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Duties of
1863, 240, § 5.
1867, 209, § 4.
P. S. 79, § 4.1
1898, 433, § 24.

G. S. 71, § 3.

1870, 359, 51, 2.
1879, 291, § 1,

195, 2.

§§ 3, 5. P. S. 79, § 5. 1900, 215.

ernor and council on or before the thirty-first day of December, of 7 its doings up to the thirtieth day of September, inclusive, embodying 8 therein a properly classified and tabulated statement of its receipts 9 and expenses and of the receipts and expenses of each of the in- 10 stitutions above named for the said year, and a corresponding clas-11 sified and tabulated statement of their estimates for the year ensuing, 12 with its opinion as to the necessity or expediency of appropriations 13 in accordance with said estimates. The report shall also present a 14 concise review of the work of the several institutions for the preced- 15 ing year, with such suggestions and recommendations as to them 16 and to the charitable and reformatory interests of the common- 17 wealth, as may be considered expedient. The members of the 18 board and of the boards of trustees of the state institutions above 19 named, shall receive no compensation for their services; but their 20 travelling and other necessary expenses shall be allowed and paid. 21

SECTION 4. The board shall ascertain whether any paupers in 1 state institutions under its supervision or that of the state board of 2 insanity have settlements in this commonwealth, and shall cause the 3 laws relative to the support by cities and towns of sane state paupers 4 to be enforced, and shall prosecute all cases of bastardy if the 5 mother has no settlement in this commonwealth. It shall also pre- 6 pare, from the returns made by overseers of the poor under the 7 provisions of section forty of chapter eighty-one, tables of paupers 8 supported by towns, and print in its annual report the most im- 9 portant information thus obtained. 10

SECTION 5. The board shall at least once in every year visit all 1 places where state paupers are supported, and ascertain from actual 2 examination and inquiry whether the laws relative to such paupers 3 are properly observed, particularly in relation to such as are able to 4 labor; and shall give such directions as will insure correctness in 5 the returns required in relation to paupers; and may use all neces- 6 sary means to collect information relative to their support. It shall 7 visit the state hospital and the Lyman school for boys, for the pur- 8 pose of inspection, at least once in each month and, by some woman 9 or women appointed for the purpose, may at all hours of the day or 10 night have access to the portions of said hospital occupied by the 11 women or children there maintained at public expense, and may 12 require from the officers of said institutions information concerning 13 the condition and treatment of the inmates. It shall visit all alms- 14 houses which are maintained in cities or towns and shall include in 15 its annual report a statement of their condition and management 16 with its suggestions and recommendations relative thereto.



SECTION 6. The board shall prescribe to the superintendent of 1

used to be pro

vided by board. the state hospital, the forms for statistical returns to be made by 2

G. S. § 5. 1864, 307, § 6. P. S. 79, § 6.

him in his annual report, as to the sex, age and birthplace of the 3 inmates, and the places from which they were sent. It shall also 4 prescribe the form of, and provide cities and towns with blanks for, 5 the certificate required by the provisions of section seven of chapter 6 eighty-five. Such certificate shall contain such inquiries as to the 7 age, parentage, birthplace and former residence of, and other facts 8 relative to, the pauper, as the board considers necessary, to which 9

10 true answers shall be given before the pauper is received into the 11 hospital.

1 SECTION 7. The trustees of each institution named in section Annual inventory. 2 two shall annually on the thirtieth day of September cause to be 1858, 177, § 2. 3 made and sent to the board an accurate inventory of the stock and S., § 7. 4 supplies on hand and the value and amount thereof, under the fol5 lowing heads :

P. 79,

6 Live stock on the farm, produce of the farm on hand, carriages 7 and agricultural implements, machinery and mechanical fixtures, 8 beds and bedding in the inmates' department, other furniture in the 9 inmates' department, personal property of the commonwealth in the 10 superintendent's department, ready-made clothing, dry goods, pro11 visions and groceries, drugs and medicines, fuel, library


SECTION 8. The board may transfer pauper inmates from 2 state charitable institution to another, or may send them to 3 state or place where they belong, if the public interest or the 4 cessities of the inmates so require.

