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oath to juror on trial of, 353
record of judgment of death on collateral issue at assizes on,

of prisoner, 353
entry of trial instanter in court of King's Bench upon plea of

non-identity, and rule of court for execution thereon, 457

record of bill thrown out by grand jury, 187

in K. B. 241

judgment at sessions of, for a year, on conviction of receiving

stolen goods, 372
judgment of generally, 372
judgment of, as to some counts on one defendant, and on other

counts as to another defendant, 372

record of bill of, thrown out by grand jury, 187
record of bill of, for felony preferred at quarter sessions, and

grand jury's return of “no true bill,” 188
caption of, at general or general quarter sessions of the peace

for Clerkenwell, for county of Middlesex, 189
like of at session of oyer and terminer at Clerkenwell, for

Middlesex, 190
like of, at general quarter sessions for county of Devon, 190
like of, at quarter sessions for city of C. 191
like of, found at adjourned sessions for West Riding of York-

shire, 191
like of, at the assizes in any county, 192
like of, found on special commission for trial of Hardy, Tooke,

&c. 193

like of, in K. B. at Westminster, 194

recognizance to appear when defendant is in prison, an infant

or a feme covert, 54
Before justice to found warrant.

common forms before one justice, 1
before two justices, 2
at Union Hall for obtaining goods by false pretences, 2
for larceny, 2
by two persons for disturbing congregation, 3
for assault, 3
for affray, 4
for larceny from dwelling house, 4
for horse-stealing, 4
to apprehend principal and accessary in burglary, 4.
for arson, 4
affidavit to ground judge's warrant for obstructing revenue

officer, 5
informations for search warrant for stolen goods, 5
the like in another form, 5
the like in another form, 6

INFORMATIONS, &c.continued.

form at Union Hall, 6
against coiners, 6
for forging foreign coin, 7
for stolen lead, iron, &c. 7

for goods stolen on board ship in Thames, 7
Informations or examinations before justice.
information or evidence of prosecutor or witness on examina-

tion, 39
examination of prisoner for burglary, 40
other form assigned by prisoner, 40
for larceny, 41

commitment of witness for refusing to sign, 38
Proceedings relative to.

affidavit to ground motion for information, 495
against a private individual, 495
brief to counsel to move, 497
rule to shew cause, 497
affidavit of service, 497, 8
recognizance to prosecute, 498
forms of informations, 498
subpæna for defendant's appearance, 499
entry of plea not guilty, 499
petition for king's counsel, 499
licence for counsel, 500
prosecutor's notice of motion for judgment, 500
defendant's notice for judgment, 500
record of conviction on information, 501
notice of motion for information against magistrate, 503
affidavit of service of such notice, 504

plea of general issue, 540
notice of to constable of parish to enter into recognizance to

prosecute for keeping a disorderly house, 8

condition of recognizance to prosecute at admiralty sessions

for sinking ship to defraud, 44
for piracy with intent to defraud, 115
for casting away ship with intent to defraud the, 115

against the owner for, 115
IRON, STOLEN, see “LEAD,” &c.

information for stealing, 7
where indictment preferred at assizes for Wilts under com-

mission of, 280
at assizes on indictment for county where some of the defen-

dants pleaded guilty, one pleaded not guilty, and the other
did not appear with award of jury process to coroners (one

of the defendants having been elected sheriff,) 283
in K. B. on indictment against inhabitants of parish removed

from sessions, 284
in K. B. on indictment removed by certiorari from Cambridge

sessions, 285
in K. B. on indictment removed from assizes against mayor



and burgesses of town for not cleansing and repairing port, -

plea not guilty, and issue thereon, 286
on plea not guilty to information filed by former attorney.

general, 287

record on indictment removed into K. B. with demurrer there.

to and judgment thereon, for defendant for want of, 276


certificate of, that he respited defendant on indictment for

forgery to take opinion on sufficiency of indictment which
judges held bad and consequent recommendation to mer.

cy, 451
affidavit to ground warrant of, to apprehend, 5
summing up evidence, &c. by, to jury, 331
speech of, proceeding formal judgment, 364
certificate of, recommending prisoner to mercy on condition

of finding sureties to transport himself, 445
like recommending to free pardon on condition of entering

naval service, 445
on another occasion, 446
like that defendants were convicted on uncorroborated testi.

