Antonina, Or The Fall of Rome: A Romance of the Fifth Century

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Halaman 48 - ... a true account and declaration of the horrid conspiracy against the late king, his present majesty, and the present government ; a performance which he thought convenient, after the revolution, to extenuate and excuse.
Halaman 146 - Behold, happy is the man whom God correcteth: therefore despise not thou the chastening of the Almighty. For he maketh sore, and bindeth up : he woundeth, and his hands make whole.
Halaman 26 - ... in bronze. Its double rows of aisles were each supported by forty-eight columns of precious marble. Its flat ceiling was adorned with beams of gilt metal, -rescued from the pollution of heathen temples. Its walls were decorated with large paintings of religious subjects, and its tribunal was studded with elegant mosaics. Thus it rose, simple and yet sublime, awful and yet alluring — in this its beginning, a type of the dawn of the worship which it was elevated to represent. But when, flushed...
Halaman 148 - ... above leads to the light below ! Go down, far down ! " Despair gave the firmness to proceed, and dread the hope to escape. Her wounded arms trembled as she now stretched them out, and felt for the walls of the vault on either side of her. The horror of death in utter darkness, from unseen hands, and the last longing aspiration to behold the light of heaven once more, were at their strongest within her, as she began slowly and cautiously to tread the fatal stairs. While she descended, the Pagan...
Halaman 12 - Vengeance !" gasped Goisvintha, pressing up closely to his side. "We will have vengeance for the massacre of Aquileia ! When blood is streaming in the palaces of Rome, remember my murdered children, and hasten not to sheathe thy sword!" At this instant, as if to rouse still further the fierce determination that appeared already in the face of the young Goth, the voice of Alaric was heard commanding the army to advance. Hermanric started, and drew the panting woman after him to the resting-place of...
Halaman 14 - No loss, Mr. Brown—no loss, if he never comes near you; for a more sneering, snarling, sarcastic, ill-tempered old hunks it would be difficult to find. I don't know which is the sourest, his looks or his temper." " I verily believe," cried Matilda, " that the two together turned our beer, the last time he paid us a visit." " Ha, ha, ha! well done, 'Tilda. My eldest daughter, you see, is a wit—always had a jocular turn. By the powers! it must have been as she says: nothing could have done it but...
Halaman 78 - All the hurried and imperfect pictures of happiness which she had drawn to allure him, now expanded and brightened, until his mind began to figure to him visions that had been hitherto unknown to faculties occupied by no other images than those of rivalry, turbulence, and strife. Scenes called into being by Antonina's lightest and hastiest expressions, now rose vague and shadowy before his brooding spirit. Lovely places of earth that he had visited and forgotten, now returned to his recollection,...
Halaman 16 - Your question — ah, your question ! — It was about the Goths ? " " No, no ! It was about that man who is incessantly writing, and will look at nobody. He is almost as provoking as Camilla herself ! " " Don't frown so ! That man, as you call him, is the senator Vetranio.
Halaman 15 - Are you quite sure it was not Bounce Molloy ?" asked Crab, in a tone and with a look of innocent curiosity. '"Bounce, Jupiter, bounce,' are the words of Midas, in O'Hara's burletta of The Golden Pippin. High nonsense, says A.ddison, is like beer in a bottle, which has in reality no strength or spirit, but frets, and flies, and bounces, and imitates the passions of a much nobler liquor.
Halaman 78 - As he looked forth over the view from the terrace of his new abode, the remembrance of the employments of his past and busy hours deserted the memory of the young Goth, leaving his faculties free to welcome the reflections which night began insensibly to awaken and create. Employed under such auspices, whither would the thoughts of Hermanric naturally stray? From the moonlight that already began to ripple over the topmost trembling leaves of the trees beyond him, to the delicate and shadowy flowers...

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