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Positive evidence of the popularity of The Cyclopedia of Law and Procedure is found in the rapid growth of our subscription list. Never before in the history of law book making has a work of this nature received the endorsement and support of the legal profession that has been accorded CYC.

The Hon. Irving G. Vann, Associate Justice, New York Supreme Court of Appeals, in commenting on the value of CYC to the general practitioner, says: “The work will be of great value to the legal profession. It is an encyclopedia of law and procedure, combined with a law dictionary and a law glossary, thus making a most comprehensive work.”

Thousands of other judges and lawyers have been quick to recognize the superior value of this work. The busy lawyer has no time to wade through two or three Encyclopædias to find a point of law—when he wants information he wants it quickly in a compact, practical form.

THE CYCLOPEDIA OF LAW AND PROCEDURE Is the only Cyclopedia which contains in one set of books all the Law — Both Substantive and Remedial Citing Suitable Forms and dealing extensively with Evidence.

Our 64-page prospectus contains much valuable information, including a list of over 400 titles covered by CYC, together with the eminent legal authorities engaged upon the work. It explains fully our method of keeping the work up to date by the publication of an inexpensive volume of Annual Annotations. Let us send it to you, with sample pages of the work. We will at the same time explain how you may secure a complete working library, at a comparatively small cost-on easy terms. Better write to-day-You may forget it.

OLD STYLE LEGAL ENCYCLOPAEDIAS In good second-hand condition at about HALF PRICE.

Continuations Guaranteed.

The American Law Book Co..



Modern Eloquence

Ex-Speaker Reed's Great Library of After-Dinner
Speeches, Popular and Classical Lectures, Famous
Addresses, Reminiscence, Repartee, Illustration
and Story. Ten Handsome Library Volumes.


OR the first time the best After-dinner Speeches, Lectures, Addresses, Anecdotes, Reminiscences, and Repartee of America's and England's most brilliant men have been selected, edited, arranged, by an editorial board of men-themselves eloquent with word and pen -who have attained eminence in varied fields of activity.

These gems of spoken thought were fugitive, from lack of proper preservative means, until the Hon. Thomas B. Reed, upon voluntarily retiring from the Speakership of the House of Representatives, gathered about him these men of mark and experience in literature, his friends and co-workers in other fields, and began the task of preparing this great work. North, East, South, and West and the Mother Country as well, have been searched for gems in every field of eloquence. Here was a lecture that had wrought upon the very souls of great audiences; there an after-dinner speech which "between the lines" was freighted with the destinies of nations. Here was a eulogy expressing in few but virile words, the love, the honor, and the tears of millions, and there an address pregnant with the fruits of a strenuous life's work. Or, perchance, reminiscence, keen, scintillant repartee, or a story potent in significance and aflame with human interest. Matter there was in abundance, for English-speaking peoples are eloquent, but the best-only the best, the great, the brilliant, the worthy to endure, has been the guiding rule of Mr. Reed and his colleagues. Their editorial labors have been immense.

Whatever the viewpoint, this work is without precedent. It has no predecessor, no competitor. Speeches that have been flashed across continents, lectures that have been repeated over and over again to never-tiring audiences (but never published), addresses that have made famous the man, the time and the placethese are brought together for the first time, and with them a large number of the wittiest sayings of the wittiest men of the Nineteenth century.

For an hour-for a whole evening in the easy chair at home-for the study
of style and diction that have electrified brilliant assemblies-for the man
ambitious to become a successful or popular public speaker, and for the
one who has to prepare a toast or an address-this work is a never-failing
"a man's
source of entertainment and inspiration. Nor is this solely
work." "The tenderest tribute to woman I have ever read," said
Senator Dolliver when he read the manuscript of Joseph Choate's
after-dinner speech-"The Pilgrim Mothers.'


MODERN ELOQUENCE is sumptuously published in 10
octavo volumes, but moderately priced. To properly
present this unique library, Portfolios comprising Table
of contents, fine photogravures, chromatic plates,
sample pages, and other interesting material have
been prepared. One of these portfolios with full
particulars regarding bindings, prices, terms,
etc., will be mailed on application.