1887, 367.

102 Mass. 215.

116 Mass. 570.

one Transfer of any 1859, 255. ne

G. S. 71, 7.

1863, 240, § 4.

5 the mittimus, to the state farm, there to be held on such mittimus 6 until the term of sentence expires, but the board may return such 7 person, with the mittimus, to the school from which such transfer 8 was made, when in its judgment the object of such transfer has 9 been accomplished.

1879, 291, § 3. P. S. 79, § 9.


-of inmates of Lyman and

SECTION 9. On application of the trustees of the Lyman and 2 industrial schools, the board may transfer an inmate of the Lyman 3 school for boys or of the state industrial school whom said trustees 4 consider incorrigible or an unfit subject for said institutions, with P. S. 79, § 10.

industrial 1866, 198, § 6.


1876, 14.


1872, 45, 3.

1 SECTION 10. The board may from time to time select for sup- Selection of 2 port at the state farm any state paupers whose labor, in domestic or support at 3 other service at such institution, may contribute toward the cost of state farm. 4 their support, or whose maintenance at the same may for special P. S. 79, § 12. 5 reasons be considered expedient; and in an emergency may transfer 6 any inmates of the state hospital to said institution, there to be sup7 ported while the emergency continues; but the board shall not so 8 transfer an inmate of the state hospital to the state farm as a punish9 ment for crime.


places of settle

P. S. 79,

SECTION 11. If a state pauper, who has received a certificate Removal to 2 described in section seven of chapter eighty-five, desires to be sent ment, when. 3 to any state or place where he has a legal settlement, or to friends 1860, 83, 814 4 willing to support him, the board may remove said pauper instead 5 of committing him, if in its judgment it is for the interest of the 6 commonwealth and of the pauper; but no person shall be so re7 moved, unless, in the judgment of said overseers and of the board, 8 he will otherwise become a charge to the commonwealth for at least 9 one year; and the board shall, in its annual report, return the 10 names of all persons so removed, the places from which and to which 11 they are removed and the cost of each removal.

1 SECTION 12. The names of persons so removed and the usual proceedings 2 details of their history shall be entered upon the register of the 1860, 83, § 2.

P. S. 79, § 15.

Returns by
charitable cor-
1899, 259.

hospital, and shall be recorded by the several superintendents, as 3 discharged by the board, for the purpose of removal from the com- 4 monwealth.


Private socie-
ties to report
to board.
1867, 243, §§ 1, 2.
1875, 118.

SECTION 13. Every private charitable society or institution, 1 if aided by a grant of money from the commonwealth, shall annually 2 prepare and send to the board a written or printed report of all its 3 P.S.79, 16, 17. proceedings, income and expenditures, properly classified, for the 4

P. S. 41, § 15.

year ending on the thirtieth day of September, stating the amount 5 appropriated by the commonwealth, the amount expended under 6 said appropriation, the whole number and the average number 7 of beneficiaries, the number and salaries of officers and persons 8 employed, and such other information as the board may require. 9 Said report, if in writing, shall be sent in by the fifteenth day of 10 October, and, if in print, by the first day of November.


Information to
board of de-
1852, 132, §§ 1, 3.

G. S. 57, 58 151,

1876, 203, § 25.
P. S. 116,


§ 48. 1898, 425, § 6; 433, § 24.

SECTION 14. A charitable corporation whose personal property 1 is exempt from taxation under the provisions of clause three of sec- 2 tion five of chapter twelve shall annually, on or before the first day 3 of November, make to the state board of charity a written or printed 4 report for the year ending on the last preceding thirtieth day of 5 September, showing the property, receipts and expenditures, the 6 whole number and the average number of its beneficiaries and such 7 other information as the board may require.


