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1 SECTION 178.


Such licenses shall be granted for a term of not Form, etc., of 2 more than one year and shall be recorded by the clerk of the city or 3 town in which they are granted, who shall receive a fee of one dol4 lar for recording each license. Every such license shall set forth 5 the name of the steamboat, of the master and owner, and the num6 ber of passengers it is permitted to carry at any one time, shall be 7 posted in a conspicuous place therein, and the number of passengers 8 specified in such license shall in no case be exceeded.


SECTION 179. Whoever runs a steamboat for the conveyance of 2 passengers on such waters without first obtaining such license from 3 the mayor and aldermen of every city and the selectmen of every 4 town within which such steamboat lands or receives passengers 5 shall be punished by a fine of not more than fifty dollars for each 6 offence.

1876, 100, $3.

P. S. 102, § 121.

P. S. 102, § 122.

1876, 100, §§ 2, 4.

150 Mass. 221.



children regu

1887, 446.

SECTION 180. Whoever, himself or by his servant or agent, Admission of 2 admits a child under the age of thirteen years to any licensed public lated. 3 show or place of amusement, unless said child is accompanied by a 4 person over the age of twenty-one years, shall, on complaint of a 5 parent or guardian of said child or of the chief of police or a truant 6 officer of the city or town in which said child is so admitted, be 7 punished by a fine of not more than one hundred dollars; but the 8 provisions of this section shall not apply to shows and amusements 9 which take place before sunset.


enforce laws.

1859, 219.

1 SECTION 181. A sheriff, marshal or their deputies, a constable, officers may 2 police officer or watchman may at any time enter a billiard, pool rooms, etc., to 3 or sippio room, bowling alley, skating rink, the licensed premises 1855, 429, § 2. 4 of a common victualler, or room connected therewith, or a grove G. S. 88, § 72. 5 required to be licensed under the provisions of section one hundred 16, 222. 6 and seventy-four, or any building therein, for the purpose of en- 3 7 forcing any law of the commonwealth; and whoever obstructs or 1885, 309, § 3. 8 hinders the entrance of such officer shall be punished by a fine of 9 not less than five nor more than twenty dollars.

1880, 94.

P. S. 102, § 123. 1885, 196, § 3.

licenses, how


1855, 121, § 2.

1880, 84; 94.

1882, 258.

323, § 2.

1 SECTION 182. Licenses granted to keepers of intelligence offices, Certain 2 dealers in junk, old metals and second hand articles, pawnbrokers signed and 3 and keepers of billiard saloons, pool or sippio rooms or tables, 19, 53, 2. 4 bowling alleys, skating rinks and picnic groves, shall be signed by G., $$ 26, 5 the clerk of the city or town in which they are granted, except in 2 1876, 147, § 1. 6 Boston, where they shall be signed by a majority of the board of 1879, 102, 33. 7 police. Every such license shall, before being delivered to the P. S. 102, § 124. 8 licensee, be recorded by the clerk of the city or town, or in Boston, 15, 196, § 1; 9 by the clerk of the board of police, in a book kept for that purpose. iss5, 309, § 1. 10 Such license shall set forth the name of the licensee, the nature of 11 the business, and the building or place in such city or town in 12 which it is to be carried on, and shall continue in force until the 13 first day of May following, unless sooner revoked. The board issu14 ing such a license shall, except as provided in section forty-two, 15 receive, for the use of the city or town, such amount, not less than 16 two dollars for each license, and in Boston, for a pawnbroker's 17 license such amount, not less than ten dollars, as the board con18 siders reasonable.

Term of such licenses.

1876, 147, § 2.
P. S. 102, § 125.

License appli. cable only to places specified.

1876, 147, § 3.
P. S. 102, § 126.

Revocation of licenses.

1876, 147, § 4.
P. S. 102, § 127.

SECTION 183. effect on the first

Such licenses may be granted in April to take 1 day of May following.


SECTION 184. A license issued as aforesaid shall not protect the 1 holder thereof in a building or place other than that designated 2 in the license unless consent to removal is granted by the licensing 3 board.


SECTION 185. Upon the revocation of such a license, such clerk 1 shall note the revocation upon the face of the record thereof, and 2 shall give written notice to the licensee by delivering it to him in 3 person or by leaving it at the place of business designated in the 4 license.


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NOTES. Sect. 13. Section 11 has been added to the provisions which are required to be posted by innholders because of the reference to it in St. 1897,

c. 305.

Sect. 22. A draft of Pub. Sts. c. 102, §§ 21, 22, as amended by St. 1893, c. 292, is submitted. The existing law, by the repeal of Pub. Sts. c. 102, § 23, leaves § 21 without any effective penalty. The provisions of this section that persons who violate its provisions shall not be approved or licensed is inoperative as to such of those persons as are not required to be licensed, and its effect as to such persons as are required to be licensed, no forfeiture of an existing license being provided, is to prohibit a renewal of their license.

Sect. 69a. It is recommended that this section, which originated in an act for the extinguishment of fires, etc., and which is limited to livery stables in maritime places, be omitted, as its provisions are superseded except as to livery stables keeping less than five horses in cities of less than twenty-five thousand population.

