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Babcock, Samuel, balance due his representa- | Baker, Lois, claim of, to be settled and paid, vi.
tives to be paid, iv. 698.

Backus, Charles D., claim of, to be settled and Malyne, pension to, vi. 190.
paid, vi. 155.

Stephen, to be paid for a horse destroyed,
Bacon, Andrew, pension to, vi. 417.

vi. 209.
Bacot, Thomas W., allowance to, for expenses, Thomas M., pension to, vi. 68.
vi. 290.

William, to be paid as surgeon, vi. 621.
to be paid for expenditures,

allowance to, for damages, vi.
vi. 709.

Baden, William, pension to, vi. 612.

Balances, standard to be made for and sent to
Baggage, exemption from duty, i. 661 ; iii. each state, v. 267.
782; v. 560.

Balastier and Company, drawbacks allowed to,
Baggs, John, Jr., pension to, vi. 24.

vi. 367.
Bagnall, Richurd, to be paid for bricks, vi. 554. Balch, John, to be paid for cables, &c.,


in criminal cases, i. 91, 334.

Baldridge, James, land title confirmed to, vi.
in civil cases, i. 278.

provision where the defendant is after. Baldwin, Alfred, pension to, vi. 578.
wards arrested in another district, i. 727.

Isaac, and another, land patent to issue
in suits for duties and penalties, i. 421, 676. to, vi. 327.
by whom taken, i. 278, 334 ; ii. 679; iii.

Thomas, pension allowed to, vi. 26,
by clerks, i. 278.

P., and another, balance due
by commissioners, i. 334; ii. 679, 680; ii. to be endorsed on judgment, vi. 390.

Waterman, pension to, vi. 74.
by judges, i. 91, 334.

Ball, Daniel, pension to, vi. 68.
for good behavior, i. 609; v. 214.

Mottrom, to be paid for property de.
for property seized, may be taken in vaca- stroyed, vi. 217.
tion, iv. 503.

, Thomas, pension to, vi. 609.
excessive, not to be required, i. 21. Ballentine, David, forfeited land scrip allowed
discharged in cases removed from state

to, vi. 783.
courts, i. 79.

Ballowe, Robert, allowance for damages, to, vi.
under neutrality acts, v. 214.

in District of Columbia. See that title, p. Baltimore,

port duty, ii. 103, 316; iii. 125, 665; v. 602.
Bailey, Anselm, pension to, vi. 416.

payment of interest to, iv. 177.
Daniel, pension to, vi. 177.

authorized to use a certain building, v.717.
Elijah, and others, fishing bounty al-

Citizens of, to be compensated for
lowed to, vi. 324.

vessels sunk, vi. 265, 273.
Ephruim, pension to, vi. 24.

Bible Society, duties remitted to, vi.
increase of pension to, vi. 68.

Hezekiah, pension to, vi. 111.

-, Mayor and Council of, claim of, and
increase of pension to, vi. 140. interest, allowed, vi. 411.
John, allowed to enter certain land, v.715.

and Ohio Railroad, branch to Wash-
Jonathan N., overpayment to be repaid ington authorized, iv. 268, 476, 672, 757.
to, vi. 264.

and Susquehannah Railroad, duties
Martha, and others, interest allowed to, remitted to, vi. 740.
vi. 562.

Vessels sunk in Defence of, value of,
Peggy, allowed to enter land, vi. 213. to be ascertained, vi. 447.
Robert, pension to, vi. 24.

Samuel A., authorized to surrender land, of owners of, referred, vi. 552.
and scrip to issue to, vi. 593.

third au.
Thomas, pension to, vi. 233.

ditor to take testimony as to, vi. 570.
William, pension to, vi. 24.

Bancroft, Ebenezer, increase of pension to, vi.
increase of pension to, vi. 101. 69.
Bainbridge, Captain, rewards to, for captures,

Layzal, payment to, iii. 211.
ii. 818, 831.

