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plea to indictment at sessions of peace that offence was com-

mitted out of the, 515
general demurrer to a plea to the, made to an information by

the attorney-general in K. B. 515
continuance by cur. adv. vult, and judgment on demurrer to

pleas to jurisdiction that pleas are bad, and respondeas ous-

ter, 516

oath of, to try whether prisoner stands obstinately mute, 268,9
oath to, before questions asked, 315
rule for withdrawing, 332

oath to, on trial of identity, 353
JURY, see the proceedings before “ GRAND JURY.”

oath of, 183
oath of other jurymen, 183
rule on prosecution for treason for delivery of list of to pri-

soner, 264
rule for special at instance of prosecutor, 307,8
peremptory appointment of coroner and attorney for striking

special jury, 308
oath to petty on trial of prisoner at Old Bailey or assizes, 315
oath to triers, 315
oath of, on trial of traverse at assizes, 315
at sessions, 315
address to on trial of traverse at sessions, 321
mode of asking as to their verdict and form of giving same,

oath to, to try whether prisoner insane, 444
oath to jury of matrons to try pregnancy of prisoner, 443
respite of execution to request of, in order to apply to king to

pardon, 449

i in county of Westmoreland to summon jury at sessions, 175

precept to summon jury before sessions, 303
warrant for returning lists of jurors, 304
venire facias ad triandum before justices of oyer and termin-

er, 305
distringas juratorum in K. B. 306
suggestion for jury de mediatate linguæ, 306
attorney-general's warrant for a tales, 306
the like in a more recent form, 307
rule for special jury at instance of prosecutor, 307
a more recent form, 308
peremptory appointment of coroner and attorney for striking

special jury, 308
rule of court in K. B. to bring up defendant, 308
rule to have defendant in court to take his trial, 309
calling prisoner to bar in cases of felonies, 309
calling defendant out on bail to appear, 309
calling bail to bring forth principal, 309
clerk of arraign's call of petty jury on trial of felony, 309
the like on adjournment, 309
call of jury to traverse at assizes, 309

JURY PROCESS-continued.

clerk of arraign's address to prisoner before challenge at as-

sizes, 310
the like at sessions, 310
challenge of array of jurors the sheriff being interested, 310
challenge of array of jurors on same account, sheriff having

paid a sum of money towards defraying expences of prose-

tion, 310
plea at last challenge and proceedings thereon, 311
demurrer to plea to challenge, 311
challenge to array at assizes for want of hundredors, 312
challenge to array, sheriff being akin to one of parties, 313
challenge when panel returned at instance of party, 314
challenge to the array of a jury-demurrer and joinder, 314
demurrer to challenge to array and joinder, 314 :
oath to juror previous to asking him questions, 315
oath to triers, 315
oath to petty jury, 315
oath of jury on traverse at assizes, 315
oath of jurors at sessions, 315
cryer's telling the jury to stand together, 315
cryer's proclamation for persons to give information at assizes,

the like at sessions, 316
another form, 316
calling prisoner to the bar and proceedings to challenge, 316
defendant's acquittal on prosecutor's not appearing at assizes,

the like at sessions, 318

award of at Hicks's Hall, 432

usual form of information before on a criminal offence, see

“ Information,” 1,2
commitment by a, for city and liberty of Westminster, see

“Commitments,” 58
commitment by two, 58
commitment by justice on view for insulting him, 66
order of justice to treasurer of county to pay expences of car-

rying party committed to common gaol, 116
another form, 117
order of justice under 18 Geo. 3. c. 19. s. 1. for costs on

complaint determined by him, ibid.
distress warrant of justice to levy said costs, ibid.
return thereto, 118
warrant of justice, to apprehend for such costs in default of

distress, 118
writ of certiorari to two committing justices to certify infor-

mation, examination, and depositions upon which prisoner

was committed, 124
return of the two justices to such writ of certiorari, 125
like return by one justice, ibid.
commitment by of party apprehended after indictment found,

for sending threatening letter after indictment found, 209


commitment of on indictment found for want of bail, 209
notice to, on 13 Geo. 2. c. 18. s. 5. of intention to move for

certiorari to remove pass warrant, 244, 5
writ of certiorari to, to remove indictment at instance of pro-

secutor, 247
like to, to remove conviction into B. R. 251
like to justices of assize to remove indictment from assizes at

