A System of the Forms of Deeds Used in Scotland, Volume 2

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A. Constable, 1817

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Halaman 120 - Not-payment of the same, and that at Two Terms in the Year, Whitsunday and Martinmas, by equal Portions...
Halaman 196 - And we consent to the registration hereof in ' the books of Council and Session, or others competent, therein to ' remain for preservation ; and if needful, that letters of horning
Halaman 506 - And they consent to the registration hereof in the books of council and session, or other judges...
Halaman 54 - And I consent to the registration hereof in the books of Council and Session or any other judges' books competent, therein to remain for preservation, and thereto I constitute . . . my procurators, etc.
Halaman 442 - Payment], with a Fifth Part more of liquidate Penalty in case of Failure, and the legal Interest of the said Principal Sum...
Halaman 206 - Granter, or his Predecessors or Authors, held, hold, or might have holden the same, and that either by Resignation or Confirmation, or both, the one without Prejudice of the other.
Halaman 374 - Sterling, to be paid by the party failing to the party performing, or willing to perform, over and above performance. AND they CONSENT to the REGISTRATION hereof in the books of Council and Session, or other Judges' books competent, that letters of horning on six days...
Halaman 410 - And upon production of such tack, and horning duly executed, to the deputy-sheriff or steward, or their substitutes, of the shire or stewartry where the lands lie, they are hereby authorised and required, within six days after the term of removal appointed by the tack, to eject such tenant, and to deliver the possession void to the setter, or those having right from him.
Halaman 294 - Therefore it ought and should be found and declared by decree of the lords of our council and session, that in consequence of the death of C.
Halaman 156 - October in the tenth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George by the Grace of God of Great Britain France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith etc, and in the year of our Lord God One thousand seven hundred and twenty three.

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