Layzel, penalty remitted to, vi. 138.
Joseph, allowance to, vi. 272.


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Robert, pension to, vi. 24.
Bair, John, pension to, vi. 113.

Banezakiewitz, Lewis, and others, grant of land
Baird, Absalom, account of, to be settled, and to, iv. 743.
full pay allowed to, vi. 641.

Bank Bills and Notes,
Robert, pension to, vi. 91.

no bank notes under ten dollars, and after
Baker, Absalom, pension to, vi. 417.

3d March, 1837, none under twenty dol.
Glover, pension to, vi. 190.

lars, to be paid by the United States, v.
Jacob, allowed to enter certain land, v. 9. Repealed, v. 440.

issue of, by dead corporations forbidden, v.
James, to be paid for property impressed, 297.
vi. 707.

Bank of Alexandria, (D. C.) ii. 621 ; iii. 570,
-, John, land claim confirmed to represent- 618; v. 4, 254.
atives of, vi. 202.

Bank of Chillicothe, allowance to, for interest
allowance to, vi. 884.

and advances, vi. 414.
land entry confirmed to, vi. 927. Bank of Columbia, (D. C.) iii. 570, 618, 619;
Joseph, allowance for damages to, vi. 146. V. 4, 321 ; vi. 243.




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Bank of Detroit, act of Michigan respecting, Barber, Noyes, and others, fishing bounty al.
annulled, ii. 444.

lowed to, vi. 324.
Bank of the Metropolis, (D. C.) ii. 387, 570, Robert, Jr., receipts of, to be received for
618; v. 1, 2, 69, 232, 449; vi. 802.

land, vi. 876.
Bank of Milwaukee, (Wisc.) v. 198.

Barbour, James, Jr., account of, to be settled,
Bank of Mineral Point, (Wisc.) v. 198.

vi. 436.
Bank of Potomac, (D. C.) ii. 633 ; iii. 570, 620 ; -, Philip, value of land patented to, to
v. 1, 69, 232, 449 ; vi. 802.

be estimated, vi. 236.
Bank of the United States,

Barclay, Thomas, accounts of, vi. 72.
first bank, i. 191, 196, 573; ii. 274, 423, Bard, Archibald, and another, certificates of, to

be settled, vi. 392.
authorized to loan money to the Unit- Barges, Public, to be built, iii. 3, 217.

ed States, i. 329, 345, 395, 404, 418, Bargy, Peter, Jr., and others, payment to be made
419, 489, 534, 607, 609, 726; ii. 60, to, for services, vi. 541.
202, 247, 292, 349, 350, 551, 610.

to be paid for damages, vi. 760.
second bank, charter of, iii. 269, 508; v. Barham, Fielding, and another, land patent to

issue to, vi. 563.
authorized to make loans to United | Barham, Frances, Representatives of, and ar-

States, jii. 533, 636 ; iv. 33, 74, other, land patent to issue to, vi. 563.

Barkelow, Farrington, amount due to be ascer.
frauds on, punished, iii. 275, 276, 508.

tained and paid to, iii. 211; vi. 146.
loan office, duties by, iii. 361 ; v. 8, 9. Barker, James, pension to, vi. 324.
bribery of president and directors, iii. 508.

Josiah, land claim confirmed to, vi.
frauds in elections punished, iii. 508.

forgery of notes of, iii. 275.

Barlow, Joseph, pension to, vi. 417.
false plates of bills of, iii. 276.

Barnard, Dodd, and others, duties to be refund.
right of way granted to, vi. 579.

ed to, vi. 380.
laws authorizing the United States Bank Barnes, Cæsar, pension allowed to, vi. 32.
to pay pensions repealed, v. 16.

Calvin, pension allowed to, vi. 177.
notes of, receivable by United States, iii. , Elijah, pension allowed to, vi. 25.
274. Repealed, v. 48.

