Census of Manufactures, 1947: General summary

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Halaman 3 - The manufacturing division includes those establishments engaged in the mechanical or chemical transformation of inorganic or organic substances into new products and usually described as plants, factories, or mills, which characteristically use power-driven machines and materials-handling equipment.
Halaman 15 - It includes all forms of compensation such as salaries, wages, commissions, dismissal pay, all bonuses, vacation and sick leave pay, and compensation in kind, prior to such deductions as employees' Social Security contributions, withholding taxes, group insurance, union dues, and savings bonds.
Halaman 220 - East South Central: Kentucky Tennessee Alabama Mississippi West South Central: Arkansas Louisiana Oklahoma Texas Mountain: Montana Idaho Wyoming Colorado New Mexico...
Halaman 315 - Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing hot metal, pig iron, silvery pig iron, and ferroalloys from iron ore and iron and steel scrap; converting pig iron, scrap iron and scrap steel into steel; and in hot rolling iron and steel into basic shapes such as plates, sheets, strips, rods, bars, and tubing. Merchant blast furnaces and byproduct or beehive coke ovens are also included in this industry.
Halaman 15 - Include working foremen and all nonsupervisory workers (including leadmen and trainees) engaged in fabricating, processing, assembling, inspection, receiving, storage, handling, packing, warehousing, shipping, maintenance, repair, janitorial and watchman services, product development, auxiliary production for plant's own use (eg, power plant), and recordkeeping and other services closely associated with the above production operations.
Halaman 13 - ... metropolitan district" as defined by the Bureau of the Census. In addition, nonagricultural workers must constitute at least two-thirds of the total employed labor force of the county.
Halaman 12 - Northeast: New England Middle Atlantic .... North Central: East North Central. . West North Central. South: South Atlantic East South Central . West South Central. West: Mountain Pacific New England: Maine New Hampshire. . . . Vermont Massachusetts .... Rhode Island Connecticut Middle Atlantic: New York New Jersey Pennsylvania East North Central.
Halaman 3 - Manufacturing production is usually carried on for the wholesale market, for transfers to other plants of the same company, or to the order of industrial users rather than for direct sale to the household consumer. Some manufacturers in a few industries sell chiefly at retail to household consumers through the mail, through house-to-house routes, or through salesmen.
Halaman 14 - ... States, similar integration criteria have been applied in defining SMSA's on a city and town basis because towns are regarded as the significant unit in this region of the country. The requirement that each SMSA consist of county units (except in New England) sometimes results in the inclusion in an area of a considerable amount of territory which would not ordinarily be considered "metropolitan,
Halaman 322 - This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing machinery for use by the food-products and beverage manufacturing industries in the preparation, canning, or packaging of food products. Important products of this industry include bakers machinery and equipment (bake ovens, breadslicing machines, wrapping machines, and dough mixers) ; canning machinery ; chocolate and confectionery machinery; dairy products machinery and equipment, including fluid milk processing machinery,...

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