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421, 590 Met, L. Ins. Co. ads. Beglin... 283 Obrien et Merton. 498 Middeke et al. 71. Balder et al., 122 O'Loughlin ads. Texas Cent. Miller ads. Blackstone.

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357 Mitchell ads. Prince George's Orman v. Salvo....

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Mittenthal et al. v. Mascagni.. 418
Monnier v. R. R. 578, 587 Pannaci ads. Murray.

212 Moayon v. Moayon.


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Moody ads. Bacon.

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60 Parker & Co. ads. Ætna L. Moran v. Morrill. 354 Ins. Co.....

422 Moreland's Admr. v. Citizens Patton ads. State.

420 Sav. Bk... 285 Paul v. Fargo.

.479, 498 Morrill ads. Moran.

354 Peck Williamson H. & U. Co. Morrow v. Pullman Co... 586 V. Steen School Township, Moses, Appeal of.


496 Muhlker v. N. Y. & H. R. R. Penn. R. Co. ads. Bailey 417 Co.....

Penn. R. Co. ads. Naylor.. 417 Murphey ads. Cent. of Ga.R.Co. 279 | People v. American L. & T. Murphy v. Curry.

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493 Murphy ads. Supreme Council. 591 People v. Green..

587 Murray v. Northwestern R. Co. 121 People v. Law & Order Club.. 495 Murray v. Pannaci...... 212 People v. Martin...

209 Muskegon Co. ads. Wilson. 497 People v. Ozboda. Mut. Fire Assn, et al. ads. People v. Pierson..

.585, 589 Boyd...... ..487, 493 People v. Pratt..

494 Mut. Reserve L. Assn. ads. People v. Barrett..

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119 v. State Bd. Tax Com's..267, Nevitt, Inre.. .45, 58

287, 426 New Jersey Zinc Co. ads. Buck 211 People v. Wells...

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Ranit v. Reimers.
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v. Howe Scale Co....

494 Wales v. Sammis...

498W. U. Tel. Co. v. Uvalde Nat. Wanamaker v. Weaver. 589

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Wart v. Wart.
60 Zeltner v, Zeltner....




482, 493

An Important New Work for Law Schools and Law Students.


Negotiable Instruments


Author of “Daniel on Negotiable Instruments."



of the Bar of the District of Columbia, and Professor of the Law of

Negotiable Instruments in Georgetown (D. C.) University,

Price in law canvas, $3.00 Net, or $3.25 delivered; in sheep,

$3.50 Net, or $3.75 delivered.

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'HIS WORK is designed primarily for the use of law students and instructors in

law schools. It is based upon the well-known and popular work of “ Daniel on Negotiable Instruments,” and the lectures upon the subject by Professor Douglass after eight years' experience as instructor in the law of Negotiable Instruments in the law school of the Georgetown (D. C.) University.

So much of the standard work by Senator Daniel as would be appropriate to a student's book has been used, but the subject-matter has been rearranged and transposed, and new matter added. Everything has been done that seemed to the authors necessary to make the subject both intelligible and attractive.

Especial care has been taken to regulate and apportion the space devoted to the many sub-subjects as their relative importance, from the standpoint of the student, requires. It is believed that in this respect this work differs materially from, and is superior to, most, if not all, other student's books on this subject.

One of the special features of the book is the orderly and logical sequence of discussion. The work is divided into five books, and the subjects taken up in logical and chronological order. As the system and classification constitute nearly half of the battle with the law student in mastering any given subject, unusual attention has been given to this in the structure and arrangement of this new book.

The student, in this new work, is vouchsafed the substantial benefits, on the one hand, of the point of view and professional experience of the lawyer-author, and, on the other, of the lecturer's practical appreciation of the usual difficulties attendant upon the study of the law.

The full text of the important new statute, “The Negotiable Instruments Law,” which has become law in nineteen States, and also in the Territory of Arizona and District of Columbia, is given in an Appendix.

BAKER, VOORHIS & CO., Law Publishers, For Sale by all Law Booksellers.

66 Nassau Street, New York.

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