, for clerk hire, vi. that free ships make free goods, viii.

accounts of, and release to heirs Art. 16. Contraband goods, what shall be,
of, vi. 746.

viii. 394.
Brahany, James, to be discharged from prison, Art. 17. All other merchandise free, viii.
vi. 147.

Brainard, Asahel, pension to, vi. 884.

Art. 18. Contraband goods subject to for-
arrears of pension to be paid feiture. If articles contraband shall be
to, vi. 931.

delivered up, the vessel not to be de.
Elijah, pension to, vi. 90.

tained, viii. 394.
Brainerd, John, and others, forfeitures to be re- Art. 19. Blockades, viii. 394.
funded to, vi. 921.

Art. 20. Examinations of vessels, viii. 395.
Branch Mints,

Art. 21. Vessels to be provided with cer
established, iv. 774, 775.

tain papers, viii. 395.


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proclamations respecting trade with, vols.
iii. and iv. Appendix.

See also Non-Intercourse, p. 124.
British Provinces, boundary of U. S. with.
See Boundaries, p. 16.

Briton, Job, pension allowed to, vi. 23.
Britten, James, and another, payment to, vi. 271.
Britton, Jonathan, pension to, vi. 891.
Broadmeadow, Simeon, letters patent to be is-
sued to, vi. 370.
Broadwell, Noah, claim of, to be settled and
paid, vi. 155.
Brobson, James, account of, and allowance to,
vi. 671.

Brewster, Caleb, pension allowed to, vi. 4.
Briant, Joseph, duties to be repaid to, vi. 241.

Brockway, Benjamin, pension to, vi. 123.
Brodie, Charles D., allowance to, vi. 336.
Alexander O., deduction of duties made
to, vi. 525.


of president and directors of United States
Bank, iii. 509.
Brice, James, account of, to be settled, vi. 147.

at Brooklyn, ii. 93).

of judges, i. 117.

of officers of customs, i. 46, 175, 695; iii. | Bronough, Thomas, pension to, vi. 941.

Bronson, Alvia, to be paid for a schooner cap-
tured, vi. 299.

Brook, Lieutenant F. J., and others, to be paid
for horses lost, vi. 466

George M, account of, to be settled,
vi 281


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v. 715.

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Brooke, Edmund, five years' full pay as lieu- | Brown, John, allowance to, for improvements,
tenant allowed to, vi. 491.

vi. 692.
allowed to remove slaves, vi.

claim of, to be settled, vi. 770.

John G., payment to, iii. 502.
George M., part of a judgment to be

R., allowed to enter certain lard,
paid to, vi. 393.
Brooks, Bartemus, rifle to be presented to, iv. Joseph, increase of pension to, vi. 83

Joseph C., payment to, iv. 649.
Christopher, allowance to, for services,

Josiah H., pension to, vi. 631.
vi. 514.

Levi, pension to, vi. 578.
Darid, benefit of Stat. 1828, c. 53, al.

Widow of General, allowance to, vi.
lowed to, vi. 445.

allowance to, how to be comput- Moses, allowance for damages to, vi.
ed, vi. 503.

Martin, grant of land to, ii. 101; vi. 43.

Noah, and others, to be paid for losses,
Nathaniel, allowance to, vi. 306.

vi. 670.
Thomus, pension allowed to, vi. 26.

Obadiah, pension allowed to, vi. 34.
Lieutenant John,

Return B., claims of, to be settled, vi.
medal to his representatives for his bravery 763.
on Lake Erie, ii. 141.

-, Samuel, letters patent to issue to, vi.
Broome, Thomas R., account of, to be settled, 293.

and part of a judgment released to, vi. 328. Thomas, and another, allowance to, for
Brotherlon, Robert, released from a judgment, flour, vi. 378.
vi. 306.

Browne, William, payment to, v. 24.
Brothertovon Indians,

Brownell, Thomas, pension to, vi. 869.
their land to be partitioned among them, Browning, David, authorized to relinquish and
v. 349.

enter land, vi. 643.
to be citizens of the U. S., v. 351.

, Mesheck, allowance to, for horses
appropriation for division of lands of, vi. lost, vi. 439.

Samuel, patent right extended to, vi.
treaty with, vii. 550.

Broughton, Glover, and others, fishing bounty Brownlee, James, seven years' half-pay to bo
allowed to, vi. 536.

paid to, vi. 533.
Broutin, Narcissus, land claim confirmed to, Brownson, Abraham, benefit of Stat. 1828, c.
vi. 202.

