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By which receipts the said minister has promised in the name of con- Interest at five gress, and in behalf of the thirteen United States, to cause to be paid per cent. and reimbursed to the royal treasury of his majesty, on the 1st of January, 1788, at the house of his grand banker at Paris, the said sum of eighteen millions money of France, with interest at five per cent. per annum.

ART. 2. Considering that the payment of so large a capital at the one Repayment of stipulated period, the 1st of January, 1788, may greatly injure the finan- the loans. ces of the congress of the United States, and it may perhaps be even impracticable on that footing, his majesty has been pleased for that reason to recede in that respect from the tenor of the receipts which the minister of congress has given for the eighteen million livres tournois, mentioned in the foregoing article, and has consented that the payment of the capital in ready money, at the royal treasury, be in twelve equal payments of 1,500,000 livres each, and in twelve years only, to commence from the third year after a peace.

ART. 3. Although the receipts of the minister of the congress of the Abatement of United States specify, that the eighteen million of livres abovementioned, interest. are to be paid at the royal treasury, with interest at five per cent. per annum, his majesty being willing to give the said United States a new proof of his affection and friendship, has been pleased to make a present of, and to forgive the whole arrears of interest to this day, and from thence to the date of the treaty of peace; a favor which the minister of the congress of the United States acknowledges to flow from the pure bounty of the king, and which he accepts in the name of the said United States with profound and lively acknowledgments.

ments, &c.

ART. 4. The payment of the said eighteen millions of livres tournois Interest to di shall be in ready money at the royal treasury of his majesty at Paris, in minish in protwelve equal parts, and at the terms stipulated in the above second portion to pay article. The interest of the said sum, at five per cent. per annum shall commence with the date of the treaty of peace, and shall be paid at every period of the partial payments of the capital, and shall diminish in proportion with the payments. The congress of the said United States being left, however, at liberty to free themselves sooner from this obligation by anticipated payments, in case the state of their finances will admit.

ART. 5. Although the loan of five millions of florins of Holland, agreed to by the states general of the United Provinces of the Nether

land, acknow

Loan made by lands, on the terms of the obligation passed on the 5th of November France in Hol- 1781, between his majesty and the said states general, has been made ledged to be for in his majesty's name, and guaranteed by him; it is nevertheless ac the use of U.S. knowledged by these presents, that the said loan was made in reality on account, and for the service, of the United States of North America, and that the capital, amounting, at a moderate valuation, to the sum of ten millions livres tournois, has been paid to the said United States, agreeably to a receipt for the payment of the said sum, given by the undersigned minister of congress, the seventh day of June last.

Engagement of the French king to repay said loan.

Agreement to repay amount of the loan in Holland.

Interest on the

to be paid by U.S. to France.

ART. 6. By the convention of the said 5th of November, 1781, the king has been pleased to promise and engage to furnish and pay at the general counter of the states general of the Netherlands, the capital of the said loan, with the interest at four per cent. per annum, without any charge or deduction whatever to the lenders, so that the said capital shall be wholly repaid after the space of five years, the payments to be made in ten equal periods, the first of which to commence the sixth year from the date of the loan, and afterwards from year to year to the final payment of the said sum; but it is in like manner acknowledged by this act, that this engagement was entered into by the king, at the request of the undersigned minister of the United States, and on the promise by him made in the name of congress, and on behalf of the thirteen United States, to cause to be reimbursed and paid at the royal treasury of his majesty at Paris, the capital, interest, and cost of the said loan, according to the conditions and terms fixed by the said convention of the 5th of November, 1781.

ART. 7. It is accordingly agreed and settled, that the sum of ten million livres tournois, being, by a moderate computation, the principal of the loan of five millions of Holland florins abovementioned, shall be reimbursed, and paid in ready money at the royal treasury of his majesty at Paris, with the interest at four per cent. per annum, in ten equal payments, of one million each, and in ten terms, the first of which shall be on the 5th of November, 1787, the second, the 5th November, 1788, and so from year to year till the final payment of the said sum of ten millions, the interest lessening in proportion with the partial payments of the capital. But in consequence of the king's affection for the United States, his majesty has been pleased to charge himself with the expense of commissions and bank for the said loan, of which expenses his majesty has made a present to the United States, and this their undersigned minister accepts, with thanks, in the name of congress, as a new proof of his majesty's generosity and friendship for the said United States.

ART. 8. With regard to the interest of the said loan during the five loan in Holland years preceding the first term of payment of the capital, as the king for five years, has engaged to pay it at the general counter of the states general of the Netherlands, at the rate of four per cent. yearly, and every year, counting from the 5th of November, 1781, according to the convention of that day, the minister of congress acknowledges that the repayment of that is due to his majesty by the United States, and he engages in the name of the said United States, to cause payment thereof to be made, at the same time and at the same rate at the royal treasury of his majesty; the first year's interest to be paid the 5th of November next, and so yearly, during the five years preceding the first term for the payment of the capital, fixed as above on the 5th of November, 1787

The high contracting parties reciprocally bind themselves to the

faithful observance of this contract, the ratifications of which shall be exchanged in the space of nine months from this day, or sooner, if possible.

