The Poetical Works of Mrs. Felicia Hemans, Volume 1

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Halaman 77 - E'en while with ours thy footsteps trod, His seal was on thy brow. Dust, to its narrow house beneath! Soul, to its place on high! They that have seen thy look in death No more may fear to die.
Halaman 24 - Ay, on the boy he looks, The bright glad creature springing in his path, But as the heir of his great name, the young And stately tree, whose rising strength ere long Shall bear his trophies well. — And this is love ! This is...
Halaman 181 - They have been with me through the dreamy night — The blessed household voices, wont to fill My heart's clear depths with unalloy'd delight ! I hear them still, unchang'd : — though some from earth Are music parted, and the tones of mirth — Wild, silvery tones, that rang through days more bright ! Have died in others, — yet to me they come, Singing of boyhood back — the voices of my home ! II.
Halaman 141 - Oh! now I feel Worthy the generous love which hath not shunn'd To look on death for me! — My heart hath given Birth to as deep a courage, and a faith As high in its devotion. [Exit CONSTANCE.

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