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ABBOTT: A Brief for the Trial of Criminal Cases...

598 BOYER : The Health Officers' Manual....

428 BEALE: A Selection of Cases on the Conflict of Laws.

288 BENJAMIN: Principles of Sales. Second Edition...

69 BISHOP: Commentaries on the Law of Statutory Crimes....

597 BLACK: A Treatise on the Law of Judgments. Second Edition.. 364 BOLEN: Plain Facts as to the Trusts and the Tariff...

68 BRANDENBURG : The Law of Bankruptcy......

597 BURDICK: The Elements of the Law of Sale of Personal Property... 66 CAMPBELL: Insurance and Crime.....

292 CHAPMAN: A Manual of Medical Jurisprudence, Insanity and Toxi

cology. Third Edition.... COLLIER: The Law and Practice in Bankruptcy. Fourth Edition. Hotchkiss' Ed......

430 Coxe: Manual of French Law and Commercial Information.. CROTHERS: Morphinism and Narcomanias from Other Drugs; their

Etiology, Treatment and Medico-Legal Relations..... ... 128 DANIEL : Treatise on the Law of Negotiable Instruments. Fifth Edition.....

367 DANIEL AND DOUGLASS: The Elements of the Law of Negotiable Instruments...

363 DILLON : John Marshall. Lise, Character and Judicial Services.... 500 DRESSER: The Employers' Liability Acts and The Assumption of

Risks in New York, Massachusetts, Indiana, Alabama, Colo-
rado and England......

65 EASTMAN: The Bankruptcy Law Annotated....

501 EATON AND GILBERT: A Treatise on Commercial Paper and The

Negotiable Instruments Law....
Fallows: Collateral Inheritance and Transfer Tax Law of the State

of New York....... HOWARD: The Louisiana Purchase..

67 HUFFCUT AND WOODRUFF: American Cases on Contracts. Sec

ond Edition..... JUDSON: A Treatise on the Power of Taxation, State and Federal, in

the United States... KNOWLTON AND DWYER: Cases on Criminal Law.

430 LEAVITT: A Code of Negligence.....

219 MASON: On Highways .....

66 MIKELL: Cases on Criminal Law. Part I.

362 MOREY: The Government of New York...

68 MORSE: A Treatise on the Law of Banks and Banking. Fourth Edition. Parson's Ed.......

290 Newell: Elements of the Law of Real Property, with Leading and Illustrative Cases...

217 Noyes: A Treatise on the Law of Intercorporate Relations.. 215






PETERSON AND HAINES: A Text Book of Legal Medicine and Toxicology....

502 REINHARD : A Treatise on the Law of Agency....

289 RUMSEY: The Practice in Civil Actions. Second Edition, Vol. I..... 133 SCOTT: Cases on International Law, Selected from Decisions of English and American Courts.

429 SMITH: Studies in Juridical Law..

362 STEARNS : The Law of Suretyship

291 TAYLOR: A Treatise on the Law of Private Corporations. Fifth Edition.....

127 THOMPSON : Cases on Equity Pleading and Practice ....

431 TIFFANY: Hand Book of the Law of Principal and Agent

503 VAN ZILE; Elements of the Law of Bailments and Carriers.

218 VEEDER : Legal Masterpieces

596 VOORHEES: A Treatise on the Law of the Measure of Damages for Personal Injuries .

365 WAMBAUGH: Littleton's Tenures..

599 WOODBURN : The American Republic and Its Government 427





411, 423



.580, 592


A. L. of H. ads. Black....


Beckham et al. ads. City of A. L. of H. ads. Langan.. 423

Hutchinson et al..

212 Alexander v. Steinhardt. ...581, 590 Beers v. Washbond.

586 Abell Co. ads. United Press... 356 Beglin v. Met. L. Ins. Co..... 283 Adams ads. Donnan.... 279 Berger v. U. S. Steel Corp.. Ætna L. Ins. Co. v. Parker & Biggert ads. Shillito.... 591 Co.....

422 B. R. Council ads. Lawford... 589 Alden v. White

Birkett ads. Columbia Bk.

416 Alexander ads. Fallsburg P. & Black v. A. L. of H.

495 M. Co....

282 Blackstone v. Miller.. Allen ads. Jamestown Bus. Col. 61 Bloomfield Sav. Inst. et al. ads. Allen ads. Veazey. 281 Barrett.

499 Am. Bridge Co. of N. Y. ads. Bloomingdale v. Weil..

57 Locomobile Co. of Am..350, 357 Board Chosen Freeholders et al. Am. Exch. Bank V. Hoff

ads. Ross .....


Board of Coms. v. Gardner Sav. Am. L. & T. Co. ads. People.. 120 Inst.....

280 Am. Law Book Co, ads. Edw. Board Supvrs. Election, etc., v. Thompson Co...

Todd et al.....

492 Am. School of Mag. Healing v. Boatman et al. v, Boatman.. 213 McAnnulty...


Boerum St., In re.... Am. Surety Co. ads. Columbia Bonta v. Gridley.....