Francis, claim of, to be paid, vi. 564.
secretary of the treasury to act as agent of Hugh, increase of pension to, vi. 180.
the United States in regard to property

-, arrears of pension to be paid to,
in the bank, v. 56.

vi. 459.
directors of the bank to furnish statements John, payment to representatives of,
to him, v. 56.

vi. 838.
secretary of the treasury authorized to -, Margaret, pension to, vi. 827.

settle for United States stock in, v. 200. , Philip, and others, authorized to sur.
suits by, not to abate on expiration of render land certificates, vi. 492.
charter, v. 211.

Sibel, pension to, vi. 787.
sale of two bonds of, authorized, v. 296.

William, payment to, vi. 185.
Bank of Washington, ü. 625; iii. 570, 618; v. Barnett, James, five years' pay allowed to, vi.
1, 69, 232, 449; vi. 802.


interest on commutation allowed
power to pass bankrupt laws, i. 13.

to, vi. 551.
first bankrupt act, ii. 19, 92, 164. Re- Barney, Sarah, pension to, vi. 736.
pealed, ii. 248.

Barnitz, Jacob, allowance to, vi. 80.
bankrupt act of 1841, v. 440. Repealed, Barns, Hugh, pension to, vi. 139.
v. 614.

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Barnum, Enock, pension to, vi. 190.
note of decisions, ii. 19.

, Stephen, increase of pension to, vi.

charters of, in District of Columbia. See Barnwell, Robertson and, duties to be refunded
that title, p. 51.

to, vi. 471.
no act of any territory incorporating banks Baron, Marguerite, land title confirmed to, vi.
to go into effect until approved by con- 575.

Bart, Alexander, pension to, vi. 139.
issue of bills after expiration of charter Barracks, Appropriations for,
forbidden, v. 297.

army barracks,
Richard T., allowance to, for losses, vi. in Arkansas, iv. 674 ; v. 406, 407,

Bara, Nicholas, land claim not confirmed to, vi.

in Connecticut, iv. 356, 424.

in Florida, iv. 424, 644; v. 30.
Burbarick, John, increase of pension to, vi.

in Iowa, v. 698.

in Louisiana, iii. 463, 633, 687; iv.
Barbary Powers,

594, 644, 674 ; v. 149, 406.
consuls to, i. 256; ii. 608.

in Maine, iv. 355, 424 ; v. 459.
act for protection against, ii. 129.

in Maryland, iv. 356, 644, 674 ; v.
additional duty laid to defray the expense

of protection, ii. 291.

in Michigan, iv. 425; v. 459.
continuation of the act laying an addition-

in Missouri, iv. 424 ; v. 406, 407.
al duty, ii. 391, 437, 456, 511, 614, 675,

in New York, i. 494 ; iii. 408, 481 ; iv.

151, 215, 258, 502; v. 152, 361, 406
Mediterranean fund, ii. 212.

407, 434, 459, 606.

gress, v. 61.


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Barracks, &c., (continued.)

Bastrop, Baron, land claim confirmed to, ji.
in Pennsylvania, iii. 687.

in Virginia, iv. 425 ; v. 30.

Bachelder, Gideon, and others, claim of, to be
in Wisconsin, iv. 258, 356, 424, 466, paid, vi. 935.

Batcheldor, Archelaus, pension of, vi. 23.
generally, ii. 183, 683; iii. 633; iv. 258,

James, pension of, vi. 24.
466, 501, 643, 674, 747 ; v. 30, 148, 224, Bate, John, allowance to, vi. 201.
359, 361, 405, 407, 433, 434, 508, 604, Bateman, Henry, pension to, vi. 154.
697, 746.

Smith, rifle to be presented to, iv. 195.
for marine barracks,

Bates, Frederick, allowance to, vi. 174.
in Florida, v. 28.

Batman, Henry, grant of a land patent to, vi.
in Massachusetts, v. 28.

in New Hampshire, iv. 21; v.