SECTION 15. A treasurer of a savings bank, institution for sav- 1 ings, benefit association, insurance company or safe deposit com- 2 pany who, upon request in writing, signed by an officer of the state 3 board of charity, unreasonably refuses to inform him of the amount 4 deposited in the corporation or association to the credit of a person named in such request who is a charge upon the commonwealth as 6 a pauper, or who wilfully renders false information in reply to such 7 request shall for each offence forfeit fifty dollars, to the use of the 8 commonwealth. 9


NOTE. - Sect. 11. This section has been, at the request of the superintendent of state adult poor, so modified as to require the board in its annual report to state the name of the place to which as well as the place from which the pauper was removed.

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Trustees of state hospital

SECTION 1. There shall be a board of trustees of the state hos- 1

and state farm. pital and state farm, consisting of five men and two women, three 2

1852, 275, § 6.

1854, 437, § 3. of whom shall annually in June be appointed by the governor, with 3

4 the advice and consent of the council, for a term of three years, ex5 cept that in the year nineteen hundred and three and every third 6 year thereafter only one such trustee shall be so appointed.

1884, 297, § 2.

1887, 264.

1900, 333.



6, 10.

1857, 40, § 1.

154, 189, § 1. 1859, 177, § 2. G. S. 71, § 32,

1864, 288, § 11.

34, 54.

1876, 199, §§ 1-3.

9, 10.

SECTION 2. The trustees shall hold meetings monthly either at Meetings, 2 the state hospital or state farm and shall annually, on or before 1852, 275, §§ 5, 3 the first day of November, report to the governor and council the 4 condition of such institutions and the expenses of the state hospital 5 in detail for the year ending on the preceding thirtieth day of Sep6 tember, a list of the salaried officers and their salaries, and a copy is66, 198, § 2. 7 of the inventory required by the provisions of section seven of 182, 45, § 4. 8 chapter eighty-four. One trustee shall visit each institution at 1879, 291, §§ 7, 9 least once in each week. The trustees shall appoint a superin- P. S. 86, §§ 13, 10 tendent of the state hospital, who, with the approval of the governor 40. 11 and council, may be the resident physician, and a superintendent 1883, 278. 12 of the state farm, each of whom shall hold office at the pleasure of 181; §§ 2, 3. 13 the board and whose compensation shall be fixed by it with the 14 approval of the governor and council. All other officers and em15 ployees shall be appointed by the superintendents, subject to the 16 approval of the trustees, who shall fix the compensation in each 17 case, which shall not exceed the appropriation of the general court 18 for that purpose. They shall audit and approve the accounts and 19 bills of the superintendent of the state hospital and of the state 20 farm before payment. No person employed by the board shall be a 21 member thereof.

14, 16, 17, 19, 20, P. S. 88, §§ 2, 3.



SECTION 4. The trustees shall have the same power as overseers 2 of the poor to bind out minor inmates of the state hospital as 3 apprentices, and to cause the inmates thereof to be returned to the 4 place or country from which they came.

1859, 177, § 3. 1879, 291, § 9.

G. S. 71, § 32.

P. S. 86, § 13.
P. S. 88, § 1.

275, § 6.

1 SECTION 3. The trustees shall, with the approval of the gov- Rules, etc. 2 ernor and council, establish rules and regulations for the proper 1866, 198, 2. 3 management and government of the state hospital and state farm, 291, $87, 9. 4 and shall see that they are enforced.

G. S. 32.

P. S. 88, § 1.

P. S. 86, § 14. 1884, 297, § 2.

1 SECTION 5. The trustees, with the approval of the state board of 2 charity, may transfer inmates to and from the state hospital and the 3 pauper department of the state farm, and, to secure a better classifi4 cation of the inmates of the two institutions, may transfer to the 5 state hospital discharged prisoners remaining in the state farm.

of trustees.

Other powers 1852, 275, § 7. GS. 71, §3.

1879, 291, 9. P. S. 86, § 15.


Transfer of 184, 297, § 4. 101, § 188, 433, 24.

bond, etc. 1854, 189, 2.