Sect. 78. The word "steam" before" engine" has been omitted in this section in order to apply to the engines named in the preceding section and to preserve the provisions of § 2 of St. 1862, c. 74.

Sect. 82. The clause in St. 1899, 368, § 7, requiring fees to pass through the hands of the chief of the district police, has been omitted and it is recommended that the fees come within the general rule (c. 108, § 5) and be paid over directly to the treasurer and receiver general.

Sect. 122. Some amendment seems necessary to correct present defects of the law respecting the disposition of gunpowder seized under section one hundred and twenty-one. Provisions are there made for the seizure upon search warrants of gunpowder, oils, etc., but no provision is made for the forfeiture or disposition thereof. Pub. Sts. 102, § 79 provides for the destruction of all explosive compounds, other than gunpowder, without regard to the quantity or circumstances under which they are kept or seized. A uniform provision is submitted whereby any of the articles for the seizure of which a search warrant is authorized may be forfeited, and sold or destroyed in the discretion of the court and the proceeds, if any, paid over as provided respecting forfeited articles in Pub. Sts. c. 212, § 9.

Sect. 152. The provision as to the absence or illness of the mayor has been omitted because his duties, prescribed by P. S. 102, § 98, are by St. 1889, c. 454, § 1 transferred to an officer of police, and in case of the absence or illness of the officer a new oflicer may be designated by the "authority appointing the police" as provided in that section.

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to be

SECTION 1. No person, firm or corporation shall engage in or Plumbers, etc., 2 work at the business of plumbing, either as a master or employing 1894, 455, § 1. 3 plumber or as a journeyman plumber, unless he or it. has received 4 a license or certificate therefor in accordance with the provisions of 5 this chapter. The words "practical plumber", as used in this 6 chapter, shall mean a person who has learned the business of plumb7 ing by working for at least two years as an apprentice or under 8 a verbal agreement for instruction, and who has then worked for at 9 least one year as a first class journeyman plumber. The word 10 journeyman", as used in this chapter, shall mean a person who 11 himself does any work in plumbing which is by law, ordinance, by12 law, rule or regulation subject to inspection.

of applicants.

1 SECTION 2. Any person who, not having been engaged in or Examination 2 working at the business of plumbing prior to the tenth day of July 1894, 455, § 2. 3 in the year eighteen hundred and ninety-three, desires to engage 4 in or work at said business, either as a master or employing 5 plumber or as a journeyman plumber, shall apply to the board of 6 health of the city or town in which he intends to engage in or work 7 at said business, or to the inspector of buildings in cities or towns 8 in which such inspector has control of the enforcement of the regu9 lations relative to plumbing, and shall, at a time and place desig10 nated by the board of examiners provided for in the following 11 section, to whom such applications shall be referred, be examined 12 as to his qualifications for such business. A license or the certif13 icate of a plumber registered prior to the first day of September 14 in the year eighteen hundred and ninety-four issued to one mem15 ber of the firm or the manager of the corporation shall satisfy the 16 requirements of this chapter.

aminers of


1 SECTION 3. In every city, and in every town of five thousand Boards of ex2 inhabitants or more, and in every town having a system of water plumbers. 3 supply or sewerage, there shall be a board of examiners of plumbers 1894, 455, § 3. 4 consisting of the chairman, or such other member of the board of 5 health as said board may designate, and the inspector of buildings 6 in cities and towns having such inspector, who shall be members ex 7 officiis and serve without compensation, and of a third member who 8 shall be a practical plumber and who shall have had continuous 9 practical experience either as a master or as a journeyman during 10 the five years last preceding the date of appointment. Said third 11 member shall annually, before the first day of June, be appointed 12 by the board of health of said city or town for a term of one year 13 and shall be paid by the city or town not more than five dollars for 14 each day of actual service. If, in any city or town there is no in15 spector of buildings, the board of health shall also appoint the second 16 member of said board of examiners, whose term of office and com17 pensation shall be the same as that of said third member.


SECTION 4. The board of examiners shall, as soon as may be Licenses, fees, 2 after the appointment of said third member, choose a chairman, and 188, 477, § 4.


1894, 455, § 4.

Inspectors of plumbing. 1893, 477, § 5. 1894, 455, § 5. 1895, 453.

shall then designate the times and places for the examination of all 3
applicants for licenses to engage in or work at the business of 4
plumbing within their respective cities or towns. The board shall 5
examine each applicant as to his practical knowledge of plumbing, 6
house drainage and plumbing ventilation, shall subject him to a 7
satisfactory practical test and if satisfied of his competence shall 8
so certify to the board of health or inspector of buildings who shall 9
thereupon issue to him a license authorizing him to engage in or 10
work at the business of plumbing, either as a master or employing 11
plumber or as a journeyman plumber. Said licenses shall be valid 12
and have force throughout the commonwealth, and shall be renewed 13
annually upon a payment of a fee of fifty cents. Upon the removal 14
of a licensee from the city or town of the board or inspector issuing 15
the original license, it may be renewed by any board having like 16
authority. The fee for a license for a master or employing plumber 17
shall be two dollars, and for a journeyman plumber, fifty cents.