29, 156. Baton Rouge, president authorized to exchange
in New York, iv. 671; v. 233, 363, lands in, vi. 315.
400, 420, 502.

Batson, James, pension to, vi. 101.
in Virginia, v. 28.

Battery, (New York,) exchange for, vi. 263.
in Washington, (D. C.) ii. 249, 311, Baughan, Augustine, exempted from imprison-
398 ; iv. 356, 376; v. 156.

ment for debt of United States, vi. 50.
generally, ii. 79, 122, 123, 209, 249, 311, Baum, Martin, exchange of land with, allowed,

398, 412, 167, 546,562,617,685, 822; üi. iv. 370.
677, 764 ; iv. 21, 141, 207, 751; v. 29, Bazter, Francis, pension to, vi. 24.
156, 233, 400, 420, 502, 618, 703, 793.

John W. C., bond of, vi. 175.
Barrague, Antoine, allowance to, for property Stephen, account of, to be settled, vi.
lost, vi. 408.

Barrett, James, grant of preëmption right to, Zebulon, land warrant to issue to, vi.
vi. 726.

Barron, Ann M., half-pay of her father allowed Bayard, Samuel, Executor of John, claim of,
to, vi. 603.

to be settled and paid, vi. 574.
Elias, increase of pension to, vi. 93. Baylies, Samuel, payment to be made to, vi.
James, duties refunded to, vi. 271.

; patents of, extended, vi. 678. Baylor, Ann D., allowance to, vi. 351.
Barrow, Matthew, to be paid for expenses of

allowance to, for the use of
suit, vi. 237.

heirs of J. W. Baylor, vi. 437.
Barry, Edward, allowance to, for property de-

allowance to, of five years' full
stroyed, vi. 520.

pay of Geo. Baylor as colonel, vi. 491.
Barstow, John, and others, discharged from a Cyrus A., sword to be presented to, iv.
note, vi. 665.

Barter, John, pension allowed to, vi. 23.

John Walker, allowance for use of chil.
Barth, Nicholas, increase of pension to, vi. 115. dren of, vi. 351.
Bartle, Andrero, pension to, vi. 111.

Walker, increase of pension to, vi. 92.
Bartlett, Benjamin, increase of pension to, vi. Bayly, Mountjoy, commutation of full pay to

be paid to, vi. 427.
David, allowance to, for expenses, &c., Baynham, William, interest to be paid to, vi
vi. 623.

Edwin, allowance to, for diplomatic Beach, Jesse, pension to, vi. 177.
services, vi. 894.

Beacham, Thomas, allowance to, for property
John, duties to be repaid to, vi. 241. destroyed, vi. 626.
Jonathan, bond of, vi. 175.

Beacons. See Buoys, p. 20.
Samuel, duties to be repaid to, vi. 241. Beasts, imported for breed, to be exempt from

William, fishing bounty allowed to, vi. duties, i. 324, 699; v. 561.

Beall, Samuel B., final certificates of, to be paid,
Barton, Henry, pension to, vi. 418.

vi. 249.
pension to, vi. 734.

William D., pay of inspector allowed to,
Job, pension to, vi. 612.

vi. 110.
Robert, certificates of enrolment of his Bean, Ebenezer, pension allowed to, vi. 23.
vessels, vi. 20.

increase of pension to, vi. 123.
Thomas P., payment to be made to, vi. John, pension allowed to, vi. 26.

Jonathan L., payment to, v. 161.
William, pension to, vi. 154.

Mark, and another, allowance to, for
authorized to withdraw a land R. H., and another, supplies, iv. 433.
entry, and transfer payments, vi. 216. Beard, David, amount of a forfeiture paid to,
Barton, WVilloughby, contract of, to be settled, vi. 300, 450.
vi. 377.

Hugh, authorized to enter land, vi.
Barlow, A., boat register allowed to, vi. 914. 551.
Bartram, Job, pension to, vi. 24.

