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Sect. 71. St. 1897, c. 491, § 2 defined who should be deemed a person in charge or control of a signal, switch or train within the meaning of St. 1887, c. 270, § 1, cl. 3; but the definition did not extend to a “ locomotive engine," which is mentioned in said clause. The question of so extending the definition of what constitutes charge or control as to include a locomotive engine is submitted to the legislature.

Sect. 73. The words against the employer" have been inserted for certainty.





statistics of

1 SECTION 1. There shall be a bureau of statistics of labor consist- Bureau of 2 ing of a chief who shall be appointed by the governor, with the advice sabor 3 and consent of the council, in May in the year nineteen hundred and Res. 1998; 102. 4 three and thereafter biennially in May, and of two clerks who shall Res. 1873, 53. 5 be appointed by the chief. The chief shall receive an annual salary : 5:31, $$ 13, 6 of three thousand dollars, the first clerk, an annual salary of two 1884, 4. 7 thousand dollars and the second clerk, an annual salary of sixteen 1877430. 8 hundred and fifty dollars. The chief may also employ two special 9 agents who shall cach receive an annual salary of twelve hundred 10 dollars, and necessary assistants to whom he may pay such com11 pensation as he deems reasonable, not exceeding four dollars a day 12 to each in addition to his travelling expenses.

1899, 115.

1 SECTION 2. The bureau shall collect, assort, arrange and present Duties and 2 in annual reports to the general court, on or before the first day of Burers of 3 March, statistical details relative to all departments of labor in the 1.5.31, $$ 13, 4 commonwealth, especially in relation to the commercial, industrial, is: 5 social, educational and sanitary condition of the laboring classes and 6 to the permanent prosperity of the productive industry of the com7 monwealth. It may also distribute at such regular intervals as it 8 deems advisable a bulletin relative to the state of employment and 9 industrial conditions. It may send for persons and papers, and ex10 amine witnesses under oath; and such witnesses shall be summoned 11 in the same manner and be paid the same fees as witnesses before 12 the superior court.

1894, 334.

1 SECTION 3. The chief of said bureau, upon the request of the Special 2 mayor and aldermen of a city or the selectmen of a town, shall enumeration 3 cause an enumeration to be made within three months thereafter, is nog 4 showing the number of inhabitants and legal voters in each street, 5 square or avenue of such city or town, or in such blocks or sections 6 thereof as may be agreed upon by said chief and the mayor and al7 dermen or selectmen, and he shall report the result thereof to the 8 city or town clerk. The expense of such special enumeration shall 9 be paid by the commonwealth, and the treasurer and receiver general 10 shall thereupon issue his warrant requiring the assessors of such city 11 or town to assess a tax to the amount of such expense and the same 12 shall be collected and paid over in the same manner as other state 13 taxes.

Disposition of ustess recordis. 1887, 43.

SECTION 4. The chief of said bureau, having first obtained i authority from the governor and council, may destroy or sell all 2 such records, schedules and papers which accumulate in said bureau 3 as, in his judgment, are of no value; and, if sold, the proceeds 4 thereof shall be paid into the treasury of the commonwealth. 5

Schedule sent
to manu.
1906, 174, $ 1.

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SECTION 5. The bureau shall annually, on or before the fifteenth 1
day of December, transmit by mail to the owner, operator or manager 2
of every manufacturing establishment in the commonwealth a
schedule embodying inquiries as to, —

(1.) Name of the person, partnership or corporation.

5 (2.) Kind of goods manufactured or business done.

6 (3.) Number of partners or stockholders.

7 (4.) Capital invested.

8 (5.) Principal stock or raw material used, and total value 9 thereof.

10 (6.) Gross quantity and value of articles manufactured.

11 (7.) Average number of persons employed, distinguishing as to 12 sex, adults and children.

13 (8.) Smallest number of persons employed, and in what month. 14 (9.) Largest number of persons employed, and in what month. 15

(10.) Total wages, not including salaries of managers, paid 16 during the year, distinguishing as to sex, adults and children. 17

(11.) Proportion that the business of the year bore to the great-18 est capacity for production of the establishment.

19 (12.) Number of weeks in operation during the year, partial 20 time being reduced to full time.


1080, 171, $ 2.

SECTION 6. The owner, operator or manager of every establish- 1 ment which is engaged in manufacturing, who receives the foregoing 2 schedule, shall answer the inquiries thereon for the last calendar 3 year or for the last financial vear of the establishment and return 4 said schedule to said bureau, with the answers therein certified as 5 to their accuracy, on or before the twentieth day of January follow- 6 ing the receipt of said schedule.


Alstracts. 1886, 174, $ 3.

SECTION 7. The bureau shall annually prepare abstracts of the 1 information so collected, with proper and comparative analyses 2 thereof, and report the same in print to the general court. Such 3 report shall be stereotyped and shall be numbered as one of the 4 series of public documents.