201 Bk...

.578, 592

Boston S. & I. Co. v. Steuer... 424 Anderson Carriage Co. v.Pungs. 592 Bowles, in re

123 Andrews v. Andrews... 356 | Boyd v. Mut. F. Assn. et al..487, 493 Ashby & Son ads. Reynolds.. 359 Bedford Corp. v. Ferrand.. 109, 125 Atl. Transp. Co. ads. Rowson. 417 Bradley v. Carritt....

591 Atl. Trust Co. ads. Chapman.. 360 Brand v. Connery.

283 Ayers v. Polsdorfer. 285 Brennan v. Gallagher.

I 24

Brickey, In re.. Bacon v. Moody....

425 Briscoe v. Baillie Hamilton.. 126 Bailey v. Penn. R. Co.. 417 Brooklyn H. R. FischerBaillie Hamilton ads. Briscoe.. 126 Hansen

424 Baird ads. City of New York.. 588 | Brush Elec. Co. et al. ads. CanBalder et al. ads. Middeke et al. 122 Ballard v. Complin... 594 Buck v. N. J. Zinc Co..

211 Baudouine ads. Butler.

586 | Bucknell Bros. ads. Dunn. .198, 210 Banker's Mut. Cas. Co. v. M. Budd-Scott v, Daniell.....

43, 62 St. P. & S. S. M. Ry. Co.... 57 Burnand ads. Hambro.. 585 Barber Asph. Pav. Co. ads. Burt v. Union Cent. L. Ins. Co. 284 Field...


Butler v. Baudouine.... Barclay ads. Sheffield Corp. 355 Byrne v. Londonderry TramBarnett's Trusts, In re... 56

way Co..... Barney v. City of N. Y.

.413, 421
Byrne v. Reid..

108, 123 Barrett v. Bloomfield Sav. Inst. et al.... 499 Callahan ads. Beattie....

426 Barrett v. People..

589 Caminez ads. Grossman. 280 Bashinsky v. Talbot... 279 Camplin ads. Ballard... 594 Beattie v. Callahan...

Carritt ads. Bradley.


I 20


,408, 419





.408, 419

Castle v. Perkins....


East La. R. Co. ads. Ford..... 490 Cannon v. Brush Elec. Co. et Eaton ads. McKenna.

213 al...

Edmisten v. Herpolsheimer.... 123 Carroll N. S. Co. ads. Lee..... 588 Edw. Thompson Co. v. Am. Central of Ga. R. Co. v. Mur

Law Book Co...

497 phy....

279 Elder Dempster, etc., Co. ads. Chapman v. Atl. Trust Co.... 360 Pouppirt

490 Chicago & N. W. R. Co. ads. Ellsworth et al, ads. State. 121 Euting...

. 206, 211 Emilie Galline, The.... 585 Chicago W. Trac. Co. v. City of Ennis ads. May....

284 Chicago...

203, 209 Ensign Mfg. Co. ads. So. Ry. Citizen's Sav. Bk. ads. More


. .111, 121 land's Admr...

285 Euting v. C. & N.W.R. Co.206, 211 Citizen's Sav. Bk. v. Town of Everidge ads. Van Praagh... 56 Greenburgh

280 Clarke v. Larremore

416 Farquarson Bros. & Co, v. King Columbia Bk. v. Am. Surety Co.

& Co...

56 578, 592 Fallsburg P. & Mfg. Co. v. Columbia Bk, v. Birkett....... 416 Alexander..

282 Commodore Min. Co. ads. Ren Fargo ads. Paul

.479, 498 lund .....

497 Farmer ads. Stillwater Water Commonwealth ads. Sawyer..


425 112, 121 Feil v. Wabash R. Co..

286 Congdon ads. Douthart. 58 | Felsenthal ads. Dayton Hyd. Conrery ads. Brand... 283 Co.....

53, 63 Corrigan v. Rockefeller. 358 Fenwick, Stobart & Co., In re.

62 Crabb ads. Williams..

60 Ferrand ads. Bradford Corp. Cranby ads. Isle... I 24

109, 125 Crane v. Waldron.

491 Fidelity Mut. F. Ins. Co. v. Crockett v. McLanahan.. 423 Lowe..

422 Curry ads. Murphy..... .51, 58 Field v. Barber Asph. Pav. Co. 122

Finnitzer v. Trust Co

.576, 592 Dailey v. Minnick...

Fischer-Hansen v. B. H. R. Co. 424 Daniels v. N. Y. N. H. & H. Flack ads. Stakeman..

490 Ry. Co...


Ford v. East La. R. Co.. 490 Daniell ads. Budd-Scott. 43, 62 Fortier v. Delgado & Co..581, 590 Davis ads. Hutchings.

590 Davis ads. Lough .. 116, 125 Gallagher ads. Brennan. 124 Davis v. Summerfield .274, 286 Gage v. State...

587 Day's Estate, In re.

594 Gardner Sav. Inst. Co. ads. Dayton Hyd. Co. v. Felsen

Board of Coms...

280 thal....

.53, 63 Garrison v. U. R. Co... 578 De Boissiere, etc., Assn. ads. German Ins. Co. et al. v. Troutman et al... ..269, 287 Hearne.