William C., pension to, vi. 690.
increase of pension to, vi. 101. Beardsley, Ichabod, pension to, vi. 802.
Bashford, Francis, pension to, vi. 648.

John, Jr., increase of pension to, vi. 76.
Bussct, James, heirs of, prize money to be paid Beatty, Eduard, authorized to enter land, vi.
to, vi. 778.

Basscti, Eduard, increase of pension to, vi. 83. Beaubien, Josette, and Children, authorized to
-, Joseph, pension to, vi. 827.

exchange lands, vi. 676.
Nathaniel, land patent lo issue to, vi. Beaugrand, Jean Buptiste, and others, allowance

to, for property destroyed, vi. 534.

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Bcaugrand, J. B., und another, land patent to Belgium, (continued.)
issue to, vi. 413.

Art. 12. Vessels provided with a passport,
Reaumarchais, Baron de, payment to, ii. 389.

&c., to be recognized as national vessels,
Beaumont, Edmund, discharged from a judg- viii. 610.
ment, vi. 79.

Art. 13. Parts of the cargoes of vessels
Margaret, claim of, to be settled and may remain on board in the respective
paid, vi. 155.

ports without charge, viii. 610.
Beauvois, Antoine, land patent to issue to, vi. Art. 14. Imported goods deposited in ware.

houses to pay no warehouse charges,
St. James, and others, release of land other than those imported in vessels un.
to, vi. 386.

der the flag of the country, viii. 610.
Bebee, Paul, pension to, vi. 123.

Art. 15. Favors, privileges, &c., granted
Bechtler, Christopher, letters patent to issue to, to any other state to become common to
vi. 468.

citizens, &c., of both states. Duties to
Beck and Harvey, duties to be refunded to, vi. be the same as those levied on goods of

any other foreign country, viii. 610.
Becker, Henry, pension allowed to, vi. 460. Art. 16. Assistance, &c., in case of ship-
Jacob, pension restored to, vi. 804.

wreck, viii. 610.
John P., pension to, vi. 699.

Art. 17. Consuls and vice-consuls. De.
Becket, Humphrey, pension to, vi. 75.

serters. Certain seamen exempt from
Beckham, William, allowance to widow and these provisions, viii. 612.
children of, vi. 389.

Art. 18. No transit duties chargeable on
Beckit, Humphrey, pension to, vi. 417.

articles from the United States, viii. 612.
Bedinger, George M., pension to, vi. 844.

Art. 19. This treaty to be in force for ten
Beebee, Samuel, to be paid for a lost loan cer- years, and until either nation shall have
tificate, vi. 71.

given notice of a desire to terminate it
Bcekman, Theophilus E., pension to, vi. 618.

after ten years, viii. 612.
Beeman, Ebenezer, pension restored to, vi. 417. Art. 20. Ratifications to be exchanged at
Beer, Porter, and Ale, importation of, regulated, Washington, within twelve months, viii.
i. 701.

Belding, Chauncey and Samuel, and others, bond duties on vessels and cargoes from, to be
of, to be cancelled, vi. 806.

the same as on Dutch vessels and car.
Belger, James, pension allowed to, vi. 463.

goes, v. 152.
Bod gium,

Belknap, William G., authorized to locate land,
Treaty of Commerce and Navigation with, vi. 784.
November 10, 1845, viii. 606.

Bell, Captain Frederick M., Heirs of, land war.
Article 1. Freedom of commerce between rant to issue to, vi. 794.

the two countries. The same duties, James, account of, to be settled, vi. 598.
&c., to be paid by the citizens of either Jesse, authorized to locate land, vi. 523.
country, viii. 606.

John, pension allowed to, vi. 26, 154.
Art. 2. Belgian vessels shall pay in the

-, payment to be made to, vi. 184.
ports of the United States no other or Polly, alias Polly Collins, authorized to
higher duties of tonnage than paid by enter land, vi. 361.
vessels of the United States, viii. 606.