53, extended to, vi. 435.
Brown, Abiel, pension to, vi. 416.

Gideon, pension allowed to, vi. 25.
Adam, Representatives of, and others, to

William, allowed to enter certain
be paid for losses, vi. 670.

land, v. 715.
Amos W., bounty land warrant to issue Bruce, John, pension allowed to, vi. 179.
to, vi. 591.

-, certificate to be settled and paid to,
-, Charles, pension allowed to, vi. 445.

vi. 540.
land warrant to issue to heirs

allowance to, for damages, vi. 588
of, vi. 794.

Joseph, to be paid for a horse lost, vi
Daniel, increase of pension to, vi. 115. 245.
Ebenezer, pension to, vi. 100.

Bruce, William, final certificate of, to be re
Edwin C. and Maria, five years' full ceived, and land patent to issue to, vi
pay allowed to, vi. 603.

Frederick, account of, to be settled, vi. Bruff, James, pension to, vi. 74.

Brune, Von Kapffe and, drawbacks allowed to,
George, commissions allowed to sure. vi. 357.
ties of, vi. 522.

Brunson, John, claim of, to be settled, vi. 518.
F., payment to be made to, iv. Brush, Adelaide, to be paid for property de.
626; vi. 667.

stroyed, vi. 300.
Harvey, allowance to, vi. 525.

-, Elijah, executrix of, to be paid for prop-
Lieutenant Harvey, allowance to, vi. erty destroyed, vi. 300.

Robert, pension to, vi. 599, 629.
Israel, drawback allowed to, vi. 390.

Thomas, pension allowed to, vi. 25.
Major-General Jacob, claim of, to be Brussels, Joseph, payment to, ii. 120.
settled and paid, vi. 208.

Bryan, Joseph, and others, land claim confirmed
thanks to, for good con.

to, vi. 913.
duct in battles in Upper Canada, iii. 247. Bryan and others, account of, to be settled, v.

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Jacob, land entries confirmed to, vi. 435.

Richard S., allowed to enter land, ii.
James, Representatives of, allowance to,

vi. 586.

Bryant, John, pension to, vi. 505, 608.
allowance to, for improvements, Bryce, Henry, penalties remitted to, vi. 122.
vi. 692.

Brydia, David, pension allowed to, vi. 25.
Jedediah, pension allowed to, vi. 25. Buck, Anthony, released from a bond, vi. 192.

increase of pension to, vi. !3. Daniel, increase of pension to, vi. 76.
Jeptha, pension to, vi. 1.90

John, duties to be repaid to, vi. 241.
John, drawbacks allowed to, vi 30 Buckingham, Jured, pension to, vi. 631.
pension to, vi. 101.

Buckley, Elijah, forfeiture relinquished
allowance for damages in, vi. 146. land patent to issue in, vi 339




Buckley, Jeremiah, land claim confirmed to, | Buoys, &c., (continued.)
&c., vi. 520.

Buckmaster, George, claim of, to be settled and
paid, vi. 195.

Beaufort, iv. 90.
Bergen Point, v. 290.

Buckminster, Thomas, accounts of, to be set-
tled, vi. 238.

Beverly Harbor, ii. 611, 612, 659, 828; iii.
110, 316, 357.

Buckner, Richard, and C. S. Jones, release to,
vi. 247.

Badlong, Hannah, allowance of five years'
half-pay to, vi. 708.

Buel, Isaac, pension allowed to, vi. 25.

increase of pension to, vi. 114.
Samuel, to be discharged from prison, vi.

Buford, Thomas, payment for services to be
made to, vi. 409.


to be paid for advances, vi. 616.
Buhler, John, land claim confirmed to, vi. 520.
Bulfinch, Charles, payment to, iv. 474.
Bulkley, Chauncey, letters patent to issue to
widow of, vi. 371.

Brunswick and Florida R. R. Company, right of
way granted to, v. 146.


at mint, i. 249; v. 138.

receipt to be given for, i. 341; v. 138.
bullion of standard of U. S., may be pre-
ferred, i. 440.

expenses to be deducted from bullion, i.
440, 475; ii. 54; iii. 774; iv. 278.
gold and silver to be separated at the ex-
pense of party, iv. 278.

bullion not intended for coinage may be
assayed, iv. 278.

deduction of one half per cent. iv. 700.
bullion at mint, v. 138.

to be assayed, v. 139.

charges to which depositor is subjected, v.


payment for, when and how to be made, v.
140, 141.

copper bullion to be bought, v. 141.
account to be kept of transfers of, v. 139.
Bullitt, Benjamin, land claim confirmed to, vi.