prosecutor's instance, ibid.
return of, of certiorari of indictment, 257
like from session into K. B. 257
return of certiorari directed to justice of oyer and terminer

that indictment was found “a true bill,” with coroner's
inquest and recognizance, 258


for misdemeanour, in kidnipping a boy, 95

Special rule of, to remand prisoner where original commit-

iment was defective, 126

petition for, 265
petition to Prince Regent for counsel on trial of information

for libel, in K. B. 266
like on trial of indictment for libel, removed into K. B. 266
mode of assignment of, 266
petition for, to argue errors, 428
notice of argument, 428
of further argument, 429

petition for, 499

petition for assignment of king's serjeant as counsel, 265

commitment of party concerned in highway robbery, and ad-

mitted as, 50
commitment of a witness who has confessed being concerned

in felony, and is admitted as, 51



to writ of association, 138

label to writ of si non omnes, 139

form of information at police office for, 2
from dwelling-house, 4
from on board ship in Thames, 7
examination for where prisoner signs it, 41
commitment for, 95
on suspicion of, 95
judgment of transportation for seven years for grand, after

prayer of benefit of clergy, 370

LARCENY --continued.

call to prisoner before judgment for, 364

judgment for whipping, 370
LEAD, see “IRON, &c."

information for stolen lead, iron, &c. on 29 Car. 2. c. 30, s.

search warrant for, 24

search warrant for stolen wood, on 15 Car. c. 2, 24
for felony, in cutting, ripping, &c. from warehouse, with intent

to steal same, 114

for felony in stealing, affixed to buildings, 114

under king's privy seal, remitting fine, 450

for fine imposed by court of oyer and terminer, on indictment

for not repairing highway, 359

like from crown office, 360

commitment to tower by secretaries of state, as author of, 66
for a seditious libel, 70°
for uttering seditious expressions of and concerning the king;
for publishing seditious, 72

judgment for, 370
judgment in K. B. for fine, imprisonment, and security for good

behaviour, 375
similar, 375
affidavit to ground motion for information against attorney for

denying facts contained therein, 495
record of conviction on trial, on an information for, in news-,

paper, filed by attorney general, 501

or warrants to discharge prisoner after commitment, he having

found bail, 119 to 121

for misdemeanour, in going into France without, from his ma-

jesty, 72
for feloniously sailing into an enemy's port without license, in

order to procure spirits, 77

against lodger, for robbing ready-furnished, 99 [100

against lodger, for carrying away property with intent to steal,
commitment for feloniously cutting silk in, 84


usual form of summons by, 9
Commitment by,

for indecent behaviour to, in his own view, 81
for insulting in execution of office, 81


rule for to examine witnesses, &c. in West Indies, under 42

G. II. c. 85. s. 5, and why trial should not be put off until

return of mandamus, 297

a condition to give evidence for, before grand and petty jury,

and to prosecute, 45
where one is bailed for, 55
ancient form of judgment for, when defendant might be burnt

in hand, 367
verdict that defendant was guilty of, but not guilty of mur-

der, 452

rule for committing defendant to, 232

· commitment for, 92

of Bristol, examination and confession of prisoner on charge

of murder before, 41

consent by grand jury to alteration of, 186
request at sessions to grand jury to allow alteration in matter

of form, and consent of jury, 187

certificate of judge recommending defendant to, under favour-

able circumstances, on condition of his finding sureties for

transporting himself, 445

entry of plea of not guilty, in case of treason or felony, 540
to indictment for not repairing highway or bridge, or for any

other misdemeanour, 540
general issue to information ex officio, 540
like by two inhabitants of parish on behalf of whole, when in-

dicted for not repairing, 540
plea by township to indictment for not repairing highway,

confession as to part, and not guilty as to rest, 541

form of justice's warrant to apprehend for in concealing felo-

ny, 14
recognizance to prosecute and give evidence at sessions for,

recognizance to give evidence on indictment at sessions, 48
Commitments for,

general form of commitment at public offices for felony or, 57
and by other magistrates, 59
for, in going into France during war, without majesty's license,
for, in uttering counterfeit shillings, 75
other forms, 75
for in concealing felony, 81
for misdemeanour in leaving or dropping child, whereby it be..

comes chargeable to the parish, 85
another, in a different form, 85
for, in kidnapping a boy, 93
for, in attempting to steal, 96

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