mony of accomplice against judge's opinion, and therefore

recommending them to unconditional pardon, 447
like recommending several defendants separately convicted

to mercy on specified conditions, 448

rule in arrest of, 345
record of judgment of death on issue at assizes of identity of

prisoner, 353
on prayer of clergy when defendant had had it before, 355
of allowance of clergy, 355
of allowance of clergy to clerk, 355
ancient mode of admission to the benefit of clergy, 356
notice of motion for to defendant and his bail on indictment, 360
defendant's notice of appearing to receive, 361
call to defendant before for capital offence, 363
another form, 364
like before judgment of death, 364
call to prisoner before for petit larceny, 364
speech of judge preceding former, 364
formal for high treason before late act, 365
general form of entry of, 365
form of, 365
modern in high treason, 366
ancient, 366
entry of, where defendant had confessed indictment for high

treason, 366
ancient, 366
on a woman, 366
for treason relating to coin and petit treason, 367

entry of similar judgment, 367
Crim. Law.



like by peers against Lawrence, earl Ferrers, for murder, 367
like for murder, hanging and dissecting, 367
ancient form of, for manslaughter when defendant might be

burnt in the hand, 367
like for felony in general, 368
like of misprision of treason, 368
like of præmunire on confession of indictment refusing to take

oath of allegiance, 368
like of præmunire, 369
like against defendant for assaulting marshal of K. B. 369
like for rescue in superior court, 369
for perjury at election, 369
modern for conspiracy, 369
ancient form of for conspiracy, 369
for libel, 370
of transportation for seven years for grand larceny after prayer

of benefit of clergy, 370
like of transportation, 370
like of petit larceny, whipping, 370
like for concealing naval stores, imprisonment in house of

correction and whipping, 371
ancient, branding in the hand and imprisonment, 371
remittance of part of, 371
judgment on 15 Geo. 2 c. 28. s. 3. for uttering on same day

several counterfeit shillings, 371
like for coining, 371
like for uttering base money twice in one day on 15 Geo. 2.

c. 28, 372
like at sessions of imprisonment for year on conviction of re-

ceiving stolen goods, 372
like of imprisonment, 372
like on an information for misdemeanour, fine and imprison-

ment as to some counts on one defendant, and on other
counts as to another defendant imprisonment, and all de-

fendants to pay value of bribe received, 372
like at sessions on conviction of keeping disorderly house,

fine and imprisonment six months in house of correction and

hard labour, 373
like, fine and imprisonment, 373
like of fine, 373
like at sessions of shilling fine on conviction of assault, 374
like at sessions of fine for not repairing a bridge, 374
like of pillory, 374
rule and judgment of K. B. on indictment for publishing ob-

scene prints that defendant be imprisoned in Newgate ten
calendar months, be put in the pillory and find security for
good behaviour, 374
judgment in K. B. for libel, fine, imprisonment, and security

for good behaviour, 375
like in K. B. for libel, 375
like on indictment against county for not enlarging public

bridge, 376
like of acquittal on verdict for defendant, 376


like of acquittal in K. B. 376
entry of judgment for defendant on plea of pardon, 376
like for defendant on special verdict on indictment for mur.

der, 376
record of, at general quarter sessions for Lancashire of impri-

sonment of defendant convicted of misdemeanour in receiy.

ing stolen goods, 377
like of, on acquittal on indictment for forcible entry preferred

at general quarter sessions for a county, 380
record at Westminster sessions of conviction and fine of one

defendant and judgment on him, and acquittal of another

on indictment for assault, 382
record of acquittal where indictment for felony found at quar-

ter sessions, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, and acquittal at Old

Bailey, 384
like of judgment on conviction at adjourned session of oyer

and terminer at Clerkenwell, Middlesex, on indictment for

keeping disorderly house, 386
like where defendant acquitted, 383
record of conviction and judgment for murder or felony at as-

sizes, 389
record of judgment for defendants on indictment at oyer and

terminer at assizes for not repairing highway, 392
record of indictment for conspiracy where defendants were

acquitted no prosecutor appearing on trial, indictment at

Middlesex sessions removed by certiorari into K. B. 396
record of acquittal (where prosecutor made default) upon in-

dictment for perjury found at session of oyer and terminer

at Justice Hall, in Old Bailey, and removed into B. R. 400
record of judgment in K. B. on special verdict with several

continuances, 402
reversal of, and attainder, 430
affirmance in parliament of reversal of, and return of record,

&c. into K. B. 430
call to woman after, of capital offence, 442
entry of, that defendant be hanged, and pardon on condition

of serving three years hard labour in hulks, 453
prosecutor's motion of judgment of the court on the defen-

dant, 500
defendant's notice of his appearing to receive judgment, 500

judgment for defendant upon plea in abatement, 527
Pleas of
that offence is triable only in Scotland with demurrer and join-

der, 505
to indictment of misdemeanour that offence was committed

within limits of town of Beverly and shewing by letters
patent an exclusive jurisdiction in the corporation of Bever-

ly to try all offences committed within that town, 507
replication protest insufficiency of plea and that offences were

committed within jurisdiction of quarter sessions and tra.

verses there being committed within precincts of B.514
rejoinder, issue, and traverse, 515

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