Investigation of the Tennessee Valley Authority: Hearings Before the Joint Committee on the Investigation of the Tennessee Valley Authority, Congress of the United States, Seventy-fifth Congress, Third Session, Pursuant to Public Resolution No. 83, Creating a Special Joint Congressional Committee to Make an Investigation of the Tennessee Valley Authority

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Halaman 1547 - In the appointment of officials and the selection of employees for said Corporation, and in the promotion of any such employees or officials, no political test or qualification shall be permitted or given consideration, but. all such appointments and promotions shall be given and made on the basis of merit and efficiency.
Halaman 1490 - The board in order to improve and cheapen the production of fertilizer is authorized to manufacture and sell fixed nitrogen, fertilizer, and fertilizer ingredients at Muscle Shoals...
Halaman 1978 - ... (c) Any person who shall receive any compensation, rebate, or reward, or shall enter into any conspiracy, collusion, or agreement, express or implied, with intent to defraud the Corporation or wrongfully and unlawfully to defeat its purposes, shall, on conviction thereof, be fined not more than $5,000 or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.
Halaman 1978 - Corporation, or to deceive any director, officer, or employee of the Corporation or any officer or employee of the United States (1) makes any false entry in any book of the Corporation, or (2) makes any false report or statement for the Corporation, shall, upon conviction thereof, be fined not more than $10,000 or imprisoned not more than five years, or both. (c) Any person who...
Halaman 1978 - The deposits to the credit of a stabilization fund shall be made in a public depositary of the United States. All general laws relating to the embezzlement, conversion, or to the improper handling, retention, use, or disposal of public moneys of the United States shall apply to the profits and equalization fees payable to the credit of the stabilization fund and to moneys deposited to...
Halaman 1490 - In the event it is not used for the fixation of nitrogen for agricultural purposes or leased, then the board shall maintain in stand-by condition nitrate plant numbered 2, or its equivalent, for...
Halaman 1489 - The board is hereby authorized — (a) To contract with commercial producers for the production of such fertilizers or fertilizer materials as may be needed in the Government's program of development and introduction in excess of that produced by Government plants. Such contracts may provide either for outright purchase of materials by the board or only for the payment of carrying charges on special materials manufactured at the board's request for its program.
Halaman 1492 - To establish, maintain, and operate laboratories and experimental plants, and to undertake experiments for the purpose of enabling the Corporation to furnish nitrogen products for military purposes, and nitrogen and other fertilizer products for agricultural purposes in the most economical manner and at the highest standard of efficiency.
Halaman 1794 - Supervisors may, for just cause, terminate the service of any employee under their supervision, and such termination shall separate the employee from pay status. In so doing, the supervisor shall state the cause for termination in writing. A copy of the written notice stating such cause shall be sent to the Personnel Division and to the employee upon request. No employee shall be discharged from the Authority, however, without the approval of the Personnel Division subsequent to a fair hearing if...
Halaman 1428 - That the board is hereby authorized and directed to make studies, experiments, and determinations to promote the wider and better use of electric power for agricultural and domestic use, or for small or local industries...

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