1894, 455, § 6.

SECTION 5. The inspector of buildings of each city and town 1 which is subject to the provisions of this chapter, if he has con- 2 trol of the enforcement of the regulations relative to plumbing or, 3 if he has not such control, the board of health, shall, within three 4 months after the acceptance of the provisions of this chapter, appoint 5 one or more inspectors of plumbing, who shall be practical plumbers 6 and shall have had practical experience, either as masters or as jour- 7 neymen continuously, during the five years last preceding the date 8 of appointment, and who shall hold office until removed by said 9 board of inspectors for cause shown. All such inspectors shall, before 10 appointment, be subjected to an examination before the civil service 11 commission. The compensation of such inspectors shall be deter- 12 mined by the board or inspector appointing them, subject to the 13 approval of the city council or selectmen, and shall be paid from 14 the treasury of their respective cities or towns. Said inspectors 15 shall inspect all plumbing for which permits are granted within their 16 respective cities or towns, which is in process of construction, alter- 17 ation or repair, and shall report to said board or inspector all viola- 18 tions of any law, ordinance, by-law, rule or regulation relative to 19 plumbing; and also perform such other appropriate duties as may 20 be required. The approval of plumbing by any inspectors other 21 than those provided for by this chapter shall not be a compliance 22 with the provisions hereof.


Additional inspectors,

SECTION 6. No inspector of plumbing shall inspect or approve 1 appointment, any plumbing work done by himself, or by any person by whom he 2 is employed, or who is employed by or with him, but in a city or 3 town which is subject to the provisions of this chapter the inspector 4 of buildings or the board of health, as provided in the preceding see- 5 tion, shall appoint an additional inspector of plumbing, in the same 6 manner and subject to the same qualifications as the regular inspector 7 of plumbing, who shall inspect, in the manner prescribed in this 8 chapter, plumbing done by the regular inspector or by any person 9 by whom he is employed, or who is employed by or with him. 10 Said additional inspector may act in case of the absence or inability 11 of the regular inspector, and shall receive for his services the same 12 compensation as the regular inspector for a like duty. The pro- 13

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14 visions of this section shall not apply to any city or town which has 15 established or shall establish an annual salary for the inspector of 16 plumbing, and in any such city or town, the inspector of plumbing 17 shall not engage in or work at the business of plumbing.


1894, 455, § 7. 1895, 453, § 1.

1 SECTION 7. Each city, except Boston, the city council of which Regulation of 2 accepts the provisions of this section or has accepted the corre- ixtures, etc. 3 sponding provisions of earlier laws and each town of five thousand 18, 477,6 4 inhabitants or more, or which has a system of water supply or 5 sewerage, shall by ordinance or by-law prescribe regulations for the 10p. A. G. 290. 6 materials, construction, alteration and inspection of all pipes, tanks, 7 faucets, valves and other fixtures by and through which waste water 8 or sewage is used and carried; and shall provide that such pipes, 9 tanks, faucets, valves or other fixtures shall not be placed in any 10 building in such city or town except in accordance with plans 11 approved by the inspector of buildings, if he has control as pro12 vided in section five, or if he has not such control, by the board of 13 health; and shall further provide that no plumbing shall be done, 14 except to repair leaks, without a permit first being issued therefor, 15 upon such terms and conditions as such cities or towns shall pre16 scribe. The provisions of this section shall not prevent boards of 17 health from making such regulations relative to plumbing and 18 house drainage authorized by law prior to the sixth day of July 19 in the year eighteen hundred and ninety-four as are not incon20 sistent with any ordinance or by-law made under the authority of

21 this section.


105, § 2.

SECTION 8. Whoever violates any provision of this chapter or Penalties. 2 any ordinance, by-law or regulation made hereunder shall be pun- 18, 4 3 ished by a fine of not more than fifty dollars for each offence, and, 1894, 455, § 8. 4 if he holds a license under the provisions of this chapter, his license 5 may be revoked by the inspector or board which issued it. If the 6 offence was committed in a city or town other than that in which 7 he received his license, the person or board authorized to grant 8 licenses to plumbers in such city or town may forbid him to engage 9 in or work at the business of plumbing for not more than one year 10 in such city or town. If a registered plumber to whom a certificate 11 has been issued violates any provision of this chapter or any ordi12 nance, by-law or regulation made hereunder, either the inspector 13 of buildings or board of health which issued his certificate, or the 14 person or board authorized to grant licenses to plumbers of the city 15 or town in which the offence was committed, may forbid him to 16 engage in or work at the business of plumbing in such city or town 17 for not more than one year. Whoever engages in or works at the 18 business of plumbing in any city or town in which he has been 19 forbidden so to do under the provisions of this section shall be 20 punished by a fine of not more than one hundred dollars for each 21 offence. Any city or town subject to the provisions of this chapter 22 which refuses to comply with any of its provisions shall forfeit fifty 23 dollars to the use of the commonwealth for each month during 24 which such neglect continues.

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