Information to be deemed confidential. 1886, 171, $ 1.

SECTION 8. The names of persons, partnerships or corporations i who supply the information called for by the three preceding sec- 2 tions shall not be used in said reports, but such information shall 3 be confidential and not for the purpose of disclosing any person's 4 affairs. An agent or employee of said bureau who violates this 5 provision shall be punished by a fine of not more than five hundred 6 dollars or by imprisonment for not more than one year.


Expenses. 1896, 174, $ 5.

SECTION 9. The bureau may annually expend not more than 1 sixty-five hundred dollars to carry out the provisions of the four 2 preceding sections.


1898433$ 24.

THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF STATISTICS. 1 SECTION 10. The secretary of the commonwealth, the secretary Bonrd of 2 of the state board of agriculture, the secretary of the board of educa-Supervistirs. 3 tion, the secretaries of the state boards of health, of insanity and of Rs. 1773 40. 4 charity and the chief of the bureau of statistics of labor shall consti- 1sse, toi, 5 tute a board of supervisors of statistics, who shall serve without pay. 6 A member of said board shall be appointed chairman thereof by the 7 governor, with the advice and consent of the council, and he may 8 appoint a secretary. The board shall meet at the state house at 9 least once in each month, and at other times when called together by 10 the chairman.

Res. 1877, 60.

1 SECTION 11. The board shall have general supervision of all Ruties2 matters relative to the statistics to be gathered and reported by 18. 31, $$ 18, 3 any of the departments represented on the board. Any investiga4 tion which is contemplated by any of said departments shall, before it 5 is made, be reported to the board, which shall so direct the method 6 thereof as to prevent unnecessary work and to make plain the pres7 entation of the facts, and shall simplify and abridge, as far as may 8 be, the statistical matter to be presented by any department repre9 sented, and, if such matter is germane

that under the care of 10 another department, shall see that such matters are consolidated 11 and presented by one department only. Not more than five hun12 dred dollars shall be annually allowed said board for contingent 13 expenses.

NOTES. The St. 1894, c. 224, which provided for the taking of the decennial census of the commonwealth, although in terms a general and permanent act, is in effect a temporary provision and was passed in anticipation of the census of 1895. An examination of the statutes shows that the legislature has passed a new act prior to each decennial census to provide for statistics relating to new conditions of society, trade, commerce, etc. See St. 1857, c. 60; Gen. Sts. c. 20; Sts. 1865, c. 69, 1874, c. 386; Pub. Sts. c. 31; Sts. 1881, c. 131, 1891, c. 224. The St. 1894, c. 224, was acted on in taking the last census, and has therefore been omitted; but it has not been included in the table of statutes repealed in chapter 227.

Sect. 2. The provision of St. 1895, c. 290, requiring the industrial bulletin to be printed by the state printer has been omitted inasmuch as it, as well as other printed reports of state boards and commissions, would be printed in conformity with established practice and under the control of the secretary of the commonwealth as supervisor of state printing.



SECTIONS 1-9. District Police.
SECTION 10. — County Police.
SECTIONS 11, 12. Special Police.
SECTIONS 13-20. Railroad and Steamboat Police.
SECTIONS 21-25. Street Railway Police.
SECTIONS 26-28. Reserve Police Force in Cities.
SECTIONS 29, 30. — Police Pensions.
SECTIONS 31-31. — Police Matrons.
SECTIONS 35, 36. — Private Detectives.
SECTION 37. - List of Police.

1866, 261, $ 1.

1872, 35.5.

DISTRICT POLICE. District police, SECTION 1. There shall be a district police force divided into an i number and aprintment. inspection department and a detective department. The inspection 2 1865, 249, $1.

department shall consist of the chief of said force, thirty-three male 3 1871, 394, $ 1.

and two female members; the detective department shall consist of 4 1875, 15, $ 1.

said chief and thirteen members. The chief shall be the head of 5 P. S. 103, $ 1.

each of said departments. Each member of the district police force 6

shall be appointed by the governor for a term of three years, and 7 1888, 113. may be removed by him. Vacancies in either of said departments 8 1835, 426, § 13.

shall be filled by appointment to the department in which the 9 1891, 3.57, $ 6. 1894, 281. vacancy occurs.

1894, 481, $ 1. 1895, 396.

10 1895, 418, S 8. 1896, 516, $ 4.

1898, 261.

GS, 24, $ 1. 1879, 305, $ 1.

1885, 131. 1837, 256.

1891, 302.

166 Mass. 26.

Chicf of dis.

SECTION 2. The governor shall designate one of the district police 1 trict police. 1545, 243, $$ 1,4. to be chief thereof, who shall have his office in Boston and who shall, 2 1871, 391, $ 3. 1874, 405. subject to the approval of the governor, make all needful rules for 3 1875, 15, $ 1. 1877, 214, $ 6. the government of the district police, for reports to be made by 4 1.3.138, 11. them and for the performance of their duties. IIe shall annually, 5 1894, 481, $ 57. on or before the first day of January, report in print to the governor 6 1895, 418, $ 6. relative to factories and public buildings.