William, letters patent granted to, vi.
Art. 3. Vessels of the United States to 378.
pay in the ports of Belgium no other or

· H., purchase of patents of, y. 126.
higher duties than are paid by Belgian Bellamy, Aaron, to be paid for a vessel lost in
vessels, viji. 606.

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the public service, vi. 564.
Art. 4. Restitution guarantied of certain Belleview,

duties levied by the Netherlands, viii. to be laid out in lots, &c., v. 70.

proceeds of land sales to be paid to, v
Art. 5. Steam vessels to be exempt from 178.
duties of tonnage, viii. 608.

Bellows, Ezra, pension to, vi. 139.
Art. 6. Coasting trade, viii. 608.

Belt, Benjamin M., to be paid for a certain desk,
Art. 7. Articles proceeding from the soil, vi. 314.

&c., of Belgium, to pay no other duties Bender, George, allowed pay of major, vi. 642
than if imported under the flag of the Benedict, George, pension to, vi. 91.
United States. Reciprocal benefits to

Timothy, pension to, vi. 417.
importations into Belgium. Regula- Benefit of Clergy, not allowed, i. 119.
tions, .viii. 608.

Benjamin, Meigs D., duties to be refunded to,
Art. 8. The articles imported into the vi. 793.

United States in Belgian vessels to pay | Bennet, Benjamin, authorized to relinquish
no other duties than if imported in ves. land, vi. 629.
sels of the most favored nations, viii.

Isauc, increase of pension to, vi. 92.

John, pension to, vi. 615.
Art. 9. Exportations by Belgian or United and Morté, allowance to creditors of, vi.
States vessels, viii. 608.

Art. 10. Prem uins, drawbacks, &c., al-

Stephen, pension to, vi. 417.
lowed upon goods imported directly from William P., to be discharged from pris-

one of the two countries, &c., viii. 610.
Art. Il. Provisions in article 10 not to Benneti, Elijah, pension allowed to, vi. 25.

apply to the portition of salt, &c., or George W., authorized to relinquish and
the produce of national fisheries, vi.i.610. enter land, vi. 630.


on, vi. 132.

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Bennetl, Joshua, to be paid for a horse lost, vi. | Bingaman, Charlotte C., and others, authorized

to locate land, vi. 509.
Thomas, pension to, vi. 809.

Bingcy, John W., duties to be refunded to, vi. 359.
Benning, William, to have sole control of affairs Binnion, John, allowed to withdraw his entries,
of Anacostia Bridge Co.," vi. 375.

vi. 116.
Benson and Blodget, duties to be repaid to, vi. Bird, Benjamin, loan office certificates of, to be

liquidated, vi. 576.
George, allowed to enter certain lands, Gustadus A., rifle to be presented to, iv.
v. 715.
Benton, John, pension allowed to, vi. 26.

Herman, pension allowed to, vi. 33.
-, Selah, pension allowed to, vi. 104.

Joseph, pension to, vi. 75.
Beauvais, St. John, grant of land to, i. 222. Birdsall, Benjamin, account of, to be settled,
Berard, Baptiste, land claim confirmed to, vi. vi. 214.

Birdseye, Nathan G., lands to be released to,
Bergen, Elizabeth, payment to, ii. 120.

vi. 235.
Bernard, Hyacinth, land claim confirmed to, vi. Bispham, John E., payment to be made to, vi.

Berrien, John, accounts of, to be settled, vi. Bishop, Ledi, pension to, vi. 140.

Black, Jacob, land claim confirmed to, vi. 512.
Berry, Bartholomew, pension to, vi. 82. Blackburn, Benjamin, pension to, vi. 102.

- Benjamin, claim of, to be settled and Blackman, David, pension to, vi. 24.
paid, vi. 213.

Blackemore, Sarah, pension to, vi. 910.
James, pension to, vi. 91.