Publishers, Philadelphia.


Portfolio Posted Free

John D.

Morris & Co.

Gentlemen: Referring to your advertisement of Hon. Thos. B. Reed's library, "Modern Eloquence," I shall be pleased to receive portfolio of sample pages, photogravures, and chromatic plates; also full particulars regarding bindings, prices, etc.


Mail Address......



Being a Concise, Modern and Practical American Treatise on Law of Wills, including a Thorough and Exhaustive Consideration of Construction, Devises and Legacies-Probate and Contest-Evidence of CapacityUndue Influence-Fraud-Execution-Revocation and Republication of Wills. . .

Written clearly and concisely after careful and original investigation by

WILLIAM HERBERT PAGE, of the Columbus, Ohio, Bar-Professor of the Law of Wills in the Law

Department of the Ohio State University.

This book covers fully every point in the Law of Wills. A careful study has been made of the lines of precedent, based on the earlier leading cases ; while the modern cases are treated exhaustively and completely, the author's personal examination having included every decision on the subject of Wills for the past ten years. Especial attention has been given to Legacies and Devises, Probate and Contest, Procedure and Evidence, these being subjects which in other treatises are treated in collateral topics and which are so frequently confused with the substantive Law of Capacity and undue influence.

It is written clearly and concisely throughout; cases are distinguished in principle where such distinction exist, and every case which is in conflict with other authority is clearly indicated. It is written as a concise and thorough American Treatise, which was needed by both the student and the practitioner.

One volume of more than 1,000 pages. Price, $6.00 net.







THE plan of this work grew out

of the author's own wants, and his

USING -. utility has been tested by his own experience. The author in his legal study and practice has endeavored to seize upon all that is fairly within his reach, and, by tediousness, drudgery, and wearisomeness (the only way to know law), to place a fund of valuable legal knowledge at his ready command, and his advice to law students is to make a note of every novel or valuable point that occurs in his study, as he will find it useful when he is admitted to practice.

The usefulness of some sort of a common-place book is recommended by every practicing attorney, including Fulbec, Roger North, Lord Hale, Phillips, and Locke. Lord North says, Common-placing is so necessary that without a wonderful, I might say miraculous fecundity of memory, three parts of reading in four will be utterly lost to one who useth it not.That distinguished and accomplished scholar, William Wirt, remarks, Old-fashioned economists will tell you never to pass an old nail, or an old horse-shoe, or buckle, or even a pin, without taking it up, because although you may not want it now, you will find use for it some time or other.This principle is especially true with regard to legal knowledge.

The plan of this work will be found sufficiently general and systematic

It is best to index according to subjects, selecting that word which conveys the best idea of the subject or decision. The margin on the left hand of each page is ruled wide enough to give room for the word or subject. Printed on fine quality of linen ledger paper. Bound, leather back and

corners, marbled paper sides. Size, 8 x 9, 300 pages, $3.00. Size, 8x9, 1,000 pages, bound full leather, Russia ends and bands, $5.00,


Williamson Law Book Co., ROCHESTER, N. Y.

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AVING for many years made a specialty of Art Bookbinding, we wish to call your attention to the various bindings now produced in our establishment.

Binding for private libraries, also in artistic and elaborate manner for rare and expensive books, is made a particular feature of our business. To this may be added the binding of extra illustrated books-a branch requiring much experience— to which we give careful attention. Books decorated in special or emblematic designs when desired.

The binding of single books, or books in small quantities, receives the same care as those in larger numbers.

We also make Solander and other cases for manuscripts and rare editions.

In addition to the above we make all ordinary and less expensive bindings in the best possible manner.

Inlaying is one of our specialties, being done in our own workrooms by skilful men and under our personal supervision. We also clean engravings, etc., and mount photographs.

Classes for instruction in bookbinding have been established for ladies, and if you are interested kindly write for particulars or call upon us.

Authorized bookbinders for the COLUMBIA LAW REView.

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