Clerks. 1890), 137. 1892, 249. 1898, 219.

SECTION 3. The chief of the district police may appoint in his 1 office two clerks, the first, at a salary of fifteen hundred dollars a 2 year, and the second, at a salary of one thousand dollars a year, 3 which shall be paid by the commonwealth. He may also appoint a 4 clerk for service in the boiler inspection department at a salary of 5 six hundred dollars a year (which shall be paid out of the proceeds 6 of the fees received for examinations of applicants for licenses as 7 engineers and for inspections of boilers].


Members to be
Sworn and to
give bonds.
1875, 15, $$ 2, 3.
1879, 305, $ 4.
P. S. 103, § 4.

SECTION 4. Each member shall, before entering upon the per- 1 formance of his duties, be sworn to the faithful performance thereof, 2 and shall give bond to the treasurer and receiver general with 3 sureties approved by the governor, in the sum of three thousand 4 dollars, conditioned faithfully to perform his official duties and to 5 account for all property which may come into his possession as 6 such officer. He may be required by the governor to renew said 7 8 bond from time to time, and, unless his oath of office is taken and 9 his bond approved and filed within ten days after the date of his 10 appointment, such appointment shall be void.

1807, 349, $ 2.

1875, 15, $ 6.

1 SECTION 5. Each male member shall receive an annual salary Salaries and 2 of fifteen hundred dollars, and each female member an annual salary 5, 249, $ 3. 3 of one thousand dollars, and his or her actual travelling and neces- 1945; 33% 4 sary expenses when on duty. The chief shall receive an annual 1871, 391,9$ 3, 5. 5 salary of twenty-five hundred dollars. All fees received by the

13 6 members of the district police shall be paid over by them to the Pas 103, $ 5. 7 treasurer and receiver general, and no salary shall be paid to any 1891, 302. 8 officer until he has made oath that he has paid over all such fees. 1993, 357. 9 Their accounts shall all be verified by oath, and shall be approved S$4 10 by the chief before being presented to the auditor.

1898, 261.


SECTION 6. A district police officer who directly or indirectly Penalty for 2 receives a reward, gift or gratuity on account of his official services rewarıls, etc. 3 shall be punished by a fine of not more than one hundred dollars or 1871, 334, 98 5, 9. 4 by imprisonment for not more than three months; and shall also be 187, 1, $10. 5 discharged from office. A district police officer who fails to faith- P: 5.103, 6. 6 fully perform the duties required of him by chapter one hundred 1:42, 206, 5. 7 and four shall be immediately discharged from office.

1994, 481, $ 56. 133 Mass. 233.

1 SECTION 7. The district police shall have and exercise through- Powers of 2 out the commonwealth all the powers of constables, except the ser- 1M), 249, $ 5. 3 vice of civil process, and of police officers and watchmen.

The 1866, 261, $ 4.

1871, 391, $$ 2, 4 governor may at any time command their services in suppressing 13, 15, $ 5. 5 riots and in preserving the peace; but, except as aforesaid, a mem- 1579, 305, $8 2, 6 ber of the inspection department shall not be required to perform P.S. 193, $ 2. 7 any

other duties than such as pertain to an inspector of factories and 1894, 481, § 1. 8 public buildings or to an inspector of steam boilers.


P. S. 103, § 10.

1 SECTION 8. The members of the inspection department of the Inspectors, 2 district police shall, except as otherwise provided in chapters one

powers, duties, 3 hundred and four, one hundred and five and one hundred and six, 1876, 316. 4 enforce the provisions thereof and all other provisions of law rela- 1885 $ 12. 5 tive to the employment of women and minors in manufacturing, 181, 137 6 mechanical and mercantile establishments, the employment of chil- 1432, 280, $c. 7 dren, young persons or women in factories or workshops, the is*; *93. 8 ventilation of factories or workshops and the securing of proper 14. 9 sanitary provisions therein, and the making of clothing in unsani- IN 32013 10 tary conditions. For such purposes, said inspectors may enter all See c. 104, $ 49. 11 buildings and parts thereof which are subject to the provisions of 12 said chapters and examine the methods of protection from acci13 dent, the means of escape from fire, the sanitary provisions and the 14 means of ventilation, and may make investigations as to the employ15 ment of children, young persons and women.

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SECTION 9. Constables, city marshals, chiefs of police and all Constables, 2 other police officers shall, within their respective cities and towns, ernor, when. 3 aid the governor in the performance of his duties whenever called 1806, 201

, $$ 2, 3. 4 upon for that purpose; and any such officer who refuses so to do 1577, 135,5%. 5 when called upon shall be punished by a fine of not more than one 6 hundred dollars or by imprisonment for not more than three 7 months.

P.S. 103, $ 12.

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