Black-River, (Indians,) treaty with, vii. 503.
John, pension allowed to, vi. 67, 140. Blackstone, John, release of land to, vi. 818.

William, pension allowed to, vi. 154. Blackwell, Jacob A., extra duty to be repaid, vi.
Berryman, Newton, to be paid for services as 320.
clerk, vi. 549.

Thomas, five years' pay allowed to,
Berzat, Susan, Widovo of Gabriel, title to land vi. 436.
confirmed to, vi. 276.

Captain William, land warrant to his
Besly, Sarak, pension to, &c., vi. 838.

daughter, E. Scott, vi. 524.
Bessom, Philip, allowance to, for expenses, &c., Blagrote, William, discharged from a judg.
vi. 569.

ment, vi. 304.
Betton, Solomon D., judgment against sureties Blaisdell, Enoch, pension to, vi. 631.
of, to be opened, vi. 864.

Jonathan M., moiety of a judgment
Bible Societies, duties to be refunded to, vi. 162. to be paid to, vi. 595.

Society, Philadelphia, duties remitted to, Blake, Charles, pension to, vi. 651.
vi. 116.

Edward, executrix exempted from suit,
Bickley, Daniel, and C. Clark, to be paid the vi. 785.

amount of a bill of exchange, vi. 247. Blakely, Captain Johnston,
Biddle, Captain James, and Officers, medals to medal to, iii. 246.
be presented to, iii. 254, 341 ; vi. 181.

loss of, at sea, iii. 295.
Clement, payment to, ii. 121.

Blakeley, Johnston, to be credited for advances,
J., payment to, iv. 148.

vi. 288.
Richard, accounts of, to be settled, vi. Blakely, Josiah, land patent to issue to repre

sentatives of, vi. 836.
Biennial Register of officers to be printed, iü. Blakesly, Enos, pension to, vi. 24.
342; iv. 608; v. 339.

Blanc, John, new letters patent granted to, vi.
Bienvenu, Brothers, land claim confirmed to, vi. 767.

Blanchard, Edward, account of, vi. 18.
Bigger, James, and his Company, full pay al.

Thomas, letters patent extended to,
lowed to, vi. 352.

vi. 589, 748.
Biggs, William, authorized to enter land, vi.

William, pension to, vi. 140.

Blaudelt, Abraham, pension allowed to, vi. 26
Bigham, William W., authorized to enter lands Blean, Robert, to be paid for materials, vi. 305.
in lieu of others, vi. 780.

Bledsoe, George, pension allowed to, vi. 26.
Bill, Daniel, increase of pension to, vi. 85. Bleder, James, increase of pension to, vi. 84.
Joshua, pension to, vi. 418.

Bliss, Moses, allowance to, for fees, vi. 634.
of Rights, i. 21.

Blodget, Rebecca, value of her right of dowe
Billiette, John Battiste, land patent to issue to, of, to be ascertained, vi. 347.
vi. 498.

value of her right of dower
Billings, John S., increase of pension to, vi. 828. allowed to, vi. 378.
Bills of Aitainder, not to be passed, i. 15.

allowance to, in full for dower,
of Barks,

vi. 517.
issue cf, after expiration of charter, forbid- Blood, Francis, pension to, vi. 73.
den, v. 297.

Bloom, Peter, and others, land title confirmed
when receivable for public dues, v. 9, 440.

to, vi. 859.
of Credit, issue of, by states, prohibited, i. Blount, William, expense of committee on im-

peachment of, to be paid, i. 544.
of Exchange, when suable in courts of Willie, claim of, to be settled and paid,
United States, i. 79.

vi. 624.
John, land title confirmed to, vi. 557. Bloomfield, Thomas, pension to, vi. 417.
Vindon, Joseph, grant of land to, ii. 101 ; vi. Blue-Book, register of office-holders to be pub.

lished, iii. 342; iv. 608; v. 339.

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