1 SECTION 6. The superintendents and resident physicians shall Superintend 2 have the right to reside with their families at the state hospital 1852, 275, § 5. 3 and the state farm respectively. Said superintendents shall receive G. S. 71, 34. 4 no other compensation than that provided in section two and no 1879, 291, 10. 5 perquisites for their services except as aforesaid; and they shall give P. S. 86, §§ 16. 6 bond to the treasurer and receiver general for the faithful perform- P. S. 88, § 2. 7 ance of their duties in such sums as shall be designated by the rules


8 and regulations of the trustees, and with sufficient surety or sureties 9 to the acceptance of said trustees and subject to the approval of the 10 governor.

Superintend. ent to receive Panpers.

275, § 5. G. S. 71, § 35. P. S. 86, § 21. 1891, 84. 1897, 395, §§ 3, 4.

Duties of

physician of

1876, 179, 4.

SECTION 8. The resident physician of the state hospital shall 1 be competent to take charge of insane inmates, and shall have entire 2 P.S. 86, $$ 16,18. charge of and be responsible for the medical treatment of the inmates 3

Penalties. 1887, 440, § 3.


SECTION 7. The superintendent shall receive all paupers who 1 are sent with a proper certificate from one of the overseers of the 2 poor of a city or town, or from one of the trustees of pauper insti- 3 itutions or from one of the trustees for children, in the city of Bos- 4 ton, or from some one duly authorized by vote of the board of 5 overseers of the poor of any city or town or of the board of trustees 6 of pauper institutions or from one of the trustees for children, of 7 the city of Boston, and provide for them under the rules and regula- 8 tions herein provided.


Poor Indians, support of. 1862, 184, § 2. 1869, 463, § 4. P. S. 86, § 23.

Paupers sent to hospital by cities, etc. 1823, 21, § 1.

SECTION 9. Cities and towns may, at their own expense, send 1 to the state hospital, to be maintained at the public charge, all 2 R. S. 46, § 30. paupers who may fall into distress therein, and who have no settle- 3

1852, 275, §§ 3, 8.
1855, 151, § 1.
1855, 445, § 1.
1856, 171, § 3.
G. S. 71, § 36.
1872, 45, § 2.
1879, 291, § 3.
P. S. 86, § 22.
105 Mass. 337.

of the hospital; shall regulate and control the dietary of the hospital, 4 and shall supervise the preparation of the food for this department; 5 and, if not himself the superintendent, shall from time to time make 6 requisitions upon the superintendent for such food, medicines and 7 necessaries, other than the ordinary supplies, as in his judgment 8 the requirements of a well-ordered hospital demand.


Removal of

SECTION 10. No city or town officer or agent having the care 1 1887, 440, §§ 1, 2. and oversight of a sick pauper shall remove or attempt to remove 2

sick paupers.

ment within the commonwealth. The city or town shall be reim- 4 bursed by the commonwealth, upon bills approved by the state 5 board of charity, for the expense of transportation of each state 6 pauper thus sent, for the excess over thirty miles by the usual route, 7 at a rate not exceeding three cents a mile.


him or cause him to be removed to the state hospital unless there 3 is reasonable cause to believe that such removal will not injure or 4 endanger his health, nor, unless otherwise directed by the state 5 board of charity, until he has first obtained a certificate of a com- 6 petent physician that, at the request of such officer or agent, he 7 has examined such pauper who, in his opinion, can be so removed 8 without injury or danger to his health.

SECTION 11. A city or town officer or agent who violates the 1 provisions of the preceding section, or a physician who gives a false 2 certificate thereunder, shall be punished by a fine of not less than 3 twenty-five nor more than one hundred dollars or by imprisonment 4 for not less than three nor more than twelve months, or by both 5 such fine and imprisonment.


SECTION 12. The state board of charity, upon the application of 1 the overseers of the poor of any town, shall make provision in the 2 state hospital or elsewhere for the support of Indians who may be 3 unable to support themselves, and who have not acquired a settle- 4 ment in any town in the commonwealth; and upon the application 5 of an Indian who received aid from the commonwealth prior to the 6

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