Bunker, Zachariah, increase of pension to, vi.
Bunnell, Cata, entitled to military bounty land,
vi. 202.
Buntin, Robert, allowance to, for surveying, vi.

Bunting, William B., Heirs of, allowance to, vi.
Buoys, Beacons, Columns, Monuments, Piers,
and Spindles,

establishment and support of, i. 53, 137,
251, 393, 426; and see Lighthouses,
P. 102.

Absseum Inlet, iv. 759.
Adams' Fall, iii. 599.
Allen's Ledge, iv. 759.
Rocks, iv. 289, 759.
Albemarle Sound, iv. 62.
Altamaha River, iii. 644.
Anisquam Harbor, iv. 345.
Annamusox River, iv. 759.
Annapolis, iv. 490.

Appalachicola Bay, iv. 491, 760.

Auld's Rock, iv. 345.

Bantam Ledge, v. 289.
Barnstable Harbor, ii. 828.

Bass River, iv. 229, 343, 381, 720; v. 289.
Beach Point, ii. 647; iii. 110.

Billop's Point Shoal, v. 290.
Bishop Rock, iv. 345.

Black Rock Harbor, iv. 347; v. 642.

Bluff Shoal, iii. 698.
Boon Island, i. 730.
Boss Rock, ii. 476.

Boston Harbor, i. 516; ii. 611; iii. 535; iv.
345, 759.

Bowbill Ledge, v. 289.
Brandford Harbor, iv. 172.
Brant Island Shoal, iii. 698.
Bridgeport Harbor, ii. 406; iv. 230.
Bristol Ferry, iv. 61.

Harbor, iii. 357.
Brothers, iii. 644.
Brunswick Harbor, v. 291.
Buffalo Creek, iv. 175.
Buffalo, iv. 230, 276, 381, 648.
Bunker's Ledge, v. 289.

Buzzard's Bay, ii. 57; iii. 535; iv. 62.
Cape Elizabeth, ii. 659.

Cape Fear Inlet, i. 607; iii. 110, 672.
Cape Fear River, i. 419.
Cape Hatteras, iii. 672.
Cape Lookout, iii. 672.
Castine Harbor, iv. 759.
Castle Island, iv. 62.
Cayahoga River, iv. 134.
Charleston Harbor, i. 251; iii. 599; iv
346, 512, 760.

Chesapeake Bay, i. 251, 339; iii. 535.
Chester, iv. 230.

Chickama-comico Channel, v. 291.
Chincoteague Inlet, iv. 760.
Cochney's Island, iii. 535.
Cockspur Island, v. 169.
Cohasset Rocks, iv. 345, 489.
Collin's Ledge, iv. 230.
Connecticut River, ii. 476.
Conner's Hook Island, iv. 283.
Constitution Point, iv. 283.
Corner Stake, v. 290.
Cornfield Point, iv. 62; v. 290.
Craney Island Bar, iv. 172.
Cutter Hunk Island, iii. 698.
Damariscotta River, iv. 759.
Darien Harbor, ii. 476.
Deek's Flats, ii. 476.
Deer Island Point, iv. 720.
Delaware River, ii. 152, 321.
Dobay Bar, ii. 647; iii. 110.
Dog River Bar, iv. 173.
Dorchester Flatts, iv. 171.
Drummer's Ledge, v. 289.
Dunkirk Harbor, iv. 228, 275, 363.
Dyer's Rock, iv. 345.

East Greenwich Harbor, iv. 172, 230.

Edgartown, ii. 659; iii. 110, 357; iv. 282.
Erie Harbor, iv. 490.

Fairweather Island, ii. 414; iii. 534.
Federal Point, New Inlet, iv. 172.
Frying-Pan Shoals, iii. 672.
Fulcher's Point, iv. 134.

George's River, iv. 720, 758.

Georgetown Harbor, iii. 316, 698; iv. 90,

147, 172, 346, 490, 760.
Gloucester Harbor, iv. 172, 345.

Goat Island, i. 540.

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