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record of indictment for, preferring at quarter sessions and

grand jury's return of “no true bill," 188
warrant of justices of peace at Bow-street against several af.

ter indictments found for at gaol delivery, Newgate, 200
for a misdemeanour in entering workshop with intent to com-

mit, 200
capias from sessions of oyer and terminer and gaol delivery

on indictment for felony, 213
judgment for in general, 368
record of acquittal for, 384

entry of plea of not guilty in case of, 540

recognizance to appear where defendant is in prison, or a

feme covert, 54

judgment pronounced on, 367


form of king's appointing judges in general to go circuits, 131
form of king's appointing serjeant's king's council, and other

gentlemen of quorum, 132
form of king's appointing a counsel of quorum in commissions

of oyer and terminer, 133
form of chancellor's for the western circuit commission, 133
form of judge's appointing associate, 134
fiat on præcipe for writ of error, 415
attorney general's fiat for writ of error on indictment for re-

ceiving stolen goods, 415

record of, imposed on sheriff for non appearance, 181
certiorari from exchequer to justices of assize, gaol delivery,

and oyer and terminer, commanding them to certify, fine
imposed by them on sheriff for not doing his duty at as-

sizes, 256

oath of at assizes, 183

oath of rest of jury, 183

oath of, to try pregnancy of prisoner, 443
oath to rest of jury of matrons, 443
another form, 444

officer's oath to keep jury of matrons, 444

for forging an order of admission to theatre, 103
of certificate to supply provisions of Spanish army under go.

vernment employ with intent to defraud the king, 104
of dividend warrant of bank of England, 104
of bank note, 104


for persons apprehended in the fields, 87


warrant to make hue and cry after felon who had lately escaped

from, 31

commission of, for Durham, 148
commissions of, for London and Middlesex, 145
commission of, on circuit, 135
precept by judges appointed for Lincoln circuit, 172
precept for borough of Leicester, 174
warrant of justice of peace at Bow-street against several after

indictments found for felony at gaol delivery, Newgate, 200

form of mittimus on suspicion of felony directed to gaoler

only, 61
another form on suspicion of felony to gaoler only, 62
another form in king's name to the gaoler only, 62

another form to gaoler where defendant confessed felony, 63

entry of plea of not guilty, 499
entry of plea of not guilty in case of treason or felony, 540
to indictment for not repairing highway or bridge or other

misdemeanour, 540
plea of, to information ex officio in K. B. 540
plea of, by two inhabitants of parish on behalf of the whole

when indicted for not repairing, 540

for stamps off writs to put them on others, 78

for taking stamps off bills of exchange to transfer to others, 77

proceedings relating thereto and before same
oyer and terminer precept to sheriff to summon jury at as-

sizes, 171
sheriff's return, 172
gaol delivery precept at assizes, 172
return thereto, 174
gaol delivery precept for borough of Leicester, 174
precept for Westmoreland sessions, 175
the like in Middlesex, 176
sheriff's warrant to summon the assizes, 176
the like at sessions, 177
process where persons called on recognizance, 178
sheriff's returns at sessions and assizes, 179, 180
sheriff's duty at sessions, 180, 1
record and fine for neglect of duty, 180, 1
proclamation at assizes at opening court to keep silence, 182
the like at sessions, 182
cryer's demand of sheriff's return, 182
clerk of assize's call of nomina ministrorum, 182
cryer's call of grand jury, 182
oath of foreman at assizes, 183
oath of rest of jury, 183
the like at sessions, 183
proclamation at assizes for silence whilst reading proclama-

tion against profaneness, 183
proclamation at assizes whilst charge to grand jury is de-

livered, 183

GRAND JURY-continued.
· proclamation at assizes for justices, &c. to deliver inquisi-

tions, &c. 183
proclamation at assizes for persons under recognizances to

appear and prosecute, 184
call of particular prosecutor, 184
call of defendants out on bail, 184
call of bail, 184
subpæna to witnesses at assizes, 184
a subpæna ticket at assizes, 184
subpena duces tecum, 185
return of, and proceedings at assizes, 186
consent by grand jury to alteration of matters of form, 187
request at sessions to allow, 187
re... of bill of indictment thrown out by, 187
subpoena from sessions requiring witnesses' attendance before

grand jury, 185
subpæna ticket at sessions, 185
oath of witnesses to give evidence before assizes, 186

habeas corpus ad testificandum, 186
, motion that an affidavit may be taken off file of court of chan-

cery to be sent to, 186
swearing bailiff to attend, 186
indorsement by, of the finding a true bill, 186
where not found, 186
return by, and proceedings at assizes, 186
request at sessions to, to allow alteration, &c. 187
proclamation before discharge of prisoners, against whom bill

has not been found by, 187
adjournment of court, 187
proclamation on reopening court on day of adjournment, 187
record of bill of indictment thrown out by grand jury, 187
record of indictment for felony preferred at quarter sessions

and grand jury's return of no true bill, 189

notice of pleading to indictment, 267
mode of asking the prisoner whether he be or not, and his

answer, 268


HABEAS CORPUS, and proceedings thereon.