In testimony whereof, we, the said plenipotentiaries of his most Christian majesty, and of the thirteen United States of North America, in virtue of our respective powers, have signed these presents, and thereunto fixed the seal of our arms.

Done at Versailles, the 16th day of July, one thousand seven hun-
dred and eighty-two.


L. S.

L. S.


to be exchanged

in nine months.


To the Treaty with France, of November 9, 1843.

THE crime of robbery, defining the same to be the felonious and forcible taking from the person of another, of goods or money to any value, by violence, or putting him in fear; and the crime of burglary, defining the same to be, breaking and entering by night into a mansion house of another, with intent to commit felony; and the corresponding crimes included under the French law in the words vol qualifié crime, not being embraced in the second article of the convention of extradition concluded between the United States of America and France, on the 9th of November, 1843, it is agreed by the present article, between the high contracting parties, that persons charged with those crimes shall be respectively delivered up, in conformity with the first article of the said convention; and the present article, when ratified by the parties, shall constitute a part of the said convention, and shall have the same force as if it had been originally inserted in the same.

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Proclamation, July 24, 1845.

The crimes of

robbery and bur included in the glary defined, and provisions of this treaty.

Le crime de robbery, consistant dans l'enlèvement forcé et criminel, effectué sur la personne d'autrui, d'argent, ou d'effets d'une valeur quelconque, à l'aide de violence ou d'intimidation; et le crime de burglary, consistant dans l'action de s'introduire nuitamment, et avec effraction ou escalade, dans l'habitation d'autrui, avec une intention criminelle; et les crimes correspondants prévus et punis par la loi française, sous la qualification de vols commis avec violence ou menaces, et de vols commis dans une maison habitée, avec les circonstances de la nuit et de l'escalade, ou de l'effraction, n'étant pas compris dans l'article 2 de la convention d'extradition conclue entre les Etats Unis d'Amérique, et la France, le 9 Novembre, 1843,-il est con- Ante, p. 583. venu, par le présent article, entre les hautes parties contractantes, que les individus accusés de ces crimes seront respectivement livrés, conformément à l'article 1 er de la dite convention; et le présent article, lorsqu'il aura été ratifié par les parties, fera partie de la dite convention, et aura la même valeur que s'il y avait été originairement inscrit.

En foi de quoi, les Plénipotentiaires respectifs ont signe, en double, le présent article, et y ont apposé le sceau de leurs armes.

Fait à Washington, le vingt
quatre Février, 1845.

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Art. 7. Algerines not to sell vessels of war to
the enemies of the United States,
Art. 8. When passport is not necessary, 134
Art. 9. When other Barbary States not to be
allowed to sell prizes in Algiers, 134
Art. 10. United States may send prizes into
ports of the Regency,
Art. 11. How ships of war of United States
shall be treated in the ports of the Re-
Art. 12. How slaves shall be redeemed, and
when captured persons shall be lawful
Art. 13. How the estates of citizens of United
States dying in the Regency shall be set-

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Art. 14. No citizen of United States to be
compelled to purchase goods or pay debts
of another,
Art. 15. How disputes shall be settled, - 135
Art. 16. How crimes shall be punished, 135
Art. 17. Privileges of the Consul of the United
Art. 18. In case of war citizens of United
States may embark unmolested, 136
Art. 19. Citizens of either nation captured by
the other to be set at liberty,
Art. 20. Vessels of war to be saluted, 136
Art. 21. Consul not to pay duty,
Art. 22. War not to be declared in case of
breach of treaty. Sum to be paid to the

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Treaty of Peace and Amity with the Dey of
Algiers. June 30-July 6, 1815, 224
Article 1. Peace and friendship. Favours
in navigation and commerce to be common
to each,

Art. 2. Abolition of tribute in any form, 224
Art. 3. American citizens to be delivered up, 224
Art. 4. Indemnification to American citizens
for detention and loss of property. Bales
of cotton and $10,000 to be delivered to the
American Consul,
Art. 5. Enemy's property to pass free in ves-
sels of each party,

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Art. 6. Citizens or subjects taken on board
an enemy's vessel to be liberated, - 224
Art. 7. Passports to vessels of each party
and right of visit restricted. Offenders to
be punished for abusing the right of visit.
Vessels of war of United States to suffer
Algerine cruisers to pass unmolested, 225
Art. 8. What shall be a sufficient passport, 225
Art. 9. Provisions to be furnished to vessels
in need at market price,
Art. 10. Assistance to be given to the crew,
and protection to the property of vessels
cant ashore,
Art. 11. How vessels may be protected, 225
Art. 12. Commerce on the footing of the most
favoured nations,
Art. 13. Consul of United States not respon-
sible for debts of citizens, &c.,
Art. 14. Salutes to vessels of war of the
United States,

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Art. 15. Pretexts arising from religious opi-
nions not to interrupt harmony, &c. Con.
suls may travel within the territories of
each party,
Art. 16. How disputes may be settled, &c., 226
Art. 17. Prisoners of war not to be made
slaves, but to be exchanged within twelve
Art. 18. Powers at war with United States
not to be empowered to sell American ves-
sels captured at Algiers,
Art. 19. Consuls of United States to decide
disputes between American citizens, 226

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