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A Paris le douze Thermidor an neuf de la République (trent un

Juillet, mil huit cent un.)


Le Ministre des Relations Extérieures,


Par le Premier Consul :

Le Secretaire d'Etat,


La présente convention a été échangée par les ministres sous-signés, munis de pleins pouvoirs à cet effet, à Paris ce douze Thermidor an neuf (trente et un Juillet, mille huit cent un.)



be observed and perforned with good faith on the part of the United
States, I have caused the premises to be made public, and I do hereby
enjoin and require all persons bearing office, civil or military, within
the United States, and all others, citizens or inhabitants thereof, or
being within the same, faithfully to observe and fulfil the said Conven-
tion and every clause and article thereof.
IN TESTIMONY whereof I have caused the seal of the United States

to be affixed to these presents, and signed the same with my

(L. s.) hand.

Done at the city of Washington, the twenty-first day of December in

the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and one, and of the sovereignty and independence of the United States the twentysixth.


[blocks in formation]

Between the United States and Great-Britain. (a) Jan. 8, 1802. Difficulties having arisen in the execution of the sixth article of Preamble. the treaty of amity, commerce and navigation, concluded at London on Treaty of 19th the fourth day of November, one thousand seven hundred and ninetyNov. 1791, art.

four, (b) between his Britannic majesty and the United States of Ame7.

rica, and in consequence thereof the proceedings of the commissioners under the seventh article of the same treaty having been suspended; the parties to the said treaty being equally desirous, as far as may be, to obviate such difficulties, have respectively named Plenipotentiaries to treat and agree respecting the same; that is to say, his Britannic majesty has named for his plenipotentiary, the right honorable Robert Banks Jenkinson, commonly called Lord Hawkesbury, one of his majesty's most honorable Privy Council, and his principal Secretary of State for foreign affairs: and the President of the United States, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate thereof, has named, for their plenipotentiary Rufus King, Esquire, minister plenipotentiary of the said United States to his Britannic majesty, who have agreed to and

concluded the following Articles : The sixth arti. Article I. In satisfaction and discharge of the money which the cle annulled, United States might have been liable to pay in pursuance of the proexcept, &c. the U. S. agree to

visions of the said sixth article, which is hereby declared to be canpay £600,000 celled and annulled, except so far as the same may relate to the execusterling in an

tion of the said seventh article, the United States of America hereby nual instal. ments of £200. engage to pay, and his Britannic majesty consents to accept for the use 200 each. of the persons described in the said sixth article, the sum of six hun

(a) See notes of the Treaties and Conventions with Great Britain, ante, page 54.
(6) Ante, page 116.

dred thousand pounds sterling, payable at the times and place, and in the manner following, that is to say: the said sum of six hundred thousand pounds sterling shall be paid at the city of Washington, in three annual instalments of two hundred thousand pounds sterling each, and to such person or persons, as shall be authorised by his Britannic majesty to receive the same; the first of the said instalments to be paid at the expiration of one year, the second instalment at the expiration of two years, and the third and last instalment at the expiration of three years, next following the exchange of the ratifications of this convention. And to prevent any disagreement concerning the rate of exchanges, the said payments shall be made in the money of the said United States; reckoning four dollars and forty-four cents to be equal to one pound sterling.

Art. II. Whereas it is agreed by the fourth Article of the definitive The fourth ar. treaty of Peace, concluded at Paris on the third day of September one ticle of the treathousand seven hundred and eighty-three between his Britannic majesty 1783, relative to

of and the United States, that creditors on either side should meet with no private debts, lawful impediment to the recovery of the full value in sterling money of recognized and all bona fide debts theretofore contracted; it is hereby declared, that

confirmed. the said fourth article, so far as respects its future operation, is hereby recognized, confirmed and declared to be binding and obligatory on his Britannic majesty and the said United States, and the same shall be accordingly observed with punctuality and good faith, and so as that the said creditors shall hereafter meet with no lawful impediment to the recovery of the full value in sterling money of their bona fide debts.

Art. III. It is furthermore agreed and concluded that the commis- Commission sioners appointed in pursuance of the seventh article of the said treatyers to execute of amity, commerce and navigation, and whose proceedings have been the duties as

signed to them suspended as aforesaid, shall, immediately after the signature of this by the 7th articonvention, reassemble and proceed in the execution of their duties ac- cle of the treaty cording to the provisions of the said seventh article; except only that of 1794. instead of the sums awarded by the said commissioners being made payable at the time or times by them appointed, all sums of money by them awarded to be paid to American or British claimants, according to the provisions of the said seventh article, shall be made payable in three equal instalments, the first whereof, to be paid at the expiration of one year, the second at the expiration of two years, and the third and last at the expiration of three years next after the exchange of the ratifications of this convention.

ART. IV. This convention, when the same shall have been ratified Ratification of by his majesty, and by the President of the United States, by and with this convention the advice and consent of the senate thereof, and the respective ratifications duly exchanged, shall be binding and obligatory upon his majesty and the said United States.

In faith whereof, We the undersigned plenipotentiaries of his Britan

nic majesty and of the United States of America, by virtue of our respective full powers, have signed the present convention, and have caused the seals of our arms to be affixed thereto.

Done at London, the eighth day of January one thousand eight hun-
dred and two.