affidavit to ground application for habeas corpus, 121
the like in, and the form, 121
writ of habeas corpus, 123
return to writ, 124
writ of certiorari to committing justices to certify information,

&c. 124
return of two justices, 125
the like by one justice, 125
notice of bail at judge's chambers, 126
rule in K. B. to remand prisoner, 126
habeas corpus ad testificandum before grand jury, 186
habeas corpus to sheriff of one county to deliver prisoner, with

cause of detention, to sheriff of another county, in order
. that he may be committed to gaol of latter, 299

MABEAS CORPUS—continued.

like to bring up witness in behalf of crown, who is in prison

issued by justice of assize, 327

warrant from admiralty to apprehend on suspicion of murder

on, 18

for assault, battery, and bruising on, 19

condition of recognizance to answer for, out of realm, in co-

lonies in America, 54
warrant by secretary of state to keeper of Newgate to receive

into his custody one charged with bigh treason in colonies

abroad, 66
commitment on suspicion of, 70
like for in America, 70
like for abroad, 70
like for in his majesty's colonies, 70
special commission for trying persons guilty of, in parts out

of realm, 156
like of oyer and terminer for trial of certain, 158
another form, 160
form of arraignment for high treason, 267
entry of confession of, 270
formal judgment for, before late act, 365
general form, 365
modern judgment for, 366
ancient judgment for, 366
entry of judgment where defendant had confessed indictment

for high treason, 366
ancient judgment in, upon a man, 366
upon a woman, 366
writ to sheriff of Middlesex, ordering him to behead prisoner,


record of judgment for not repairing,

plea to indictment for not repairing bridge on, or other mis-

demeanour, 540
1. Highways.
plea of general issue by two inhabitants of parish on behalf of

whole, when indicted for not repairing, 540
plea by township to indictment for not repairing, confession

as to part, and not guilty as to rest, 541
plea that two townships are bound to repair different parts of

way and general issue to residue, 542
to presentment of justice another parish bound to repair, 544
plea two townships bound to repair in their district, 545
plea to presentment, inhabitants of two districts liable to re-

pair, 547, 548
that particular liberty ought to repair, and not parish at

large, 549
replication traversing custom alledged in plea, 549
plea by two inhabitants—not guilty to part, and particular

individuals liable as to residue by reason of inclosures, 550
HIGHWAY, BRIDGES, &c.—continued.

by parish, that road was created by statue-repairs made by

virtue thereof-particular districts liable to repair parts
within each and other parts repairable by individuals ra-

tione tenuræ, 552
by parish, that commissioners under paving act are liable, 554
plea by parish, confession to first count, and as to the others

exemption under paving act, 555
replication-praying judgment on confession, and den ying

residue, 556
plea by township individuals liable ratione tenuræ, 557
that society of merchants of the city of Bristol liable ratione

tenuræ, 558
replication-issue on traverse, 559
plea not guilty as to part, and as to residue two persons liable

ratione tenuræ, 559
plea not guilty as to part, and as to rest that occupiers of cer-

tain farms ought to repair, 561
replication in K. B. denying the liability ratione tenuræ, 562
2 Bridges.
plea by inhabitants of county that trustees under act of par-

liament liable, 564
plea-proprietors of navigation liable to repair bridge, they

having rendered it necessary, 566
plea-individual bound to repair, setting forth former convic-

tion, 567

commitment of party concerned in, on his own confession, and

for further examination, justice having admitted him as

king's evidence, 50
for, 91
another form, 91
another form, 91

against accessaries after fact in assisting principal offender, 91

information for, 4
warrant to apprehend an horse-stealer, 15
like where horse stealing amounts to burglary, 15
recognizance to prosecute and give evidence for, 44
commitments for,

for felony by, 96

on suspicion of burglariously from stable, 98

information of party robbed on highway to obtain warrant for

hue and cry, 29
warrant to levy on robbery being committed, 29
warrant to make hue and cry after house robbers, 30
warrant to make hue and cry after felon who lately escaped

from gaol, 31

information on examination of party robbed, &c. 29


entry of denial of replication and issue joined thereon, 353

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