61 De Hart ads. Com. of Va. 354 Giles v. Harris.

491 Deigado & Co. ads. Fortier. ... Gillette v. Tucker.

287 581, 590 Gorman v. Williams.

63 Devitt v. Ins. Co...

284 Gottschalk v. Jungmann ..199, 214 581 Diamonds v. U. S. 360 Grant v. Saunders.

498 Donnan v. Adams... 279 Green ads. People.

587 Donovan uds. Hurley..

58 Greenburgh, Town of, ads. Cit. Dounce ads. Potts.. 359 Sav. Bk....

280 Douthart v. Congdon. 58 Greer v. Severson.

286 Doyle v. Whitridge... 593 Gridley ads. Bonta .

209 Driefontein Consol. Mines, Ltd. Grossman v. Caminez........ 280

ads. Janson.... Dunn v. Bucknall Bros..

198, 210

H. & T. C. R. Co. v. Phillio. Dupounce ads. People.. 493

115, 119






.481, 492


580, 592 .204, 209

586 356


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.484, 490

410, 417 116, 125

Haber v. Merkel...

593 King & Co. ads. Farquarson Hale Elevator Co. v. Hale..

Bros. & Co..

56 Hambro v. Burnand. 585 Koehler ads. Shanley.

419 Hamilton Bk. ads. Imperial Bk. 358 Koepke v. Winterfield.

212 Hamilton G. & C. Trac. Co. v. Parish


L. & L. F. Ins. Co. et al. ads. Harris ads. Giles.


Schmaelze... Harse v. Ins. Co....

283 592 Hawaii 0. Mankichi.

Langan v. A. L. of H.

423 Hearne ads. German Ins. Co.

Larremore ads. Clarke.

416 et al....


Lavington ads. Jones... 425 Henon ads. Ills. Cent. R. Co.. 210

Law & Order Club ads. People 495

Lawford v. B. R. Council... Herpolsheimer ads. Edmisten. 123

589 Lawrence v. Washburn.

286 High Roller Min. Co. ads. San

Lee v. Carrol, N. S. Co.... taquin Min. Co... .276, 286 Hodnett's Will, In re.

Lehmaier v. Marino. 344, 361

595 Hoffman v. Am. Exch. Bank..

Levi ads. Oppenheimer.


Levins v. N. Y. etc. R. Co.. Hood ads. State..

Livingston v. Livingston

Locomobile Co. of Am. v. Am. Hopkins, Matter of.

.42, 61 Hotchkiss ads. Taylor.

Bridge Co., etc...

.350, 357 Howe Scale Co. ads. Wyckoff,

Logan v. Nebraska Moline Plow Seamans & Benedict ..

Co.... 494

119 Hunt Bros. v. M. K. & T. R.

Londonderry Tramway Co....


119 Hurley v. Donovan.


Lottery Case, The. Hutchinson, City of. et al. v.

Lough v. Davis.. Beckham, et al.

Lowe ads. Fid. Mut. F. Ins. Co. 422

212 Hutchings v. Davis..

590 Hyatt ads. People ex rel. Cock- M. K. & T. R. Co. ads. Hunt

60 Bros..

.484, 490 Hyatt ads. State.

282 M., St. P. & S. S. M. Ry. Co.

ads. Bankers' Mut. Cas. Co.. 57 Ills. Cent. R. Co. v. Henon... Magoffin v. Mut. Reserve L. Imperial Bk. v. Hamilton Bk.. 358 Assn..

124 Indiana v. Trust Co. v. Finnit- Maloney v. Martin..

421 zer.

Manhattan Ins.

Co. ads. Inman et al. ads. Stecher Litho.


.351, 358 Co......


Mankichi ads. Hawaii....481, 492 Insurance Co. ads. Devitt..

Marino v. Lehmaier.. .344, 361 Ins. Co. ads. Harse...

Martin ads. Maloney.

421 Insurance Co. ads. Meigs. 495

Martin ads. People...

209 Iowa State Ins. Co. ads. Ken- Mascagni ads. Mittenthal et al. 418 nedy. 62 Matthews ads. Uhlein...

63 Isle v. Cranby.. 124 May v. Ennis....


Mayor, etc., of N. Y. ads. Mer-
Jamestown Bus. Col. v. Allen 61 cantile Nat. B..
Janson v. Driefontein Consol. McAnnulty ads. Am. School of
Mines, L't'd..
I21 Mag. Healing.....

214 Jones, Matter of...

McDonald v. Nugen.

214 Jones v. Livingston.. 425 | McGlynn ads. Powell.

60 Jones v. Reilly..


McGowan v. Peterson. Jones v. Thomas. 211 McKenna v. Eaton

213 Jump, In re.... 359 McLanahan ads, Crockett.

423 Jungmann ads. Gottschalk. Mead et al, ads. Sutherland... 423 199, 214 | Meigs v. Ins. Co...


Mercantile Nat. B. v. Mayor Kennedy v. Iowa State Ins. Co. 62 etc. of N. Y..




..576, 592




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