Aug. 11, 1802. Between his Catholic Majesty and the United States of America, Convention for the indemnification of those who have sustained losses, damwith Spain rati. ages, or injuries, in consequences of the excesses of individuals, fied by the U.S. Jan. 9, 1801,

of either nation, during the late war, contrary to the existing and by the King treaty, or the laws of nations.(a) of Spain, July 9, 1818. The parties

His Catholic Majesty, and the government of the United States of wish to adjust Ainerica, wishing amicably to adjust the claims which have arisen from claims amica.

the excesses committed during the late war, by individuals of either bly.

nation, contrary to the laws of nations or the treaty existing between the two countries: his Catholic Majesty has given, for this purpose, full powers to his Excellency, D. Pedro Cevallos, Counsellor of State, Gentleman of the Bed Chamber in employment, first Secretary of State and universal despatch, and Superintendent General of the posts and Post Offices, in Spain and the Indies; and the government of the United States of America to Charles Pinckney, a citizen of the said States, and their Minister Plenipotentiary near his Catholic Majesty, who have

agreed as follows:(6) A board of 1. A Board of Commissioners shall be formed, composed of five Comfive commis. missioners, two of whom shall be appointed by his Catholic Majesty, sioners to be

two others by the government of the United States, and the fifth by appointed.

common consent; and in case they should not be able to agree on a person for the fifth Commissioner, each party shall name one, and leave the decision to lot: And hereafter, in case of the death, sickness or necessary absence, of any of those already appointed, they shall proceed in the same manner, to the appointment of persons to replace

them. Commission.

2. The appointment of the Commissioners being thus made, each ers to take an one of them shall take an oath to examine, discuss, and decide on, the oath.

claims, which they are to judge, according to the laws of nations and

the existing treaty, and with the impartiality justice may dictate. Commission.

3. The Commissioners shall meet and hold their sessions in Madrid, ers to meet and where, within the term of eighteen months (to be reckoned from the sit at Madrid, day on which they may assemble) they shall receive all claims, which, receive claims, &c.

in consequence of this Convention, may be made, as well by the subjects of his Catholic Majesty, as by the citizens of the United States of America, who may have a right to demand compensation for the losses, damages, or injuries, sustained by them, in consequence of the excesses committed by Spanish subjects or American citizens.

4. The Commissioners are authorized, by the said contracting par: Commission ers may ex. ties, to hear and examine, on oath, every question relative to the said amine every

demands, and to receive, as worthy of credit, all testimony, the authen. question on oath.

ticity of which cannot reasonably be doubted.

5. From the decisions of the Commissioners there shall be no apNo appeal from the com- peal; and the agreement of three of them shall give full force and effect missioners. to their decisions, as well with respect to the justice of the claims, as

to the amount of the indemnification which may be adjudged to the

a) See notes of the treaties between the United States and Spain, ante, page 138.

(6) This convention was annulled by the tenth article of the Treaty with Spain of February 22, 1819, post, 260.


Entre su Magestad Catolica y los Estados Unidos de America,

y sobre indemnizacion de perdidas, daños y perjuicios irrogados durante la ultima guerra en conseqüencia de los excesos cometidos por individuos de ambas naciones, contra el derecho de gentes ó tradado existente.

DESEANDO su Magestad Catolica y el gobierno de los Estados Unidos de America, ajustar amistosamente les demandas que han ocasionado los excesos cometidos durante la ultima guerra por individuos de una y otra nacion, contra el derecho de gentes ó el tradado existente entre los dos paises; ha dado su Magestad Catolica plenos poderes á este efecto á D. Pedro Cevallos, su Consejero de Estado, Gentilhombre de Camara con exercicio, primer Secretario de Estado y del despacho universal Superintendente General de Correos y Postas en España é Indias ; y el gobierno de los Estados Unidos de America á D: Carlos Pinckney, ciudadano de dichos Estados y su Ministro Plenipotenciario cerca de su Magestad Catolica, quienes han convenido en lo siguiente:

1. Se formará una junta compuesta de cinco vocales de los quales, dos serán nombrados por su Magestad Catolica, otros dos por el gobierno de los Estados Unidos, y el quinto de comun consentimiento; y en el caso de no poderse convenir en el sugeto para quinto vocal, nombrará uno cada parte dexando la eleccion entre los dos á la suerte, y se procederá en la misma forma en adelante al nombramiento ulterior de los sugetos que reemplazaren á los que actualmente lo son en los casos de muerte, enfermedad ó precisa ausencia.

2. Hecho asi el nombramiento prestará cada uno de los vocales el juramento de examinar, discutir, y sentenciar las demandas sobre que jurgaren con arreglo al drô, de gentes y tratado existente, y con la imparcialidad que dicta la justicia.

3. Residirán los vocales y celebrerán la juntas en Madrid, en donde en el prefixo termino de diez y ocho meses, contados desde el dia en q! se junten, admitirán todas las demandas q? a conseqüencia de esta Convencion hicieren tanto los vasallos de su Magestad Catolica como los ciudadanos de los Estados Unidos de America, que tuvieren derecho, á reclamar perdidas, daños y perjuicios, en conseqüencia de los execessos cometidos por Espanoles y ciudadanos de dichos Estados durante la ultima guerra contra el drô de gentes y tratado existente. 4. Se autoriza por dichas partes contratantes á los vocalas para

oir y examinar baxo la sancion del juramento qualezquiera puntos concernientes á las referidas demandas y á recibir como digno de fé todo testimonio de cuya autenticidad no puede dudarse con fundamento.

5. Bastara el acuerdo de trés vocales para que sus sentencias tengan fuerza de irrevocables y sin apelacion tanto por lo que respecta á la justicia de las demandas, como por lo q hace á las cantidades q! se adjudicaren p'r indemnizacion a los demandantes; pues se obligan las

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